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    Howdy and Welcome to my trade topic at the PokeGym! See Cards In Bold? These are just items I have recently added to the list. Listed within are what I need, what rares/holos I have from each set, promos/other, and energy. Here are a few ground rules:

    -I do not send overseas... so you might have to find someone to smuggle your goods :p
    -Depending upon your trading history or lack of one, I may ask you to send first.
    -You can purchase any of my haves, but you must send first via PayPal.
    -Uncommon and Common Pokemon: I probably have it, just ask.
    -I do not care if there are a few scratches on something you trade me, but I would enjoy being able to play with the cards you send me.
    -I send all my trades in sleeves and toploaders. You should do the same. Ultra Pro produces some nice toploaders for those of you looking for some.

    Older Refs:
    It has been quite a long time since I traded online... Pojo's UBB era to be exact (2000/2001ish)! As such, my refs are mostly all gone or have changed their names over the years. I assure you though that, if you're really suspcious of my trading actions, the rest of the community will hear about it. "OMG GymLeaderPhil stole some 10yr olds' cards!" or something to that effect would be plastered all over PokeSchool, Zeo, FakeCards, and Pojo.

    Trades in Progress

    PokeGym Ref:
    NMScizor - Flygon Winner and Non Winner Promo
    Sneaselsrevenge - Kingdra ex, AQ Exeggutor, Double Rainbow Energy
    Jay-C - R/S Slaking
    NMScizor - AQ Exeggutor
    Sneaselsrevenge - Dragon Flygon #4
    |PoKeY| - Skyridge Machoke, Skyridge Staryu, R/S Slakoth, Sandstorm Azumarill, Sandstorm Quilava, Sandstorm Marill
    Lugia_God -

    Jungle/BS2 Clefable (x1)
    Gym Challenge Brock's Ninetales #3 (x3)
    Neo Discovey Igglybuff (x2)
    Neo Revelation Entei (Holo) (x2)
    Aquapolis Espeon (x2)
    Aquapolis Exeggutor (x1)
    Aquapolis Furret (x2)
    Skyridge Ditto (x2)
    R/S Swampert #13 (x3)
    R/S Wailmer #48 (x1)
    Sandstorm Dusclops (x3)
    Sandstorm Cradily (x2)
    Sandstorm Anorith #27 (x1)
    Sandstorm Lileep #42 (x1)
    Sandstorm Kabuto (x3)
    Dragon Flygon #4 (x1)
    Dragon Salamence #10 (x2)
    Dragon Shedinja (x2)
    TM's Walrein (x1)
    HL Walrein (x1)
    HL Crobat (x1)
    Suicune ex (x3)
    Kyogre ex (x2)
    Ampharos ex (x2)
    Kabutops ex (x2)
    Ninetales ex (x3)
    Metagross ex (x3)
    Blastoise ex (x4)
    Wigglytuff ex (x3)

    Promotional and Rarities
    Black Star Pikachu #1 (1st Edition)
    Black Star Pikachu #1 (NOT NUMBERED)
    Black Star Electabuzz #2 (SEALED)
    Black Star Electabuzz #2 (without WB stamp)
    Black Star Mewtwo #3 (SEALED)
    Black Star Mewtwo #3 (without WB stamp)
    Black Star Pikachu #4 (SEALED)
    Black Star Pikachu #4 (without WB stamp)
    Black Star Dragonite #5 (SEALED)
    Black Star Dragonite #5 (without WB stamp)
    Black Star Jigglypuff #7 (NOT NUMBERED)
    Black Star Meowth #10 (SEALED)
    Black Star Meowth #10 (nonholo)
    Black Star Eevee #11 (nonholo)
    Black Star Venusaur #13 (SEALED)
    Black Star Porygon #15 (SEALED)
    Black Star Dark Persian #17 (No HP)
    Black Star Moltres #21 (SEALED)
    Black Star Articuno #22 (SEALED)
    Black Star Zapdos #23 (SEALED)
    Black Star Marill #29 (SEALED)
    Black Star Entei #34 (SEALED)
    Black Star Pokemon Center #40 (SEALED, OPEN)
    Black Star Lucky Stadium #41 (SEALED)
    Black Star Celebi #50 (SEALED)
    Black Star Rapidash #51 (NINTENDO POWER)
    Black Star Rapidash #51 (SEALED)
    Black Star Rapidash #51 (POKEMON CENTER)
    Black Star Ho-oh #52 (SEALED)
    Black Star Ho-oh #52 (POKEMON CENTER)

