Official PTCGO Bug Thread (Updated 3/7)

Discussion in 'PTCGO' started by Pooka, Aug 24, 2012.

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  1. Pooka

    Pooka Master Trainer

    If you find any bugs with the program, this is the place to post them. In addition to posting your bug here, make sure you use the Report a Problem button in the game's Help menu to ensure that the developers are aware of the bug as well.

    1) Game randomly crashes with "fatal error." The message received is "Too many heap sections."

    2) Darkrai EX's Dark Cloak Ability does not give free retreat to Pokémon in certain situations. Not sure what causes it, but sometimes playing down a new Darkrai EX, attaching a new Darkness Energy, or moving another Darkness Energy to the Pokémon fixes it.

    3) Program can take a while to register new booster credits.

    4) Sometimes the game will freeze without cause and a player will get timed out, leading to a loss.

    5) There is no warning if you are taking too much time on your turn. The game ends if you haven't made a move in two minutes, even if you were being active.

    6) When using Deck and Cover against a Pokémon with a Rocky Helmet, the new Pokémon that is promoted will receive the two damage counters. (Might be fixed - needs testing)

    7) Rescue Scarf prevents the extra damage from Terrakion's Retaliate from working when a Pokémon is knocked out. (Might be fixed - needs testing)

    8) Gardevoir's Psychic Mirage affects the opponent's Psychic Pokémon as well. For example, an opponent's Mew EX with a Psychic Energy attached will count as two Psychic Energy, too. (Might be fixed - needs testing)

    9) Mew EX seems to have trouble with cards that refer to themselves. For example, using Durant's Devour will discard a card for each Mew EX in play, not Durant. A similar effect happens with Round attacks. (Might be fixed - needs testing)

    10) Sometimes you are not able to check discard piles, whether it is yours or your opponent's.

    11) There are some problems between Darkrai EX's Dark Cloak and Garbodor's Garbotoxin. Sometimes one will activate and the other won't, even if Garbodor has a Tool or if it gets removed by Tool Scrapper.

    12) Damage modifiers (like PlusPower and Weakness) apply to self damage from Confusion. Confusion should place 3 damage counters. (Might be fixed - needs testing)

    13) You are able to "move" an Energy to the same Pokémon with Energy Switch. This option should not be allowed. (Might be fixed - needs testing)

    14) Hydreigon NVI's Dark Aura ability does not seem to work correctly with Double Colorless Energy. Double Colorless should provide [D][D] when attached and Hydreigon DRX should be able to move it off of Hydreigon NVI.

    15) When using Rayquaza's Shred against a Pokémon with a Rocky Helmet, it "goes through" the effect and does not take the 2 damage counters. It shouldn't ignore that effect. (Might be fixed - needs testing)

    16) When a Pokémon EX attacks Sigilyph for 0 damage, a Rocky Helmet attached to Sigilyph still activates even though no damage is done.

    17) If there is a Pokémon Tool attached to a Benched Pokémon, you cannot select the Energy attached to it because the Tool blocks it.

    18) When using Mew EX's Versatile ability, attacks you choose appear to ignore damage modifiers such as Eviolite and PlusPower.

    19) If a Pokémon is Poisoned and then sustains a different kind of Poison, it does not change. For example, if a Pokémon is Poisoned normally and then Poisoned by a Scolipede's Toxic Claws, it still will take only one damage counter between turns.

    20) Twist Mountain and Aerodactyl can cause the game to freeze. Sometimes it works correctly, so the cause is undetermined.

    21) Sometimes the game doesn't allow you to play your cards no matter how many times you click on them. The only way is to zoom in on a functional card in hand and scroll over to it. Not sure what the cause is.

    22) You are able to play multiple Stadium cards in a turn. The limit is one per turn.

    23) Sometimes your opponent's Pokémon doesn't show up in the Active spot, but face-up in his/her hand instead. It is very confusing.

    24) If you use sleeves, some of the cards show up as unsleeved when placed as prizes.

    25) If a Pokémon that was put to sleep by Hypnotoxic Laser is KO'd, a coin is flipped to see if that Pokémon wakes up even after promoting a new one.

    26) Prism Energy can be moved with Hydreigon's Dark Trance and Klinklang's Shift Gear even when moved to an Evolution.

    27) Tools now "hide" underneath Benched Pokémon. You cannot see them, and you cannot select them to discard with Tool Scrapper if there is an Energy card attached. The only solution is to right click the Energy and use the arrows to scroll to the Tool.

    28) If a Pokémon is knocked out by Poison damage or Virbank City Gym in the same turn it took damage from an attack, it will activate Terrakion's Retaliate still. The same applies for Rescue Scarf activating.

