Pics and Report of ST. LOUIS Dragon Pre-Release!

Discussion in 'Archive' started by nikePK, Nov 23, 2003.

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  1. nikePK

    nikePK New Member

    I'll make the report really quick. Also, here's some of the pictures I took:



    Ok, I'll start right at the action. We get our packs, I open mine. Get some decent grass stuff... get a 4-2-2 Salamence line... a Crawdaunt, some Corphish (not the awesome one with Toxic "Grip"). So, my deck uses a 4-2-2 line of non holo Salamence, 3-1 of Crawdaunt. I take 2 Spoink that have the Bounce thingy and I got a Rayquzza ex... helped me out bunches.

    Ok, first round its kinda scary. First off though, he flips over his "basics" and reveals 2 Shelgon. I'm like.. uhh, those aren't basics. So he shuffles em back and such. Anyway, I take out a few things with Crawdaunt on like t2 or 3. He gets 7 on my Crawdaunt when I BRINEY it mwahahahaaah. I bench him back and stall for a short while while he gets out Houndoom... obliterates a few of my guys and then Crawdaunt kills the Houndoom for a benching victory for me. yay!


    Ok, second round. I don't really remember this one... hmmm... think think think. Well, I obviously won.... lol


    Ok, 3rd round. I don't remember this either... geez. Oh, wait, yes I do. err.... well, I'm sure Rayquzza did something and I won... yeah....


    Ok, I face my friend Andrew this game. I get a Spoink and 6 energy in hand. FUN!!!! He t3's a Toxic "grip" Corphish and poisons me. I get a Bagon, but thats all I get ON TOP OF MORE ENERIES!!! So yeah, he just kills me off real quick. Stupid hand. After the tourney I take one of those Corphish and replace the word "Grip" with the word Edit rofl.


    Ok, next round. I smack Colin in the shoulder as I draw a Shelgon. I figure I have the game won cuz I have salamence in hand... Bagon doing some dmg active. I play Shellgon and go to work. THEN, I play the Salamence, so happy cuz this game is about to be over. Then, I look at my hand for a sec... NO WATERS in hand, only 2 fire on my Sally. CRAP. I try to take it back but the guy won't let me. Ok, fair enough pal, I'll just wait for a water to fly my way. He continuously attacks with stinkin' Torchic, doing 10 or 30 to me cuz of my poke-body. mostly 10 cuz he keeps getting tails. Draw. Not water. Draw. Not water. I do get a lightning on a benched DRATINI though, which is very key. Finally, I'm forced to withdraw the Sally and I promote Dratini. I do 10 to active Cyndiquil. Then, he brings up a Geodude. Does 10 to my Salamence on the bench. I'm like, "ok, 0 dmg" Then, we read the body. IT ONLY WORKS WHEN HES ACTIVE, GOOOODDDDDDDD!!!!!

    So, Sally's got 90 dmg on him. I draw. WATER, YES!. I attach to Dratini and Dragon Dew some dmg off of Sally, BOOYAH. He geodud's my benched Corphish knowing he can't take out Salamence. I get 2 fire on Salamence in the meantime off nice draws. I let him take Corphish and my Dratini after I've gotten all but 10 dmg off of Salamence. I get the 3 energy for him, and go to work, obliterating everything he has. Awesome, aweesome game.


    Next game, the dude forgest to lay out his prizes... but its not much of a disadvantage. He takes something out with his Latias ex but I strike back with Rayquazza ex and just go through him. Even after I take the 3 prizes I took legit, I tell him to keep going, and I even take 1 more just so he doesn't blame the loss on his penalty for not playing his prizes out early.


    Well, that ended it. I took 2nd, tied COlin for first on wins and points, but his opp. win percentage was higher cuz he beat Andrew i guess. lol. Awesome tourney, though I was looking forward to all the stuff that was supposed to happen afterward but didn't =|

    I'm really lookin' forward to the next pre-release!!!!

    Check out teh pics and such, hope everyone had fun at their pre-releases!

    If you guys can`t come on here and use appropriate language(and you know it`s against the rules here)then...`Sensei
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  2. swanton1717

    swanton1717 Member

    Awesome pics, the report is decent.

    I remember you hitting my arm, and ur like oh im gonna lose a minute later, and im like Edit you have a Salamence out. But u did well, 2nd isn't THAT bad =P.

    Lol my first 15+ tourney, and i win it. so fun.

    Anyway ill ttyl and see you and hopefully ur sister and andrew at the cash tourney. Later


    Edited an abbreviation of an unacceptable word.I believe i warned you in the past for this...-`Sensei
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  3. Sensei

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    Cool pics but lets keep it clean...

  4. nikePK

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    Sorry Sensei =(

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