    Best Of Rocket's Hitmonchan #9

    New Black Star Pikachu #012 (SEALED)
    New Black Star Meowth #013 (SEALED)
    New Black Star Latias #014
    New Black Star Latios #015
    New Black Star Treecko #016 (SEALED)
    New Black Star Torchic #017 (SEALED)
    New Black Star Mudkip #018 (SEALED)
    New Black Star Whismur #019 (SEALED)
    New Black Star Ludicolo #020
    New Black Star Jirachi #021
    New Black Star Metang #023 (Stadium Challenge)

    Prerelease Base Set Raichu
    Prerelease Jungle Clefable RED STAMPED
    Prerelease Jungle Clefable GOLD STAMPED
    Prerelease Jungle Clefable BLUE STAMPED
    W Stamped Dark Charmeleon
    W Stamped Dark Charmeleon (SEALED)
    E3 Pikachu
    E3 Pikachu (Red Cheeks)
    Base Set Pikachu from CD (SEALED)
    Bilingual Exeggutor
    Norwegian Kyogre ex
    Norwegian Kyogre ex (SEALED)
    Norwegian Groudon ex
    Norwegian Groudon ex (SEALED)
    National Championships Charizard

    Trainer Deck A (Sealed, Unsealed, Select Cards)
    Trainer Deck B (Sealed, Unsealed, Select Cards)
    Any Misprints
    Any Nintendo Jumbos
    Any Sample Stamped Expedition Cards

    Minor Wants
    These are cards I already have enough of, but would still trade for any of my haves.
    Expedition Ampharos
    Expedition Ninetales
    Expedition Bill's Maintenance
    Expedition Copycat
    Expedition Pokemon Nurse
    Expedition Professor Elm's Training Method
    Expedition Professor Oak's Research
    Aquapolis Jumpluff
    Aquapolis Kingdra
    Aquapolis Juggler
    Aquapolis Memory Berry
    Aquapolis Pokemon Fan Club
    Aquapolis Pokemon Park
    Aquapolis Seer
    Aquapolis Town Volunteers
    Aquapolis Boost Energy
    Skyridge Beedrill
    Skyridge Crystal Shard
    Skyridge Desert Shaman
    Skyridge Fast Ball
    Skyridge Fisherman
    Skyridge Oracle
    Skyridge Retro Energy
    R/S Blaiziken #3
    R/S Delcatty #5
    R/S Gardevoir
    R/S Slaking
    R/S Swampert #13
    R/S Sceptile #20
    R/S Mewtwo ex
    R/S Professor Birch
    Sandstorm Zangoose
    Sandstorm Wobbuffet
    Sandstorm Dunsparce
    Sandstorm Rare Candy
    Sandstorm Gardevoir ex
    Sandstorm Kabutops ex
    Dragon Roselia
    Dragon Mr. Briney's Compassion
    Dragon TV Reporter
    Dragon Kingdra ex
    Dragon Muk ex
    Dragon Rayquaza ex
    TMvsTA Rainbow Energy
    TMvsTA Blaziken ex
    TMvsTA Swampert ex

    In addition... insider information, documents, highquality images, and any other specific facts that you might have from Emails/Publications/Logs can also be "traded" in for some of my listed haves. Of course, you could be nice and just give it to me anyways. To be more specific, I'm looking for League/Premiere Event Instructions/Paperwork, posters, advertisments, digital pictures taken at events, specific threads/replies from the PTO List, flyers, playmats, and prior Pokemon related issues of Topdeck.

    4 Fearow (1R, 1RR, 2RH)
    6 Weezing (3R, 1RR, 1H, 1RH)
    3 Dragonite (2R, 1H)
    1 Charizard 40 (1R)
    4 Arbok (1R, 2 RR, 1H)
    3 Rapidash (2R, 1RR)
    2 Ampharos (1RR, 1H)
    6 Kingler (2R, 2RR, 2RH)
    3 Typhlosion 64 (2R, 1RR)
    4 Golem (2R, 1RR, 1H)
    4 Venusaur 68 (2R, 1H, 1RH)
    2 Venusaur 67 (2R)
    3 Butterfree (2R, 1RH)
    5 Gengar (3R, 2H)
    4 Clefable (3R, 1H)
    3 Feraligatr 46 (2R, 1RR)
    5 Vileplume (4R, 1H)
    3 Cloyster (2R, 1RH)
    8 Pichu (2R, 2RR, 3H, 1RH)
    3 Mew (1R, 1H, 1RH)
    2 Meganium 53 (2R)
    3 Skarmory (1R, 2H)
    2 Meganium 54 (1R, 1RR)
    5 Raichu (3R, 2H)
    5 Poliwrath (3R, 1RR, 1H)
    4 Blastoise 37 (2RR, 2H)
    1 Charizard 39 (1R)
    3 Machamp (1R, 1RR, 1H)
    3 Feraligatr 47 (2R, 1H)
    2 Typhlosion 65 (2R)
    3 Pidgeot (1R, 2RH)
    2 Blastoise 36 (1R, 1RR)
    3 Dugtrio (2R, 1H)
    2 Magby (2R)
    3 Ninetales (2H, 1RH)

