Orions 1st ever FL states win

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Xtreme Pillow Fighter, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. UGHHHHHH i get there with like 2 minutes to fix the 10 cards in my deck, but my list was already dont... WHY DID WE GET LOST!??!

    OH well, i didnt get a loss, but registering closed like 30 seconds after i got in!

    Round 1 Crystal something uhhh some water deck??? vs my Gatrlade

    Yeah, i get mawile starts, shes like 10 with goldeen, i mawile for candy thinking, i get quick candy gatr water DRE and win from there, sides i just get roseanne next turn... to bad idk what seeking did, she evos and 50s me, im like... candy gatr DRE pass.... 50 me, i breaking tail, 50 me, i ko, shes like... lightning totodiel, 40 for 1, it ur last guy GG

    (this report will be boring till t-8)


    during the lunch i didnt get to eat and im like UGHHHH MY DECK IS SO SLOW, I CANT WIN, I SHOULD DROP!!!!

    round 2 Nicholas Y. ape porygon

    Yeah, this kids has hated me since i saw him and i dont know why.... im like stantler for celio, candy into gardy next turn from my ralts and get the quick copy on his.... Mr stones.... oh.... anyway, i stantler for roseanne and get completely setup and own him in 20.... long... minutes

    round 3 no idea... and i beat it to quick to tell

    as the title says, i just wrecked him with t-2 gardy


    again, i lost round one, so its just me and the noobs

    i get t-2 furret and wreck some people with a gallade


    Wailord togekiss Brandon A

    he wailmers me while i quick furret him, eventualy i kill his wailmer and he togekiss swarms me till i get gatr to one shot em all and then i kill his last togepi to win by benchin


    Grafton roll Weavile Slaking

    Interesting idea, he plays 4 switch, 3 warp point, 4 warp energy to switch out if he gets tails, and weavile provides free retreat and quick energy. to bad psychic lock makes him do 50 for 4...

    He weaviles my mawile for 40 t-2 but no problem cause when it dies i have furret and i keep below 6 so he discards nothing, when he slakings me finaly, i respond with gallade, he hits heads, i gatr him, he kill him after i get 2 prizes, then i psychic lock until he loses GG nice idea tho


    Orion cuts after saying there was NO chance, im still skeptical though, now i know im gonna play good decks, unlike wailords and randoms and infernape porygon Z

    Justin Sanchez Fire truk

    game one goes AWFUL and i get wrecked, thats all i can say

    Game 2, im like "game 1 loss intimidates me so badly, and i already think ill lose from being slow" but i get t-2 gardy, t-2 psychic lock. and when he kill me i gallade him and he scoops 2 turns later

    game 3, im like, i think i might top 4, but thats as far as i can get, he gets decent/bad hand. no catty till like t-4 but by then im psychic locking him till later when i just alternate gallade and gatr until he scoops

    =O top 4, here i come (i still say i cant win)

    Alec Noah, friend of mine, Garllade furret

    i get t-2 gardy DRE and he gets t-2 kirlia 2 psychic, so i copy his celio to teleport the heck outta there before he gallades my only gardy aka chance of winning, and i teleport for a furret and start searching for some goodness until eventualy when he gets a gardy, i have a second one along side a gallade, so i psychic lock away his telepassing, he kills me, i return and once the kill that lade, he psychic locks m with a lv X so i cant kill itand eventualy i 60 him, and finish it with my own gardy then im like gatr and just win from there GG

    well i got game 1 down, but it was rough. game 2, i get bad start and end up telepassing his steven for 4 after he psychic locks me, and despite common belief, i got a warning, everyone thinks its a caution cause she mispoke and said caution but put down warning. Yeah, couldda been harsher, but i lost it horribly with a 3-0 prize count anyway

    im like YES T-2 GARDY DRE AGAIN, he goes first and by t-2 he KOs my ralts with his OWN t-2 gardy dre... oh wells, cant always live the dream. I promote this great card, furret, and start setting up, as does he. Unfortunately for him, 2 gallade kills the gardy and his next pokemon and then gatr proves to much to handle

    I MADE IT TO TOP 2 YESSS i still think i have no chance of winning tho =/

    Garret Farrington, Fire truk

    lemme tell you, this guy is GOOD we are CONSTANT rivals so heres my chance to show him up once and for all... until Regs of course. I basicaly get destroyed game 1, but its to hard for me to remember...

