Ontario Professors Appreciation Tournament

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    Ontario – Professor Appreciation Tournament.
    What is the Professor Appreciation Tournament?
    Given the somewhat anticlimatic end of the Ontario season on June 15th, it seemed that something more was needed to send off the 2007-2008 season with a bit of a bang. As a result, the Georgetown Pokemon League (the Koehlers) along with help from Lucario Lvl X and ThroneofLegends, is proposing to run a final tournament open to all Ontario Professors starting at the close of the Geogetown Battle Roads Tournament. This tournament will not be run as a Sanctioned Event. It is meant to follow the same format as the Professor Cup™ tournament including deck construction and tournament procedure.
    When is the Pokémon Professor Appreciation Tournament?
    Tournament is to be held on June 15th at the Mold Masters Sportsplex:

    Address: 221 Guelph Street, Hwy #7 .
    City: Georgetown
    State: Ontario
    Zip Code: L7G 4B5

    Registration will commence at 9:00 am prior to the start of the Battle Roads and will continue unitl 12:00 pm. Tournament start time will be determined by the close of the Georgetown Battle Roads.
    What does it cost?
    There is no cost.
    Who is eligible to play in the Professor Appreciation Tournament?
    • To participate in the event, you must be an active Professor with province of residence shown as Ontario as given by the official POP Website (www.go-pokemon.com) on June 14, 2008
    • Seating will be limitted to 20 players, if more than 20 registrations are received names will be drawn from a hat to determine seating.
    • Players who are found in violation of the rules of eligibility will not be awarded prizes.
    What are the prizes?
    1st Place
    • Round Trip Airfare Ticket to Vancouver for the Canadian National Competition*
    • Two days hotel in Vancouver at the Landmark Hotel (2 Single Beds)*
    • 18 Packs Majestic Dawn
    * Travel award is contingent on acceptance of prebooked time of departure and return. If not accepted by the tournament winner than prize will move to the second place finisher and so on.
    2nd Place
    • 8 Packs Majestic Dawn
    3rd Place / 4th Place
    • 5 Packs Majestic Dawn
    What is the tournament structure?
    The Professor Appreciation Tournament will be run using Swiss Pairings. The number of Swiss rounds is dependent upon total attendance, with higher attendance increasing the number of rounds. Swiss rounds will feature one-game matches and a 30-minute-per-match time limit.

    The Swiss rounds of the tournament will be run as Modified Constructed. In addition to the standard Modified restrictions, a player’s deck may not contain any of the following cards:
    • Any card marked with a rarity symbol
    • Any card with a Diamond & Pearl Trainer Kit rarity symbol
    • Any Black Star promo card
    • The Victory Medal promo card
    • At the beginning of each round, the judges will leave three Pokémon TCG booster packs (GE or MD) at each match. The winner of the match receives two boosters, and the loser receives the remaining booster.
    After the final round of Swiss, there will be a Single Elimination finals with a maximum top cut of 4 players. Single-elimination rounds will be a best-of-three game format and will have a 60-minute time limit per match.

    At the beginning of each Single-elimination round the judges will leave six Pokémon TCG booster packs (MD) at each match. The winner of the match receives four boosters, and the loser receives the remaining two boosters.

    Each player will be required to a provide deck list upon registration.
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    what a great idea :)

    is there any professor 'point' requirement, as in the professor cups? without one, you could end up with players taking the test just to play in your event, pushing out professors who actually DO 'give back' to the game :(


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    There are no point requirements. In our rather small pool of players we only have 12 professors right now, so I'm certainly hoping to see a lot of people taking the test to participate in this tournament. Next thing you know they are starting up leagues and attracting a larger base of players, judging tournaments meaning less load on those that "give" now.

    BTW I'd also extend the invitation to our PTO Marvin, as I don't think anyone would dispute that very many people have dedicated more time and effort to making Pokemon successful in Ontario.

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