    1 Togetic (1R)
    3 Nidoking (1R, 2H)
    1 Sudowoodo (1R)
    1 Houndoom (1RH)
    1 Slowbro (1R)
    1 Jynx (1RH)
    2 Zapdos (1R, 1RR)
    2 Ariados (2R)
    1 Ampharos (1R)
    1 Muk (1H)
    1 Lanturn (1R)
    1 Steelix (1RH)
    1 Hypno (1R)
    2 Slowking (2R)
    1 Entei (1R)
    1 Parasect (1R)
    1 Tyranitar (1R)
    1 Lanturn (1R)
    1 Vileplume (1R)
    1 Exeggutor (1R)
    1 Porygon2 (1R)
    1 Ninetales (1R, 1RH)
    1 Electrode (1H)
    1 Victreebel (1R)

    2 Forretress (2R)
    2 Wigglytuff (1R, 1RH)
    2 Aerodactyl (1R, 1RH)
    3 Xatu (2R, 1H)
    2 Jolteon (2R)
    1 Raikou (1RH)
    3 Raichu (3R)
    1 Crystal Ho-oh (1RH)
    2 Magcargo 17 (2R)
    2 Vaporeon (2R)
    4 Flareon (1R, 1RH, 2H)
    2 Starmie (1R, 1H)
    1 Magcargo (1R)
    2 Rhydon (1R, 1H)
    9 Alakazam (7R, 1RH, 1H)
    1 Beedrill (1H)
    3 Steelix (2R, 1H)
    1 Umbreon (1R)
    3 Crobat (2R, 1H)
    2 Moltres (1R, 1H)
    1 Machamp (1H)
    4 Kabutops (2R, 2H)
    1 Nidoqueen (1R)
    3 Poliwrath (2R, 1RH)
    1 Magneton 20 (1R)
    2 Gengar (1R, 1RH)
    2 Politoed (2R)
    2 Magneton (1R, 1H)
    1 Ledian (1R)
    1 Houndoom (1RH)
    1 Articuno (1RH)
    4 Dewgong (3R, 1RH)

    EX Ruby and Sapphire
    2 Sceptile 20 (2R)
    4 Camerupt (2RH, 2H)
    6 Swampert 23 (5R, 1RH)
    5 Breloom (4R, 1RH)
    7 Weezing (6R, 1RH)
    5 Blaziken 15 (5R)
    5 Nosepass (5R)
    1 Swampert 13 (1RH)
    1 Beautifly (1RH)
    6 Donphan (5R, 1RH)
    4 Sharpedo (4R)
    2 Hariyama (1RH, 1H)
    6 Seaking (6R)
    6 Pelipper (5R, 1RH)
    4 Manectric (2RH, 2H)
    1 Aggron (1H)
    1 Sceptile (1H)
    1 Lapras ex
    3 Hitmonchan ex
    1 Scyther ex
    1 Electabuzz ex
    2 Magmar ex
    1 Chansey ex

    EX Sandstorm
    3 Kecleon (3R)
    3 Umbreon (2R, 1RH)
    3 Vaporeon (3R)
    4 Espeon (4R)
    1 Cacturne (1H)
    3 Pichu (3R)
    4 Steelix (3R, 1RH)
    3 Arcanine (2R, 1RH)
    2 Golduck (2R)
    1 Solrock (1RH)
    3 Sandslash (3R)
    4 Shiftry (3R, 1RH)
    1 Aerodactyl ex
    1 Raichu ex

