OKLAHOMA Legends Awakened Prerelease

Discussion in 'Prerelease Tournaments' started by old man, Jul 9, 2008.

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  1. old man

    old man New Member

    New info added.

    For the players in and around Muskogee, this event has been cancelled due to lack of space available. There will be a Battle Road event coming your way on October 27th. Look for more info & details soon.

    Here's your chance to get these great cards. For those going to the World's Championship the following week you CANNOT use these cards!

    Details –
    Where – Drakes Place – 1911 S. Sunnylane in Del City
    When – August 9th – Registration begins at 10am. The packs will be given out at 11:00am.
    Entry fee - $25. For this you’ll start off with 6 packs & when you turn in your energy you’ll get 2 more packs.
    Free stuff – Only the first 45 signed up & paid players will get the promo card & sleeves.

    For those who haven’t done a pack draft before, it’s easy! When you get your 6 packs of cards, you open them. With what you get inside plus basic energy that I give you, you make a 40 card deck. With 10 cards in a pack you’ll have extras left over so you set them aside. When it’s time to play, you & your opponent will play for 4 prizes instead of the normal 6. After the rounds are over, you turn in your basic energy & I’ll give you 2 more packs of cards.

    For those that are inexperienced, you can do the Theme Deck Challenge. For the same $25 you’ll get 1 random of the 3 theme decks from this set plus 4 packs. You can change as many cards as you want in the theme deck with cards from your packs to make a better deck. You’ll also get the promo card & sleeves if you’re 1 of the first 45 players signed up & paid.

    Following the main event, there will be a booster draft. If you played in the main event it will cost just $15. If not, then it’s $20.

    For the booster draft each player gets 6 packs of cards. When you’re told you open a pack & choose 1 card from it for yourself. Then when you’re told to, you pass the remaining cards to another player. From the cards you just got passed, you take 1 for yourself. This continues till all the cards are gone in that pack. This also happens for the remaining packs.
    After all 6 packs have been opened, then you take those cards & get as many basic energy from me as you want & again make a 40 card deck playing for 4 prizes a game.

    If you have any questions about any of this, just ask here or PM me here.
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  2. old man

    old man New Member

    The info above has been changed twice. Want everyone to keep up to date on this.
  3. I'm making an attempt to be there. I cant promise a thing though.
  4. old man

    old man New Member

    Hope you can make it Tyler.

    It's now less than 2 days away. There are several interesting cards in this set, so everyone come on out & see what you get.
  5. old man

    old man New Member

    Thank you to everyone that showed up for the event. It was great having you there & I hope you had some fun.
    It was also very nice to see new players as well. I know of at least 8 new players we had.

    Also so everyone knows, there was a computer problem & a 5th round came up so I had to do some fancy work on the 5th round. No need to worry about your ratings though, remember this is a non-rated event.

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