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Discussion in 'Archive' started by FireFighter095ReBorn, Feb 25, 2004.

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  1. Thursday-After event 8951-Pokemon Booster Draft. About 7-8 pm
    This will be a Dragon booster draft-$7 to get in
    We will draft 4 dragon packs and have 8 player pods. The tourney will be 3 swiss rounds and a top 8
    single elimination ending.

    Prizes will be at follows:

    1st gets 12 packs of dragon
    2nd-9 packs of dragon
    3rd-5 packs of dragon
    5-8/2 packs each of dragon

    I will try to get the draft at the hyatt if i can get the mamagement to give me space. If not ill set up an area in the main hallway just before the esculators to the center.

    If anyone has questions or want to sign up for it pleaase fell free to email me at: [email protected]

    See ya all thursday night. Im gonna be in the pokemon booster darft that day so anyone who wants to find me ill be there till the draft end

    Ohh yeah its first come first serve and i will have 3 boxes to draft so if you wanta enter im gonna have a 24 player limit on this draft due to box limitations. I will post names as i get them on here and if the 24 limit is hit before origins i will see on adding more space.
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    Is this sealed-deck or "pass-around" style? And what is a player pod? I'd probably like to participate in your draft but am not sure if I'll be at Origins at all (and probably won't know for sure for awhile). I'll let you know as soon as I find out if I can go.
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  3. I am sorry aboput that here is teh answer to yoru question:

    its pack draft only so no sealed deck. The packs will be pass style till all the cards are done. I will try to provide energy but i may not have enough so i do reccomend to bring whatever you can to work with in way of energy.

    I shoudl extend a fun invite to MTM and DMTM for this LOL. It woudl be funn to see them in it.
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  4. I should of let you also know if the draft gets enough people and all decide on it we might do this rochester.

    We Need 8 people minimum for this draft

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