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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Psycho_Lugia_X, Apr 25, 2004.

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  1. Psycho_Lugia_X

    Psycho_Lugia_X New Member

    Here's a deck I have been working on this weekend, featuring older cards, as that is what I have most of and am most comfortable with.

    "The Slow Kill"
    --A casual, mono :grass:, poison deck, featuring older cards.

    >>>Pokémon ))>19<((
    03 x Koffing --------------Team Rocket
    01 x Weezing --------------Expedition
    01 x Dark Weezing ---------Team Rocket
    03 x Oddish ---------------Team Rocket
    02 x Dark Gloom -----------Team Rocket
    04 x Shuckle --------------Neo Revelation
    03 x Tangela --------------Base 2
    02 x Venonat --------------Neo Destiny

    >>>Trainers ))>21<((
    04 x Potion ---------------Base
    02 x Berry ----------------Neo Genesis
    04 x Switch ---------------Base 2
    01 x Balloon Berry --------Neo Revelation
    02 x Bill -----------------Base
    01 x Bill's Maintenance ---Expedition
    01 x Professor Elm --------Neo Genesis
    03 x Energy Search --------Fossil
    02 x Plus Power -----------Base
    01 x Low Pressure System --Ex: Dragon

    >>>Energy ))>20<((
    20 x Grass Energy

    The Pokémon:
    The goal here is to get something poisoned and then just chip away at their HP turn by turn. Every Pokémon can posion (most without a flip) and there are about half weak to fire half weak to something else, so their is no real reason to have multiple tyes in the deck.

    I try to get the Shuckle in there to stall as its double poison condition takes out the opponent.

    Eventually, I try to get the Tangela's out there, since they can really be a pain to deal with. The Tangela's were put in to be support, but I found that they are real sluggers in practice.

    You'll notice I have two 1 Stage evo-chains. Those are there to get in extra damage if I need it. Dark Gloom is basically Oddish, but with 10 damage capabilities. I don't plan on using its power.

    The Weezings are there to either poison or do some other condition, but more importantly to be walls. Poison, have these higher HP Pokés go in and stall the enemy til the poison gets the best of them. In a pinch, I can always resort to their heavy attacks, but I try to just utilize their special condition inducing skills as well as their stalling potential.

    The Trainers:
    To help stall, I have 6 healing trainers and 5 switching trainers and Low Pressure System to make my guys a little harder to get rid of. I can heal and switch, heal and switch.

    I have 4 drawing cards to help me get stuff moving along. And the energy searches are just there to thin the deck.

    Wrap Up
    I tested this, and it did pretty well. Any suggestions?

    While I'm here, if Shuckle gets hit for zero damage, that would trigger it's 10 damage minimum power, right? It says "40 or less dmg-->reduce to 10 instead" so, would that mean if he gets hit for zero, he gets 10 after all? Thanks.
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  2. Hero

    Hero New Member

    Muk ex, and dustox if you want a chance against blaziken decks AND still maintain the poison effect.
  3. Psycho_Lugia_X

    Psycho_Lugia_X New Member

    Problem is, I don't have any Wurmples/Cascoons. The only EX cards I have are the ones from Sandstorm, 1 Blaziken EX, and the Nintendo Power Promos.

    I was considering putting in the Beedrill from Neo--Revelation?--that gives 3x poison to help boost pressure.

    As the deck stands right now, any opinons on it?
  4. Hero

    Hero New Member

    @[email protected] wow what was I thinking.. I didn't even notice this was unlimited.. I just skimmed it.

    ANYWAY ~ consider dark muk. He's awesome.

    POKEMAN New Member

    Use the neo beedrill.
    Use dark muk.
    Try the ruby+saphire weezing my friend plays a weezing deck and I struggle against it using my
    blaze deck he calls it "POISON ACUMULATION".
  6. Psycho_Lugia_X

    Psycho_Lugia_X New Member

    Yeah, i was going to ask: which set should i invest in?

    I don't have a comfortable knowledge of the EX stuff. We don't have that much money anymore, so I can only buy so many cards so often... -_-

    I was thinking of investing in R/S, especially because that is the one set i know has the Torchic line in it. I got 2 Aq/Ma boosters for Easter and wouldn't you know it, I get a Blaze EX in one! So I am desperate to find some torch/comb's.

    Anyways, now that people get the theme of my deck, i was wondering which set would be most beneficial to invest in. Any ideas? Like what is Muk EX in?

    Thanks again.

    Oh, and one more thing: can i get some feedback on the deck itself? As it stands right now, what is strategically wrong with it? Any ideas for improvement would be greatly appreciated.

    Again, thanks.
  7. dld4a

    dld4a Feature Writer

    Since your asking for opinions on how the deck stands right now I'd have to say that your probably going to be too slow because 2 Bill , 1 Bill's Maintenance, and 1 Elm combined with 0 Cleffa are way short of what most unlimited decks are running. Even more so when your all somewhat low HP pokes. Most people run 4 gusts or dbl. gust so your bench isn't as safe as in modified also. Energy search is only good in a multi color deck. If you replace them with energy you would have an energy already when you draw that card instead of having to search for it. 20 energy should be more than enough so replace them with more drawing power. Shuckle is not much of a stall because it is too easy for your opponet to do 50 or more damage. Replace them with Dunsparce (strike and run) or Neo Genesis Cleffa. I'd have to take the time to look up all the Pokemon you have in here to know what all to do with them so I won't suggest to much on those but what the other posts are saying sounds good I guess.
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