Patriots bad sportsmanship?

Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by desert eagle, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. desert eagle

    desert eagle New Member

    This article was an interesting read. It goes into a theory about the Patriots running up the score against inferior opponents (11-27 combined excluding Dallas), saying they continue to go for passing plays and touchdowns when the game is well out of reach, instead of running the ball to erode the clock. The moral issues with this are pretty interesting, and this could be some controversy surrounding this possibly record breaking offensive season. Thoughts?
  2. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    The Pats just dont have the greatest running atk and passing is pretty safe and effective w/ Brady at the helm. A 27/2 TD to interception rate is just sick. I didnt even mind reinserting Brady last week after the score was cut in half at 42-21. Look at TN and the Texans....who woulda thunk the Titans would need a last second FG to retake the lead and win, when they entered the 4th Q w/ a 32-7 lead!

  3. HurricaneWarty

    HurricaneWarty New Member

    Not only that, but ever since everyone made New England out to be terrible people and questioned their Super Bowl titles and such after Spy Gate, They've been playing with an extra chip on their shoulder and basically had a "screw you" attitude about the whole season. They know how much better they are than everyone else and aren't afraid to show it now.
  4. desert eagle

    desert eagle New Member

    Well, it wouldn't matter how good the running attack is if you're just running the clock. They're running mostly passing plays against an 0-7 team with a 42-7 lead in the third quarter. That seems like blatantly running up the score to me.

    It kind of asks the question: Is it right to go for records and a place in history, at the expense of brutally humiliating inferior teams in front of their fans? and is it bad for the NFL as a whole?
  5. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    When you ask a question like that, relate it to this game, or any competitive thing.

    Then ask another question:

    "Will showing my opponents pity or mercy take the loss away from me?"

    If it's anything other than a very strong "no," then it isn't unsportsmanlike to mutilate the other team.

    You can have your arms and legs chopped off, yet still bite someone to death! :lol:

    It is bad for the NFL as a whole, though. They want as many people watching and actively promoting the league, and if anything turns people away from attending a game, then it's bad.
  6. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    Meh, Patriots are overhyped anyways. And I hate how our local newspaper keeps picking them as the ones to be in the Superbowl...I mean, there is still another undefeated team in the AFC, and they're not convicted cheaters at least.
  7. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    I think Kant is just sour that the Pats whooped the Chargers earlier this season.

    But seriously, the Patriots are just twice as solid through the air as they are on the ground right now, and if they continue to call their plays in the same fashion late game as they do early game, that's okay. The humiliation factor that you're talking about doesn't seem like a serious moral issue to me. (Plus, Belichick is never satisfied with his team's performance no matter how well they play. He's an idiot like that.)
  8. bullados

    bullados <a href="


    22 rush
    28 pass

    Is six more pass plays than runs considered a pass happy offense? I see that as pretty darn balanced, especially considering that they have two #1 wideouts (Stallworth, Moss), one of the best Slot receivers in the league (Walker), one of the best tight ends in the league (Watson), and one of the best pass protecting offensive lines in the league (7 sacks). Oh, and the Pats only scored 7 points in the 2nd half after putting up 42 in the first. If they wanted to run up the score on the Fins, they could have scored another 30 points in the 2nd half. IMO, I like Bill's decision to plug Brady back in after Miami cuts their lead in half, especially considering how quickly games can change, even from a deficit like this one. Remember, Detroit Lions 34 vs Bears. They did NOT run up the score. They're just that darn good. End of story.
  9. Papi/Manny

    Papi/Manny New Member

    By overhyped you mean incredible numbers to back up those claims, right? Then I would have to agree with ya. And nobody said to the rangers during that 30-3 massicure of the orioles to stop hitting the ball when they had 12+ runs. 12 runs is usually enough to win a game, espically against a sub-par team. But they didn't stop. So if its alright for baseball, why not footbal? And those numbers bullados posted seem to point to a more balanced offence and efficent clock draining.
  10. Isn't this some Lafonte, Team R, X files, and/or some other teams quote....

    You Play To Win The Game
  11. desert eagle

    desert eagle New Member

    But Baseball isn't played on time. There's technically nothing stopping the O's from scoring 28 runs in the 9th with 2 out =P
  12. Papi/Manny

    Papi/Manny New Member

    Good point, but the fact remains that you can never have a large enough lead.
  13. desert eagle

    desert eagle New Member

    I'm more sour about last year's playoff loss! =// With the game in hand, McCree's INTERCEPTION then FUMBLE, giving the pats a first down on 4th was the most frustrating thing I've ever had to watch =(
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  14. Scizor

    Scizor New Member

    Coupled with the Chargers ignoring the best player in the NFL in the 2nd half. Truly a choke.
  15. GinoLombardi21

    GinoLombardi21 New Member

    Bellcheck imo is just giving the finger to the nfl by doing this. He just wants to rack up points + points to break records. Hes clearly not caring for his team as much as he should for a head coach. You face an 0-7 team and just play with them on the scoreboard.

    The dolphins scored 21 points in 50 minutes and your sitting with 42 points. Do you really think in the last 10 minutes they'll catch up? I think sooner of later a injury to brady or moss is gonna happen. Or any key parts of there team. Then they can hold him responsible. Bellcheck is way to wreckless right now. After the beating they'll take from indy maybe they'll wise up.
  16. Bolt

    Bolt New Member

    That's a Herm Edwards (NFL Coach) quote.
  17. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    Again, there have been some SERIOUS comebacks this season. I think the Fins were involved in one that ended one score short. Again, Detroit 34 in the 4th quarter.

    Also, this is Professional Football. The only reason NOT to run up the score is so that you can prevent injuries to your own players. I don't think Brady has ever been injured in his career, and he's only been taken down 7 times this year. I like Bill's decision to put 7 more on the board after putting up a big fat squadoosh in the third quarter, AND basically giving the Fins some points in the 3rd and 4th. You can never be too safe with a lead until the final whistle sounds.
  18. Flaming_Spinach

    Flaming_Spinach Feature Editor

    Pats 52 Reds 7

    Maybe it's time to just give in and become Patriots fans?
  19. desert eagle

    desert eagle New Member

    the redskins game really amplified this issue more.

    Up 38-0 in the 4th quarter, they GO FOR IT on 4th and 1. And if that's not enough, up 45-0, they go for it AGAIN on 4th and 2, both leading to touchdowns.

    If that's not running up that score, I don't know what is.
  20. Charizardian

    Charizardian New Member

    No one in new england cares about how the patriots are behaving. We're too busy celebrating the Red Sox.

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