Onix, Steelix, Steelix Lv.X

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    Onix 90HP :fighting:

    (.) Dig Deep
    Search your discard pile for an Energy card, show it to your opponent, and put it into your hand.

    :fighting: :fighting: Backlash 20+
    This attack does 20 damage plus 10 more damage for each damage counter on Onix.

    Weackness : (G) +10 Resistance: N/A Retreat Cost 3

    Steelix 120 HP :metal:

    (M)(M) Tail Strike
    Does 40 damage to one of your opponents benched pokemon. Don't apply weakness or resistence for benched pokemon.

    :(M)(M):fighting::fighting: Enraged Tumble 120
    Put one damage counter on Steelix for each damage counter already placed on Steelix

    Weakness: Fire +30 Resistence: :(P) -20 Retreat Cost: :4

    Steelix Lv.X 140 HP :metal:

    :pbody: Pure Metal
    Steelix Lv.X can not be poisoned

    :pbody: Diamond Sheen
    Each of the defending pokemon's attacks to 30 less damage. This power stops working if Steelix is effected by a special condition.

    Weakness: fire x2 Resistence : (p) -20 Retreat Cost :4

    Let me know what you think, grammer/spelling, if there broken, ect.
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  2. Scipio

    Scipio New Member

    Steelix LVX is broken. Then again, the normal Steelix already is.

    [M][F][F] for a possible 250? [M] for a 40 snipe? That really is a bit too much. Get 50 damage on him, he'll still survive a blow and he'll OHKO nigh anything.
  3. AnimeDDR110

    AnimeDDR110 New Member

    Steelix LV.X doesn't make any sense.
    It won't cost any energy to do an attack, so why attach energy?
    I like Scipio's idea for Steelix LV.X.
  4. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    Onix needs more HP.
    Dig Deep's traditional effect: Search your discard pile for an Energy card, show it to your opponent, and put it into your hand.
    Enraged Tumble needs to do less base damage.
    Steelix LvX has too much HP. Make it 150.
    Pokemon can't have a Power, a Body, and an attack.
    Iron Core is a Body, not a Power, and doesn't seem to fit. Nor does Pure Metal.
    Scrap Search isn't good enough for a LvX. Compare it to Weavile.


    lol, I thought it'd be broken, sorry i got a little caried away.

    Scipio: Thanks for the feedback, i see now that the attacks are really broken i'll edit

    Anime: Ya, your right, Ill jus take off the attack

    Charmander: Yes, I'll edit it with your corecctions, thanks :) Anywho, wouldn't 160 HP be right?
    Steelix ex had 150HP, and Rhyperior Lv.X had 170HP(And Rhyperiors hp is identical to that of steelix)
    ANd I would think Pure metel would make sence because in the game, metal pokemon cannot be poisoned
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  6. Shino Bug Master

    Shino Bug Master Front Page News Editor

    The poke-power is a poke-body. Just give it 2 bodies, P-Z Lv.X has 2 powers. And it's "affected" not effected.
    And Steelix's wording is off. It refers to a +10 backslash, but there's no base backslash, so is it +10 damage (to the defending) or a stacking 10 backslash?
  7. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    Well, getting 50HP from Leveling Up is a bit much.


    Shino Bug master: Ya, lol, i have bad spelling
    is it better now?
    And i think it should do more than 100 now, because steelix wont be able to use it more than tice before its KO'd

    What do you think?

    Charmander: Ya I noticed, I raised Steelix and Onix's hp then :D

    Hers another card, lmk if its broken?

    Toaros 80HP :colorless

    {Poke-Power} Anger Point
    If Tauros were to be knocked out by the defending pokemons attack, instead Tauros is not knocked out. Instead leave 7 damage counters on Tauros and your opponents turn ends. Place a Last Resort counter on Tauros.

    :colorless Vigorous Search
    Search your deck for up to 3 basic pokemon and put them onto your bench. Put 2 damage counter on Tauros for each pokemon you placed on your bench with this attack.

    :colorless:colorless Triple Whiped Tail Rage 30+
    Does 30 damage plus 10 more damage for each damage counter on Tauros

    Weakness: :fighting: +20
    Resistence :psychic: -20
    Retreat Cost: :colorless

    The pokemon a last resort counter is placed on cannot use any poke powers or poke bodies.Aply the weakness to the pokemo Last Resort counter is placed on as x2 instead.
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  9. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    Now Onix needs another [C] in its retreat cost. LvXs gain about 10-30HP when they level up, so Steelix LvX should have 140HP.

    On Anger Point, you should say that you must then put some type of counter on Tauros, and when the counter is there, you can't use the power again.
  10. greenzangoose

    greenzangoose New Member

    Looks like you changed the poke-power name after it was origonal written (It says strong will in the pokepower,) you need to fix that. Also the power should say Tauros is not knocked out, instead of not discarded.

    You may want to make the first attack on Tauros do 20 damage to itself for each basic pokemon because it has a nice second attack. Also a guerenteed 100 damage for {C}{C} is a bit much. Maybe you should make it just do damage for the rage and no 30? :thumb:

    Otherwise these are some nice cards, props for the cool cards. :cool:
  11. AnimeDDR110

    AnimeDDR110 New Member

    Also, on Steelix LV.X, you can't have 2 poke-bodies.
  12. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    And why not?


    Lol, ya, I changed the name, because I thought it fit more with Tauros. Thanks for the props and help :)
    idk about the just rage part though, Or mayeb should make th second attack on Tauros be Rage that hits 3 of the opponents pokemon?

    What do u think?

    Anime: I think it can have to poke bodies, lik shino bug master stated, Prygon-Z had 2 poke powers.

    Charmander: I really lik the idea of the counter, and i fixed to HP, thanks
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  14. meditite rox

    meditite rox New Member

    Super Edit Time

  15. Muscovy Level X

    Muscovy Level X New Member

    Just wondering...

    Is this a fictional or upcoming card?
    Which set has the first non DP generation Lv.X? Anyone know?

    :pokeball:Infernacatty rules:fire::colorless
  16. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    This is purely fictional.
    SW, with Gardy LvX.

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