    EX Dragon
    2 Absol (1RH, 1H)
    5 Vibrava (5R)
    11 Skarmory (10R, 1RH)
    8 Ninjask (7R, 1RH)
    14 Salamence 19 (11R, 3RH)
    2 Torkoal (2H)
    2 Golem (1RH, 1H)
    9 Flygon 15 (9R)
    2 Altaria (1RH, 1H)
    9 Crawdaunt (9R)
    1 Plusle (1RH, 1H)
    1 Minun (2RH, 1H)
    12 Dragonair (10R, 2RH)
    13 Girafarig (12R, 1RH)
    1 Grumpig (1H)
    9 Magneton (8R, 1RH)
    11 Shelgon (9R, 2RH)
    2 Golem ex
    1 Magcargo ex
    1 Latios ex
    2 Latias ex
    2 Dragonite ex

    EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua
    3 Absol (3H)
    6 Raichu (6R)
    1 Jirachi (1H)
    6 Team Magma's Mightyena (4R, 2RH)
    6 Team Aqua's Mightyena (4R, 2RH)
    3 Team Aqua's Crawdaunt 2 (2RH, 1H)
    7 Team Aqua's Crawdaunt 14 (5R, 2RH)
    4 Team Aqua's Sharpedo 5 (2RH, 2H)
    4 Team Aqua's Sharpedo 18 (4R)
    4 Team Aqua's Seviper (4R)
    1 Team Aqua's Cacturne (1H)
    3 Team Aqua's Sealeo (3R)
    1 Team Aqua's Kyogre (1H)
    1 Team Magma's Groudon (1H)
    2 Team Magma's Zangoose (2R)
    3 Team Magma's Torkoal (3H)
    2 Team Magma's Rhydon 22 (2R)
    3 Team Magma's Rhydon 11 (2RH, 1H)
    6 Team Magma's Camerupt (6R)
    1 Team Magma's Lairon (1R)
    2 Cradily ex
    2 Entei ex
    1 Raikou ex

    Base Set
    2 Raichu (2H)
    1 Clefairy (1H)
    3 Nidoking (3H)
    1 Mewtwo (1H)
    3 Beedrill (3R)
    3 Dragonair (3R)
    1 Venusaur (1H)
    1 Poliwrath (1H)
    1 Hitmonchan (1H)
    1 Pidgeotto (1R)
    2 Electrode (2R)
    2 Magneton (2H)
    1 Electabuzz (1R)
    2 Ninetales (2H)
    3 Gyarados (3H)

    3 Snorlax (2R, 1H)
    2 Jolteon (1R, 1H)
    2 Flareon (2R)
    5 Pidgeot (1st 1R, 2R, 2H)
    3 Kangaskhan (1st 1R, 1R, 1H)
    3 Vaporeon (1R, 2H)
    3 Electrode (1R, 2H)
    3 Nidoqueen (1st 1R, 2H)
    1 Wigglytuff (1R)
    1 Scyther (1R)
    5 Pinsir (4R, 1H)
    3 Venomoth (2R, 1H)
    3 Victreebel (2R, 1H)
    3 Vileplume (2R, 1H)
    1 Clefable (1H)

    5 Lapras (2R, 3H)
    1 Haunter (1H)
    1 Ditto (1H)
    3 Hypno (2R, 1st 1H)
    3 Raichu (2R, 1H)
    5 Magneton (3R, 2H)
    3 Kabutops (1R, 2H)
    2 Dragonite (1R, 1H)
    3 Articuno (2R, 1H)
    4 Moltres (2R, 2H)
    1 Gengar (1R)
    2 Muk (1st 1H, 1H)
    2 Aerodactyl (2R)
    3 Zapdos (2R, 1H)

    Base Set 2
    1 Wigglytuff (1H)
    1 Chansey (1H)
    1 Dragonair (1R)
    1 Beedrill (1R)

    Team Rocket
    2 Dark Gyarados (1st 1R, 1H)
    2 Dark Golbat (1R, 1H)
    1 Dark Charizard (1st 1R)
    2 Dark Slowbro (1R, 1H)
    2 Dark Dragonite (1st 1R, 1H)
    2 Dark Machamp (1R, 1H)
    2 Dark Magneton (1st 1R, 1H)
    2 Dark Dugtrio (1R, 1H)
    1 Dark Alakazam (1R)
    3 Dark Hypno (1st 1R, 2H)
    2 Dark Arbok (1st 1R, 1H)
    2 Dark Weezing (1st 1R, 1H)
    1 Dark Raichu (1H)

