OSP's 10th place report w/ Arithmetic

Discussion in 'Regional Championships' started by OLD_SCHOOL_PLAYER, Apr 13, 2008.

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    So I arrive at clints house about 5 o clock friday to get some playtesting done. As usual I know what I am playing and Clint doesnt........

    I convince Clint's friend to use my deck (skittles) instead of his own.....clint gets mad at me because that guy is in his division : /

    Anyways I re-sleeve to pink because there awesome rofl...and I go to bed

    I arrive there meet up with people talk to them and join up for team play, (Team OR-EE-GON) which was Ben C, Cory C, and myself.

    7 Rounds
    top 16

    Round 1
    vs. JandPDS w/ GnG w/random techs
    I have a bad start...with Magikarp and I do not get anything really forever...15 minute warning is announced and he was winning 6-5 I finally start getting out Banettes with Lake boundary and Cress x. I ko him so it was tied 3-3 and congrats to the slowest player time was called then...he plays rowan gets the lucky warp/energy w/e he needed i forgot and I lose....even though i had it in the bag if there was more time *cough COUGH* 5 min a turn : / I lose and everybody that was watchin was ticked off too.


    Round 2
    vs. Kenny w/ Blisscatty
    He never really played the deck so he ddint know that much of what he was doing... I t2 his skitty and then it goes downhillfrom there for him he gets a full powered blissey but after I get that ko'd he sends up skitty and I play nrg witch lvl up to cress x and ko him w/charm for the final two prizes.


    Round 3
    vs. Washington guy w/ empoleon/suicune
    We both start off bad, I begin with two baltoys he begins with suicune I just keep drawin w/ psy balance and t3 he ko's me i send up another baltoy i get ko'd but luckily i get banettte and start ko'in he gets empoeon up and does some damage and he is beatin me 5-3 but I make a come back and win 0-3


    Round 4
    vs. Former World champ when she was 10 : ) w/GnG
    I start with shuppet and she starts with ralts and top decks the sentret candy furret. I do 80 to it next turn then I ko it with doing 30 so she has ralts out there and benches another attaches...attempts to confuze and fails.. I start getting set up with like 5 balls a turn and other trainers... I ko it and she candies into gallade scramble after countering my lake boundary : ( next turn evolve to banette DRE and lake boundary and I ko it.. gg


    Round 5
    vs. Washington guy w/Plox
    YAY I PLAY UP! I begin well I believe with shuppet and ascension and next turn i do 30 and then place 4 for ko...I retreat rinse and repeat since I cant get any ban in discard...so by t4 i have 3 bans...2 have 7 on em and one has 1 counter on him and yet he has no gardy. I am winning 3-6 when he gets out gardy and ploxes me I ko it quickly so he doesnt level up and take adavantage of me rofl...and I win gg sir


    Round 6
    vs. Marvin (PhazonElite) w/Magmortar/tauros/claydol/and CESSATION ZOMGBBQ NO HE DIDNT : /
    I am like wow now chance... I get t2 banette while he gets t2 magmortar out with dre and starts doing damage to me I ko it he sends up snotehr with scramble and cessation and kos my banette... I cant use gyarados I try and keep my ground but I fail. Time was called and I put up shuppet and passed away so he can get 3 prizes ftw : )

    gg sir


    Round 7
    vs. Andrew L. w/ GNG
    I need to win this to have a chance at top cut. I get t2 bantte and ko his ralts....then he candies into gallade scrambles me for the ko... I put up shuppet and evolve dre and play boundary ftw


    I rush over to check out how my two opponents which were 5-1 were doing...one lost and the other one, Marvin, one in sudden death. I was happy because I might make top cut.

    They announce that standings are posted... I was like ZOMG I made it wooo....then I told people and the Clint's dad, a judge told me not to get too happy because I play Marvin in top 16..
    I was very sad because I know I cannot win at all against his deck : (

    Me vs. Marvin (Mag/cess)

    Game 1:
    It was pretty even throughout.. I was eventually winning him 2-5 because he kept sending up tauros to be sacked til he could do something. Then he ko'd my banette and spread damage everywhwere....I had to do something stupid which was playing 2 dre's on my gyarados....sad thingwas there was no lake boundary out so I could not ko his magmortar..Eventually it was 2-3 my lead and he has a mag x up with 80 on him and I was hoping he would just ko my shuppet or w/e I had up there so I could pull off my thing... he doesnt he retreats... i cry inside and said... i woulda won if u wouldnt haven't done that...he didnt even no i could win.. I told him that i had an energy switch and eneryg in my hand so if u ko'd it would bring up cress...level up attach energy use nrg switch and take my last two prizes....I was sooo close..