    29) Victini EX's Turbo Energize forces you to take two Basic Energy from your deck and attach them to your Benched Pokémon. Since the deck is not public knowledge, you should be able to take 0 or 1.

    30) Lugia EX's Overflow Ability will not activate if it has free retreat from Darkrai EX's Dark Cloak.

    31) Cobalion EX's Steel Bullet ignores more things than it should. For example, it will not activate Weezing's Aftermath or Scolipede's Poison Point.

    32) Liepard's Theft does not work properly. It will not allow you to search for a Trainer when copying an opponent's Skyla.

    33) If Zapdos EX uses Agility and flips Heads, it will ignore even Hypnotoxic Laser.

    34) Garbodor doesn't always shut off Abilities that only work while a Pokémon is Active. Gothitelle's Magic Room and Snorlax's Block have been reported to be problems.

    35) Celebi EX's Time Recall continues to work even when it gets Knocked Out.

    36) Conkeldurr's Craftsmanship Ability appears to cause strange things. One with two Fighting Energy and a Rescue Scarf gave up FOUR prizes when Knocked Out.

    Please make sure you're experiencing actual bugs if you post here. Sometimes you might not be aware of a rule or condition on the field. Thanks!
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  2. Charranitar

    Charranitar Member

    Bouffalant's Ability adds 20 damage when using Landorus' Gaia Hammer instead of reducing it.

    Random receiver searches cards past the first supporter.
  3. EXTC

    EXTC New Member

    When you use Garchomp's Mach Cut, you can discard special energy from the oponents bench.

    Junk arm can grab Supporters, can still be used if only one card in hand.
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  4. QD4U

    QD4U New Member

    Great thread, Pooka. I will contribute if I find any bugs. I also want to advice everyone to NOT abuse the current glitches. If you know that a card doesn't work like it's supposed to; take it out of your deck ASAP. Thank you.
  5. SHPanda

    SHPanda New Member

    I had a mew ex that couldn't copy my own emolga.
  6. EXTC

    EXTC New Member

    I had a problem like that, but it was a Drilbur (DRX, Hone Claws).
  7. Charranitar

    Charranitar Member

    Abundant Harvest doesn't freeze the game, so much as create an impossible situation in which the game cannot progress. After you use the attack, it tells you to Select a Basic Energy card. Your discard pile becomes highlighted, but you can't go into your discard pile to actually select the energy card, which causes the game to end up in a spot where it can no longer go on.

    CRIMINAL New Member

    PTCGO apparently freezes on me when redeeming booster packs (not codes)
  9. bradtb13

    bradtb13 New Member

    yea me to i have to redeem them on pack at a time and it takes about a min to get my pack. also now it wont let me log in
  10. ICEdaddy

    ICEdaddy Member

    Zebstrika's disconnect does not prevent your opponent from playing item cards the next turn.
  11. sdrawkcab

    sdrawkcab Forum Moderator

    you cant search for users with space in their name
  12. AnUnown

    AnUnown New Member

    Had that happen last night. Said heap or some such. On reboot of the app it too me right back to redeem with the pack I had just opened on the screen.
  13. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    This isn't exactly "official", as that belongs on the PTCG website, but whatever...

    On slower machines (like my ~5yo laptop), I can't see my deck as I'm building it.
  14. QD4U

    QD4U New Member

    Rayquaza EX's Dragon Burst does not let you choose how many energy you want to disacrd. Instead, it discards all your energy (either L or Fire)
  15. Mewchou

    Mewchou Member

    That is how it is supposed to work.
  16. AnUnown

    AnUnown New Member

    I couldn't either, but when I restarted the app, I could
  17. GravyBeast

    GravyBeast New Member

    you can't retrieve collection from server if you have 86,000 cards. it will just keep loading for hours before giving you a lost connection to server error.
  18. QD4U

    QD4U New Member

    OH, okay, I'm retarded :s
  19. Mewchou

    Mewchou Member

    Oh, sorry. I didn't know. I hope I didn't offend you. I think you are doing a great job.
  20. NoDice

    NoDice New Member

    Definitely report that on their forums or submit a ticket.

    I have only used pack opening so far and it worked alright for me... just a bit of lag. It kind of saddens me to know that there are so many game breaking glitches with the new version, and even ones that were absent in the old one. Hopefully they can fix all the stuff really soon so we can have a quality product to use for testing and wont have to worry about people exploiting glitches to win a game that it makes no difference either way.

    Also, if they really plan to run online tourneys there can be absolutely NO glitches otherwise it will severely bog down deck playability and hamper people that want to play legit without the broken cards.

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