    Legendary Collection
    1 Dark Raichu (1H)
    1 Dark Dragonite (1H)
    1 Dark Persian (1H)
    1 Dark Slowbro (1H)
    1 Muk (1RH)
    1 Moltres (1R)
    1 Golem (1R)
    1 Kabutops (1R)
    3 Magneton (3R)
    3 Hypno (3R)
    1 Haunter (1R)
    4 Butterfree (4R)
    1 Rhydon (1R)
    1 Nidoqueen (1RH)
    2 Jolteon (1RH, 1H)
    1 Electrode (1R)
    1 Pidgeot (1R)
    1 Flareon (1H)
    3 Snorlax (3R)
    1 Gyarados (1H)
    1 Ninetales (1H)
    1 Jynx (1RH)
    2 Pidgeotto (2R)
    1 Venusaur (1H)
    1 Machamp (1H)
    1 Beedrill (1R)
    3 Nidoking (2R, 1RH)

    Gym Heroes
    1 Erika's Clefable (1H)
    2 Lt. Surge Fearow (2H)
    1 Brock's Onix (1R)
    1 Misty's Cloyster (1R)
    2 Brock's Sandslash (2R)
    1 Misty's Tentacruel (1H)
    1 Brock's Rhyhorn (1R)
    1 Erika's Vileplume (1H)
    1 Brock's Golem (1R)
    3 Rocket's Hitmonchan (1st 1H, 2H)
    1 Erika's Clefairy (1R)
    1 Sabrina's Venomoth (1R)
    1 Misty's Poliwrath (1R)
    1 Lt. Surge's Raichu (1R)
    1 Erika's Victreebel (1R)
    1 Rocket's Scyther (1H)
    1 Lt. Surge's Magneton (1H)

    Gym Challenge
    2 Sabrina's Gengar (2R)
    2 Koga's Muk (2R)
    2 Lt. Surge's Jolteon (2R)
    2 Brock's Dugtrio (2R)
    2 Sabrina's Golduck (2R)
    1 Blaine's Ninetales (1R)
    2 Giovanni's Nidoqueen (2R)
    1 Koga's Pidgeotto (1R)
    2 Koga's Arbok (2R)
    2 Giovanni's Persian (2H)
    1 Misty's Golduck (1H)
    1 Lt. Surge's Raichu (1H)
    1 Koga's Beedrill (1H)
    2 Giovanni's Pinsir (1R)
    1 Giovanni's Nidoking (1H)
    1 Erika's Venusaur (1H)

    Neo Genesis
    1 Japanese Feraligatr Lv69 (1H)
    2 Heracross (1st 1H, 1H)
    1 Skarmory (1st 1H)
    4 Jumpluff (4H)
    1 Magby (1R)
    1 Donphan (1R)
    2 Sneasel (1st 2R)
    1 Togetic (1H)
    4 Steelix (1st 1H, 3H)
    1 Meganium 11 (1H)
    1 Azumarill (1H)

    Neo Discovery
    1 Espeon (1R)
    2 Houndoom (1R, 1H)
    1 Hitmontop (1R)
    3 Kabutops (3R)
    1 Butterfree (1R)
    1 Beedrill (1R)
    1 Yanma (1H)

    Neo Revolution
    2 Celebi (2R)
    1 Ho-oh (1R)
    1 Starmie (1R)
    2 Houndoom (1st 1H, 1H)
    4 Kingdra (4R)
    1 Raikou (1st 1H)
    1 Shining Magikarp (1st 1H)

    Neo Destiny
    3 Dark Ursaring (3R)
    3 Unown G (1st 1R, 2R)
    1 Light Piloswine (1R)
    1 Light Ledian (1R)
    5 Unown W (1st 1R, 4R)
    2 Light Azumarill (1st 1H, 1H)
    2 Light Arcanine (1st 1H, 1H)
    2 Dark Porygon2 (2H)
    1 Dark Typhlosion (1H)
    1 Dark Slowking (1R)
    1 Light Lanturn (1R)
    1 Dark Ariados (1R)
    2 Dark Feraligatr (2H)
    1 Light Machamp (1R)
    1 Unown X (1R)
    1 Dark Omastar (1R)
    1 Dark Magcargo (1R)
    1 Light Dragonair (1R)
    1 Dark Scizor (1H)
    1 Shining Celebi (1H)
    1 Light Togetic (1H)