    Game 2, dont let anyone tell you i donked him, yes, i got 5 burn head when any 1 tails wouldda been dead gallade, but the reason it stayed there? he wasnt attacking, so lets so i got tails 1st try, i promote my backup gallade and he wont attack, just like he did for the first gallade. but lemme tell you this game is INTENSE i dont remember early game cept a t-3 gardylock but he only felicity's for the first 3 turns so telpass doesnt go far and he didnt catty till i broke the lock so it didnt even hurt him. Late game, this is what i really remember, i have 4 cards in my deck and 2 prizes to grab, he burns me and hits my lade for 100, i get heads (like i said, 5 heads, but hey i got like 4 tails in a row before) and 80 switch him, he brings up phlosion and basicaly draw passes with a fire starter and attach to phlosion added in. OH NO 3 cards left!! i 60 his typhlosion, and then... my luck ran out.... gallade got tails and died. I promote my second gallade and then he warp points. I send out baltoy, he gives magmortar X and attaches so it heals 20, it has 80 left now and burns baltoy and does 40, 20 to gardy X, 20 to gallade. I flip heads on burn and then retreat to flip 1 prize to KO, then next turn, bring down his typhy

    Game 3, 30 minutes on the clock, the judge times both turns on our request. He gets decent hand, i get furret and all i remember (gimme a break, i played this at 2 am, hard to recall) is winning 5-0 in 10 minutes

    I WON FL STATES, FIRST TIME EVER AND I WENT 11-4 or 9-1 depending on how you look at it


    Seeing alec again
    telepassing for stevens was so funny, IMO
    beating garret (top 2 for best fl players)
    seeing lots of friendly faces
    i think that nicholas guy who hates me hates me a LITTLE less now...
    oh yeah, winning
    Grafton giving me poptarts after eating nothing all day till the poptarts at 9 30 PM
    pulling 177 people!!!
    gabe (galonso) telling us to leave at 9 30 VS the 10 i wanted to leave at, otherwise i wouldda got a round one loss... vs losing totodile... getting ragged cause it.... and losing lottsa points... GABE!!! WHY DID WE LEAVE EARLY!?


    being hungry
    first time SR ever finished after masters
    getting dissed for "donking garret" when it really didn't matter
    getting dissed ALL DAY for losing to totodile seeking
    getting lost for 1 hour while being in a hot car with 3 people in back seat

    Great day, good to see ya again Alec :wink:
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  2. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    Congrats, Man. Keep it up.

    See you at Nats,
  3. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Even broken players can win!

    Good Job Orion!!

    You got lost to the event? Who was running it, some strange lady??? Are you related some how?


  4. Vince: lol, eric me gabe cary and omar all took a separate car to the event so we didn't have to get up so early, and we could hang out in the morning to play a few games.
  5. Raichu2063

    Raichu2063 New Member

    orion the reason why i couldnt attack was cuz i didn't have any energy! my last prizes were my energys so i had to firestart to do anything. So i had to load something up while i hoped to get the burn heads cuz i had no way of retreating. And when i wasn't attaking that was late game cuz that was when i burned ur gallade with mag lvlx. I just thought to clear the air there but regardless congratz on the win.
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  6. DarthPika

    DarthPika New Member

    Gatr Gardevoir/Gallade!!?

    Nice combo.

    I've also been wanting to try out Gardevoir with somthing else besides the normal G&G combo.

    GJ on the win, I'll see you at nats.
  7. rerisenphoenix

    rerisenphoenix New Member

    Way to represent Gardy Gallade! Nicely done!
  8. i was supposed to know this? lol

    uhh.... who are you??? and thanks....
  9. JokerBoi

    JokerBoi New Member

    Great Job Orion, Even with a game loss for your error you still would have won. This is shocking to me, the first time YOU have won Florida states? You are just lucky Christian wasn't there that is who you really should have been afraid of... J/P lol.
  10. lolzorz

    lolzorz New Member

    Hey Orion. Im bringing like 15 pillows with me next time I go to your event. :) That way, if we play, I'll just smack you with one. "JUDGE! MY OPPONENT NEEDS TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL!"
  11. Rainbowgym

    Rainbowgym Active Member

    Gatr /Gardevoir/Gallade was already played here at the first CC (right after SW was released) so nothing new. It made top cut twice.
  12. DarthPika

    DarthPika New Member

    You don't know me or anything lol. I just was saying that I'll probably see you at nats, maybe we could have a battle if there is time.
  13. O rly? good to know i played a deck proven to be at least kinda good...

    ok... but if i dont know you, and then i see you... how am i sposed to know its you???
  14. DarthPika

    DarthPika New Member

    Cuz I plan to start a thread so pokegym ppl will be able to find each other and know who they are.
  15. Spoinxx

    Spoinxx New Member

    Good idea...but it might be too late when you see me, ya heard? When my poison sinks in...it's over!
    But seriously good job m' dawg "XTREEEEEEEEME" Pillow Fighter. lol
  16. Rainbowgym

    Rainbowgym Active Member

    Yes it is, but I think yours was more a Gallade/Gardy with an added Gatr, while the one overhere was a Gatr with Gallade/Gardy added.
    It's different but a very nice deck to play and it sure confused people here the first time.
  17. Smeagol

    Smeagol New Member

    congrats on the win. my bro also used Gatrlade to win States this past weekend (Seniors).
  18. Smeagol: YES we are amazing jk onlyim amazing, jk again =D
    Soinxx: thanks!
  19. The Gorn

    The Gorn Active Member

    It's hard to believe this is your first State championship, Orion.

    Congratulations! (And thanks for the reference in your sig!)
  20. Gorn: its not my first state, its my first FLORIDA state win

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