Origins memories and pokemon past

Discussion in 'Archive' started by FireFighter095ReBorn, Feb 7, 2004.

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  1. With the eve of Origins 2004 coming i had to wonder about this subject. From wizards to nintendo the pokemon TCG has been a vital game to one and all who grace this board. Its given us memories and many fun times.
    This is the area where we can talk about the memories from pokemon past

    This form is suppose to be and should be a memory topic and what im looking foir is for pokemon trainers past and present to talk about the memories of the pokemon TCG as the eve of origins 2004 comes.

    Your welcome to discuss leauge times,tournmants moments that last a lifetime and times that are so funny it will make the board laugh.

    Here is my old memory:
    Origins 2002,warload and another zeo member were tsyaing in our room for a night and we all decided to go for a walk. what happened was mike (Charwolf) didnet weant to go even though we were determined to get him up. Adam and dave decided to drag him out and as he got to the helm of the door he swung his large foot so sraight it almost wolloped adam. Ill never forget that. He was crawling and fighting to stay in bed. It was one of the FireFighter moments ill never forget and i know charwolf has never forgotten

    So there is my memory. Share yours with the pokemon world. :thumb:

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