    2 Black Star Pikachu #1
    2 Black Star Mewtwo #3
    1 Black Star Arcanine #6
    1 Black Star Mew #8
    1 Black Star Mew #9
    1 Black Star Cool Porygon #15
    2 Black Star Computer Error #16
    1 Black Star Dark Persian #17
    1 Black Star Psyduck #20
    1 Black Star Happy Birthday Pikachu #24
    1 Black Star Flying Pikachu #25
    1 Black Star Pikachu #26
    1 Black Star Marill #29
    1 Black Star Togepi #30
    2 Black Star Smeargle #32
    1 Black Star Entei #34
    1 Black Star Igglybuff #36
    1 Black Star Hitmontop #37
    1 Black Star Unown J #38
    2 Black Star Misdreavus #39
    1 Black Star Pokemon Tower #42
    19 Black Star Machamp #43
    19 Black Star Magmar #44
    2 Black Star Scyther #45
    20 Black Star Electabuzz #46
    20 Black Star Articuno #48
    19 Black Star Snorlax #49
    1 Black Star Suicune #53
    2 Best Of Electabuzz #1
    1 Best Of Hitmonchan #2
    5 Best Of Professor Elm #3
    2 Best Of Rocket's Scizor #4
    1 Best Of Rocket's Mewtwo #8
    6 Black Star Holographic Kyogre ex #001
    5 Black Star Holographic Groudon ex #002
    1 Gold Bordered Meowth
    1 W Stamped Kabuto
    1 W Stamped Brock's Vulpix
    2 Prerelease Fossil Aerodactyl
    1 Prerelease EX Dragon Gyarados
    1 Prerelease EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua Cacnea
    1 Pojo/GymLeaderPhil signed Holographic Psychic Energy
    1 Pojo/GymLeaderPhil signed Holographic Recycle Energy
    2 Pojo/GymLeaderPhil signed Holographic Rainbow Energy
    1 Japanese Coro Coro Steelix
    1 Japanese Southern Islands Mew
    1 Jumbo Best Of Dark Ivysaur
    4 Jumbo Best Of Electabuzz

    1 Aqua Energy
    2 Bounce Energy (1RH)
    2 Cyclone Energy (1RH)
    9 Darkness Energy (1st 2R, 6R, 1RH)
    3 Double Colorless Energy
    1 Full Heal Energy
    1 Magma Energy
    3 Metal Energy (2R, 1st 1H)
    1 Multi Energy (1RH)
    5 Potion Energy
    6 Rainbow Energy (4R, 1RH, 1H)
    5 Recycle Energy (1st 2R, 3R)
    2 Retro Energy (1RH)

    2 Arcade Game (1st 1R, 1R)
    1 Archie (1RH)
    5 Balloon Berry (1RH)
    6 Berry
    4 Bill
    6 Bill's Maintenanace
    1 Blaine (2H)
    1 Blaine's Last Resort
    2 Blaine's Quiz #1
    1 Brock
    2 Brock's Protection
    2 Buffer Piece (1RH)
    3 Card-Flip Game
    4 Challenge
    1 Chaos Gym
    2 Charity
    1 Cinnabar City Gym
    4 Claw Fossil (1RH)
    5 Computer Search
    5 Copycat
    1 Crystal Shard
    1 Darkness Cube (1RH)
    1 Digger
    4 Double Gust
    9 Dual Ball (2RH)
    2 Ecogym
    2 Energy Arc
    4 Energy Charge (1st 1R, 3R)
    5 Energy Recycle System (2RH)
    4 Energy Removal
    6 Energy Removal 2
    8 Energy Restore
    10 Energy Retrival
    37 Energy Search (4RH)
    3 Energy Switch (1RH)
    2 Erika's Kindness
    3 EXP.ALL
    3 Fervor
    1 Fighting Cube (1RH)
    1 Focus Band
    8 Full Heal
    7 Gambler
    1 Giovanni (1R, 1H)
    3 Giovanni's Last Resort
    5 Gold Berry
    7 Gust of Wind
    8 Heal Powder
    2 Here Comes Team Rocket (1R, 1H)
    8 High Pressure System (4RH)
    2 Impostor Professor Oak's Invention (1st 1R, 1R)
    1 Item Finder
    1 Koga (1R, 1H)
    1 Lady Outing (1RH)
    1 Lass
    8 Low Pressure System (1RH)
    1 Lt. Surge
    3 Master Ball
    2 Mary's Impulse
    3 Miracle Berry
    2 Mirage Stadium (1RH)
    4 Misty's Duel
    14 Moo-Moo Milk
    2 Mr. Briney's Compassion (1RH)
    23 Mysterious Fossil (1RH)
    2 Mystery Plate Beta (2RH)
    1 New Pokedex
    1 Oran Berry (1RH)
    2 Plus Power
    8 Pokeball
    2 Pokedex
    2 PokeGear
    1 Pokemon Breeder
    2 Pokemon Center
    3 Pokemon Flute
    2 Pokemon March
    4 Pokemon Reversal (1RH)
    3 Pokemon Trader
    36 Potion (1RH)
    4 Power Charge (2RH)
    9 Professor Elm
    1 Professor Elm's Training Method
    6 Professor Oak
    13 Recycle
    2 Rocket's Secret Experiment
    2 Root Fossil
    3 Strength Charm
    3 Super Energy Removal
    1 Super Energy Retrieval
    1 Super Potion
    4 Super Rod
    6 Super Scoop Up (2RH)
    26 Switch (2RH)
    3 Team Aqua Ball (2RH)
    2 Team Aqua Hideout
    7 Team Aqua Schemer
    3 Team Aqua Technical Machine (2RH)
    1 Team Magma Ball (1RH)
    3 Team Magma Belt (2RH)
    1 Team Magma Conspirator (1RH)
    2 Team Magma Hideout (2RH)
    8 Team Magma Schemer
    2 Team Magma Technical Machine
    5 Time Capsule (1st 1R, 4R)
    2 The Boss's Way
    2 Thought Wave Machine
    1 Transparent Walls
    1 Trash Exchange
    12 Warp Point (1RH)
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2004
  2. MetallicKingScizor

