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Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by Sauron_mx, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. Sauron_mx

    Sauron_mx New Member

    hello people, maybe some of you still remember me from the pokemon tcg sundays on rockefeller center
    my name is fernando, and i was living in nyc (staten island to be precise) for 5 years...

    on one of my visits to the former pokemon center new york i went to the second floor where the pokemon machines and find that they actually were giving away pokes that day...

    after wait my tun i find that the machine was giving away two diferent kinds of seviper (diferent move set and rare berry held) and a flygon, with the flygon i have no problem at all, my problem is with the seviper..

    the seviper i get that day was a female seviper PCNYd lvl 30 holding salac berry, in my pokemon saphire read have a fateful encounter at lvl 30 and everithing normal, but whats my surprise with the rise of wifi trading in diamond and pearl, that several pokemon sites that have list of event pokes show this PCNY seviper as lvl 18.

    i have pics taken that day cause i bring my baby girl and wife to the pokemon center that day so my wife take a pic of me in fron of the machines getting the pokes.A lot of guys that live on nyc and went that day to the PCNY get this seviper as well, so pls if you have one reply to this post so i dont feel like a liar.

    also all my friends on nyc, Peter , chris, zach , jesus to mention some, could you do me a favor and try to get this seviper so i can get more eveidence that im not hacking this pokemon and it must be place among the list of event pokes..

    thanks in advance...
  2. ChristianOrtiz

    ChristianOrtiz New Member

    i believe i have one.. i have to check to see if i still have it.
    but like ill let you know if i do have it fernando.
  3. Sauron_mx

    Sauron_mx New Member

    thanks chris i knew i can count on you guys...

    if you can find it pls help me let know places like serebii.com (since his list of event pokemon is taken like a bible for all the wifi trading irc chats) that this seviper in fact was released by the pokemon center and im not just insane.....

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