    Game 2:
    He gets t2 Magmortar and I get t2 banette... I place 7 and keep dre in hand with banette...and shuppet on bench...he ko's my banette and I bring up shuppet evolve into banette DRE and ko magmortar ftw


    Game 3:
    I never knew I would get this far honestly. I start with cresselia with master ball and warp point in hand hoping I would get shuppet and ascsenion... I get something not useful at all...cress x.... I attach and remove th3 20 he did to me t1 next turn he does 30 to me then I lvl up and move counter and use first attack and I said i will never die...but then he made me sad and tauros'd my lake boundary away . I get two baltoys, a gyarados and cress on bench with 2 dre and 2 bannette in hand...I show him he feels really bad for me after he is winning 2-6 I scoop fip over prizes and have 2 shuppets...2 claydol prizes ....... I wish him luck and want him to win it all


    Marvin ends up getting 2nd with the deck he built the night before regionals I congratulate him and I was happy I got t16.

    Josh for gettin 2nd with it
    Reid fore getting 3rd with skittles
    Clint for getting top 8 (even though he still lost points)
    Jeremy for winning
    Team M and dice
    Playing Marvin 4 times

    Magikarp start
    Playing Marvin 4 times (mostly just the matchup)

    woo thats my report...arithmetic ftw
  2. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    Former World champ when she was 10 : ) w/GnG

    gj on tenth!
  3. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    Nice report man. Glad you were able to get in the top cut, and sorry you had to play me first thing. lol Hey, you still got $36 free Pokemon merchandise, though. ^^

    I can definitely see how that deck could mop the floor with any standard Magmortar or GG list, though. Going by what you knew about the metagame, I think you made the best possible decision. ^^
  4. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    Congrats I am glad you made the top cut. You had a very good deck, and considering the bad matchup your deck gave me I was extremely fortunate to come out on top in our battle. Too bad you had such a tough matchup in your Top 16 game. Still there is no shame in going 5-3 in that tough Regionals field.

    This is the 1st time that I have ever appeared in someone's tournament report so I thought that was really cool. (even though the *cough Five min turn part was over exaggerated by at least three min.) I am sorry if you thought I was trying to intentionally slow play. Your deck was very tough and I was just being careful, and I don't feel any of my turns were excessively long.

    Good luck the rest of the year
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    Thanks for the posts guys.
  6. fatboy

    fatboy New Member

    i hated that slow guy we lost to
  7. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    So... you would have liked me better if you had won then? This is quite a unique experience for me as I have been playing this game from base set on and no one has ever, ever accused me of stalling before.
    I have lost more games then I can count precisely because I don't stall. I play my trainers (and yours too as the case may be). I only shuffel my deck two to three times and then present it to be cut. Then I attach my energy, retreat if required and announce my attack. Against nither one of you did I play any time games. I never once asked to go though your discard piles, nor did I go spend any excessive time going though my own. Nor did I place an energy down ... pause and pick it up again and then move it to another pokemon... pause and pick it up again and then put it on a 3rd pokemon. Nor did I start to retreat a pokemon then change my mind and leave it active. I know all the stall tricks because I have seen them all be used against me at various times in the past 10 years. I do not like it when someone tries to stall me out, and would rather loose a game then stall someone myself. So I am unsure just when and where in our games you felt that I was implementing my stall strategy?

    OSP ours was an extremely close contested battle, so I can see why you could be frustrated by such a narrow defeat, but FB when time was called it was called on your turn it was 5-3 prize count in my favor and I would have drawn my final prize on my next turn if I would have had it. So I am not sure why you feel more time would have made a difference for you.

    I know us old folks are not supposed to win and all but it actually does infact happen once in a while.
  8. ilikegengar

    ilikegengar Member

    Good job Daniel!

    see you at the next pre-release.
  9. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    I don't know why, but even I feel bad, and I didn't even accuse you of anything! :-/
  10. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    Thanks its nice to know that the entire state of Oregon dosn't hate me :)
  11. fatboy

    fatboy New Member

    i never said you were stalling im just use to haveing more time and use to playing people like clint who dont take like any time on their turns so please dont say i said you were stalling i just thought that if me and daniel more daneil had more turns we could have won so im srry if i hurt you in any way it just really sucked for me and i was donked a lot that day
  12. Mew

    Mew Active Member

    Fantastic gob OSP.
    The pink sleeves are what cost you T16...
  13. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    No prob, yea I heard about you getting T2 by QuickTune that had to hurt, I got T2'd by Paul J the round before we played so I know the feeling.


    Ofcourse mew that is what cost me it.....darn shoulda went with purple lol =D
  15. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    Hey, I don't even know who you are. I need to know your name before I can hate you. lol


    ^LOL NICE : )

    Thanks for the posts guys
  17. HoennAsh

    HoennAsh New Member

    Good job on going top 16 in your first Regionals tournament in the master's division. Pretty impressive if I may say so. I hope to see you at Nationals, Daniel!
  18. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    Yeah, that sounded a bit meaner than i meant.

    Sorry, JandPDS. I have no grudge against you, just FYI. ^^


    Thanks Paul, but I can't make it to nats...its sucks > . >
  20. Shino Bug Master

    Shino Bug Master Front Page News Editor

    Me niether OPS, oh well.

    Great job man! SHame you had to play Phazon first round. Phazon's just a beast like that. No worries. He's like the me of Masters, except overall cooler with a better chance at getting a date. XD

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