    MetallicKingScizor New Member

    What I have that you'd want:

    Aquapolis Exeggutor-holo (1)
    R/S Slaking-holo (2)
    R/S Slakoth #45 (3)
    Sandstorm Cradily-reverse holo (2)
    Dragon Bagon #23 (1)
    Dragon Nincada #68 (3)
    Dragon Trapinch #79 (2)
    TM's Aggron #7 (1)
    Best Of Dark Ivysaur (Non-Winner) (1)
    Best Of Dark Venusaur (Non-Winner) (1)

    What you have that I'd want:

    1 Raichu ex
    1 Cradily ex
    2 Altaria
    1 Cacturne
    1 Swampert #13

    LMK what you want to do
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2004
  3. bertrand

    bertrand New Member

    Aquapolis Espeon (RARE, REVERSE HOLO)
    Aquapolis Slowpoke
    Skyridge Staryu (#104 x1)
    Sandstorm Azumarill
    Sandstorm Marill (Free Retreat) x3
    Dragon Nincada #68
    Dragon Trapinch #79
    Best Of Dark Ivysaur (Non-Winner)


    EX Sandstorm
    1 Seviper (1H)
    1 Solrock (1RH)

    EX Dragon
    1 Altaria (1RH, 1H) [either holo or reverse is fine]

    EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua
    1 Cradily ex

    If you think I'm asking too much, let me know. I'm not sure of the value of some of these cards.
  4. GymLeaderPhil

    GymLeaderPhil New Member

    Replied to all.
  5. Dark Sneasel

    Dark Sneasel New Member

    How much for cradily Ex
  6. PojoThundachu

    PojoThundachu New Member

    I've got those. What would you be willing to trade for those? =x
  7. GOROY

    GOROY New Member

    Hi, I have Aquapolis Slowpoke (water type)
    Free retreat marill
    Dragon Bagon 23,Nincada 68, and Trapinch 79, and Gym Heroes Brock's Zubat 24.

    I need a Cradily ex or Golem ex, if you would trade one for these cards.
  8. WaRrIoR04

    WaRrIoR04 New Member

    ive got two wailordEX for trade if you want um phil ill trade them to you for your name or if you can get me banned from DCI errr*coughs* :) i could use 4 salamence for a test deck lmk or im me at lastwarrior04 or get on the pojo chat either way works ;/
  9. NMScizor

    NMScizor New Member

    Flygon Winner and Non Winner Promo

    for your
    1 Seviper (1H)

  10. GymLeaderPhil

    GymLeaderPhil New Member

    Sure. Let me contact you.

    Only need one Wailord ex.

    Eh, three commons, one uncommon, and a bad rare dont meet Cradily ex/Golem ex.

    Thundachu: What do you have that I want?

