Our First Eon Post/ Swampert n Blaze

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by annisarich, Nov 1, 2003.

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  1. annisarich

    annisarich New Member

    Well here is my sons first deck he wants posted for the Eon Format.

    4 torchic [singe]
    2 combusken [lunge]
    1 cumbusken [flare]
    2 blaziken [clutch]
    3 mudkip rs [bubble]
    1 mudkip rs [pound]
    2 marshtomp rs [aquasonic]
    1 marshtomp rs [bubble]
    1 swampert rs [water arrow]
    1 swampert [hypno]
    2 dunsparse [strike n run]

    3 rare candy
    3 copy cat
    2 pokenav
    2 wally training
    2 prof oak research
    1 lanettes
    3 switch
    1 pokemon reversal
    2 oran berry
    1 full heal
    1 double full heal
    3 moo moo milk

    7 water
    7 fire
    1 cyclone
    1 warp

    The trainers search line and the dunsparse get cards out pretty quick. Important with two stage 2. Switch and full heals to ward off all the effects that seem to be played. This is a nine year olds deck. The object is get out fast and attack, attack attack.

    Thanks for the help folks.
  2. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member

    The obvious advice you'll receive with a deck like this is "You can't effectively run two non-synergistic stage twos in a deck. It's too slow." That being said, it's clear from your post that you've anticipated that statement, and would rather see how far you can take this concept, rather than starting afresh (besides, pretty solid deckbuilding for a nine-year old). I'd suggest polishing the trainer engine as much as possible to facilitate two stage twos; something like this:

    4 professor birch/oak's research/copycat (your pref.)
    4 oracle
    4 pokenav
    4 wally's training/elm's training method (your pref.)
    3 switch
    4 moo-moo/potion/hyper potion/oran berry (your pref.)

    Rare candy works alright, but to make space for it, I'd drop one each of the stage ones in your lines. You have 24 trainers listed up there, and I've only suggested 23, so that could leave room for 3 rare candy...I just wouldn't run so many stage ones and rare candies in the same deck. The lone lanette's net search, reversals, and full heals won't help you much. Besides, several of your pokes up there heal themselves when energy is attached anyway.

    I'm really becoming a fan of oracle/pokenav as a combo. You oracle, get the evo/energy/basic you need, then nav, grab it, and still have two cards in order for your next turn, one of which you got to choose from your whole deck with oracle. Heck, if you oracle and have two pokenav in hand, you can grab both pokemon you oracle for, and still keep the oracle effect for your draw on the next turn. Great way to grab that lone swampert or combusken out there.

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