Old Skool, New Drool? (Astro Boy)

Discussion in 'Anime Realm' started by Psycho_Lugia_X, Feb 14, 2004.

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  1. Psycho_Lugia_X

    Psycho_Lugia_X New Member

    [CHRISBO EDIT - Fixed title; please make your titles more descriptive in the future. Thanks.]

    It has been a good three weeks, 4 by the time you read this, so what are your impressions of my dad's favorite as a boy, Astro Boy.

    Yes, the scantily clad roboy, what do you guys think? Will it last? Will it at least survive one season? Will it be like the Zeta Project (seems like a success and failure at the same time)?

    And for anyone who knows, probably the more senior members of our dear boards, is the new Astro Boy accurate? Too differing? Too liberally adapted? Just right?

    I for one think the show is just fine, the action is nice, no overboard Samurai Jack stuff here. There isnt too much talk, Gundam Wing Syndrome. And the plot is engrossing without being overwhelming, too scant, or too fast.

    Out of 10 I'd give the revamped Astro Boy 8.5
    Keep in mind i am speaking as a neophyte to Astro Boy. If you are down with Astro Biz-oy, then what's your take?

    Will Astro Boy rocket to the top or crash and burn?
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  2. Dek

    Dek New Member

    Here is my analysis on any anime that is Shipped to America. (I dont wanna insult anyone, but this is just my opinion)

    Exactly how violent was it in Japan?
    Take your answer and add it by the name of the company shown after the credits.

    But seriously, I am starting to dislike stuff "made" by 4Kids. Its not the anime that i have something against. Its just the company and their horrible jobs on translation. I've only seen one episode, and I think its half-way decent. But when you compare it to the Japanese version, its most likely gonna be a flop.
  3. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    Since this is anime discussion, I'm going to move this over to the Anime forum...*whoosh*

  4. GOROY

    GOROY New Member

    It is already off of the Saturday schedule. (sp)?
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  5. Psycho_Lugia_X

    Psycho_Lugia_X New Member

    Yes, but I think it might be a Static Shock kinda thing...most shows do this anyways, they're off untill they can get some new eps.

    Also, I understand they almost skipped an episode of Poké so that may be a reason why they sacced it this week.

    Theres noway they'd permanently cancel it after a month...

    I am still under the impression the show is just on hiatus; it'll come back after some crisis gets averted, like the skip-episode thing, or maybe they need new episodes, or something precluding the show from airing recently simply needs to be handled right now.

    Anyone know if it is really, permantly gettin' the axe?
  6. GOROY

    GOROY New Member

    I don't know if it is permanently off, but pokemon is supposed to have 2 episodes in the next coming weeks too, although only with 1 new one each week.
  7. Psycho_Lugia_X

    Psycho_Lugia_X New Member

    I see...

    ...Well, for now, any impressions of the show (no, not those kinds -_-)?
  8. poinko

    poinko New Member

    Ikinda like the new Astro Boy, granted I've never seen the original, and the noses on some of the characters really freak me out, but I think overall it's a very good series, of the about 40 total minutes I've seen of it.

    Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that 4Kids has handled Astro Boy. I beleive some dubbing company in Canada is handling the property, but I'm not sure...

    -Check- Yup, Astro Boy is produced and distributed by Sony Pictures Television. 4Kids has nothing to do with this one...
  9. Nick15

    Nick15 Member

    Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that 4Kids has handled Astro Boy. I beleive some dubbing company in Canada is handling the property, but I'm not sure...

    I think Sony/Pioneer did the dubbing. I'm noticing certain voices that are the same as in my Akira DVD and other various Sony/Pioneer animes.
  10. poinko

    poinko New Member

    Yeah, darn 4Kids, how dare they ruin a perfectly good anime they had nothing to do with at all like Astro Boy and take out all the violence and swearing that probably wasn't in there to begin with!!

    *shakes fist at 4Kids*

  11. Psycho_Lugia_X

    Psycho_Lugia_X New Member

    I dont get you, Poinko, in that last post...might be too sleepy to decipher what you are talking about.

    Yeah, my mom saw the noses in Cyborg 009--that's Zero Zero Nine, not Oh Nine, or even just Nine, but Zero Zero Nine--and commented how it might be offensive to some people. We'll leave it at that...i already had a thread dealing with race.

    So, seeing AB reminded me of 009. I think the difference is that too many of the characters in 09 were too cartoony while their environments were pretty serious. AB doesnt fall victim to this annoyance; they keep their weird cartoony to realistic stuff ratio at a nice level. AB is far more enjoyable to watch than 09. I think AB is looking auspicious so far. That is, if it ever comes back. Oh well...

    ...must get back to homework...
  12. Chrisbo

    Chrisbo Administrator

    The original AstroBoy series aired in the 1950's (slightly before my time, contrary to rumor ;) ), and from what I can tell the characters are drawn pretty faithful to their original representations (big noses and all). But the backgrounds and effects shots all appear up-to-par with modern animation, and that's definitely a plus. :thumb:

    I have no idea on the original series plot, but the new storyline about Tobio's returning memories seems a bit deeper than I would imagine for the 1950's. So far I like it, but we'll have to see if it gets "dumbed down" in future episodes.

    Hoping for the best,
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  13. Dek

    Dek New Member

    I wouldn't be surprised if it gets dumbed down. After all, its KidsWB
  14. Psycho_Lugia_X

    Psycho_Lugia_X New Member

    aww come on guys, give them some credit. It's not like there's a board meeting where they're goin' "Ok, how can we really mess with these guys today?"

    I'm tryin to be optimistic. What are the odds they'll do something wierd?
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