    Dark Sneasel: Replied

    bertrand: Replied

    MetallicKingScizor: Replied
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2004
  11. GymLeaderPhil

    GymLeaderPhil New Member

    Just got a box of EX Dragon and there are a bunch new haves, including Pokemon ex. Trainer cards from all sets should be posted soon.
  12. NMScizor

    NMScizor New Member

    have you recieved the promos, cause I still have not recieved the seviper holo, when did you send ?
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2004
  13. Scizor

    Scizor New Member

    I have the following:
    Brok's Zubat
    Kingdra ex
    I also have a bunch of misprints, such as the base set pikachus, Old Print Hitmonchan, Mewtwo, Charizard, Electabuzz, etc. I also have the Top Corner Missing foil Fossil Zapdos, and some other things i can't remember off hand. I see nothing on your have list i want, did you get any Rayquaza in any of your packs and do you have any Gardevoir or Gardevoir ex for trade? If you want i can sell you these, LMK.
  14. gohanposter

    gohanposter New Member

    do you have any of these for trade?

    wynaut x4
    rare candy xX
    professor oaks research xX
    boost energy x3

    i have these that you want:
    Gym Challenge Brock's Ninetales #3
    Neo Revelation Entei (Holo)
    TM's Aggron #7
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2004
  15. NMScizor

    NMScizor New Member

    recieved today, thanks for the extras
  16. sneaselsrevenge

    sneaselsrevenge New Member

    Hey Phil

    My Kingdra EX
    AQ Exeggutor (R)
    Double Rainbow

    for your Muk EX and 4 TV Reporter
  17. GymLeaderPhil

    GymLeaderPhil New Member

    sneaselsrevenge: Sure Patrick, Let me contact you directly.

    NMScizor: Thanks again.

    gohanposter: Nope, got none of those for trade.

    Scizor: Dont have any Gardy, Gardy ex, Quaza ex for trade... see my haves list for all of my cards (excluding some trainers, uncommons, commons.)
  18. |PoKeY|

    |PoKeY| New Member

    Im not asking for all of those, but whatever you are willing to trade, i'd prefer the skyrdige holos and grumpig if you wanted for all the ones i got, but ur call

    Your Wants that i have
    Skyridge Machoke- reversed if thats ok? x1
    Skyridge Staryu- both are reversed? x1 of each
    R/S Combusken #27 x1
    R/S Slakoth #45 x2
    Sandstorm Azumarill x2
    Sandstorm Quilava x1
    Sandstorm Marill (Free Retreat) x4
    Dragon Bagon #23 x3
    Double Rainbow Energy x1

    Your Haves That I need

    1 Raichu (1H)
    1 Vaporeon (1H)
    1 Gengar (1H)
    1 Gyarados (1H)

    EX Sandstorm
    1 Seviper (1H)
    1 Solrock (1H)
    1 Lunatone (1H)
    1 Raichu ex

    EX Dragon
    1 Grumpig (1H)

    EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua
    1 Team Aqua's Sharpedo 5 (1H)
    1 Cradily ex

    Your promos aren't of too much importance at the moment, but if needed in the trade i'd need these.

    1 Best Of Rocket's Mewtwo #8
    1 Black Star Holographic Kyogre ex #001 (Assuming its not the non holo ;) )
    1 Black Star Holographic Groudon ex #002
    1 Gold Bordered Meowth
    1 Prerelease EX Dragon Gyarados
    1 Prerelease EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua Cacnea
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2004
  19. I have a couple misprinted Vulpix that say HP50 instead of 50HP.I also have Winner and Best Rocket's Hitmnchan, Double Rainbow Energy, Dragon Bagonx3(#23), Shedingax2, Cradilyx2, Aqu Slowpoke, Aqu Espeon, and Brock's Zubat(#24).I need holo Delcatty, Oraclex4, and PORx2.Offer:

    Cradilyx1(holo=4Oracle is uncommon so 1 Oracle=rare 2 more =rare holo)
    Double Rainbow energyx1(rare=2POR POR is uncommon so 2 =rare)
    Shedingax1(rare holo=Delcatty Delcatty is rare holo)

  20. GymLeaderPhil

    GymLeaderPhil New Member

    Topic updated with new cards from Team Magma vs Team Aqua, along with all of the Trainer Cards up for trade.

    AncientPokemonTrainer: Don't have any of those trainers to trade.

    Pokey: How about this?

    Skyridge Machoke (1RH)
    Skyridge Staryu (1RH) (#104)
    R/S Slakoth #45 (2U)
    Sandstorm Azumarill (2U)
    Sandstorm Quilava (1U)
    Sandstorm Marill (Free Retreat) (1C)

    1 Skyridge Raichu (1H)
    1 Skyridge Vaporeon (1H)
    1 Skyridge Gengar (1H)
    1 Skyridge Gyarados (1H)
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