Planing on selling my collection

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by evil eyeball, Sep 6, 2003.

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  1. evil eyeball

    evil eyeball New Member

    Hey guys Im planning on selling my colletion of 680 cards

    When i valued it with teh price guide at it came out to 320.90

    If i was to put this on an online auction site how much do you think i could get

    Someone here stated previously that scrye would be about 1/3 - 1/2 of pojo's value (106.96) - (160.45)

    Here is a list of my collection


    2x vileplume (jungle non foil) 2.75
    1x erik's vileplume (gym heros, foil) 7.00
    3x Beedril (1 base, 2 base2) 1.50, 3.50
    1x muk (fossil non foil) 1.50

    3x nintealis (base Foil) 5.00
    4x Entai (reverse foil PROMO) 4.00

    2x Gyarados (base Foil) 6.00
    1x foil W stamped misty's psyduck (PROMO) 4.00
    1x Alakazam (base2 Foil) 8.00
    1x Celebi (neo revelation foil) 9.00

    2x Machamp (1st edition base [1 still in wrapper]) 3.00, 4.50
    1x areodactyl (neo revelation non foil) 2.50
    1x Primape (1st edition uncommon Jungle) 2.00

    1x Magnemite (1st edition Common Base) 0.50

    3x Pidgeotto (Base non foil) 1.50
    3x Pidgeot (jungle non foil) 2.75
    2x ditto (fossil non foil) 2.00
    1x dragonair (base non foil) 2.00
    1x Meyowth (Promo Foil [GB]) 5.00
    1x Dark persian (Promo Foil [NP]) 7.00
    1x Ho-Oh (Neo revelation Non foil) 2.50

    2x Pokemon breeder (Base [1 First edition]) 3.00
    2x Computer search (base) 2.00
    1x Erika (gym heroes) 2.50
    1x Lt Surge's Secret Plan (Gym chalange) 2.00
    1x Time Casule (Neo genesis) 2.00
    1x item finder (base2) 2.00
    1x Blaine's Quiz #1 (Gym heroes) 2.00

    Total: 45 (152.25)


    1x erika's weepinbell, erika's bellsprout, nidorina,ivysaur,weezing,erika's exeggutor, erikas oddish
    2x erika's gloom
    3x weepinbell, butterfree
    4x gloom, parasect
    5x kakuna (1 length length misprint)

    total: 28


    1x kinger, seedra, seel, tentacruel, octillery, jynx
    2x dark vaporeon, cloyster
    3x omastar
    6x Magikarp (3 base 3 rocket)

    total: 19


    1x golem, marowak, giovanni's machoke
    2x primape, machoke

    Total: 7


    1x haunter, slowbro
    2x unown b, unown y
    5x jynx, kadabra

    total: 16


    1x lt surges magnemite, lanturn

    Total: 2


    1x Rapidash, quilava
    3x magmar
    4x arcanine
    5x charmeleon
    6x growlith

    Total: 20


    1x persian
    2x dratini, raticate, stantler, lickitung, farfech'd, dodrio, granbull
    3x fearow

    Total: 18

    1x hyper devolution spray, miracle berry, energy stadium,
    celedon city gym, the boss's way, erika's perfume, bills teleporter, sprout tower, poke flute
    2x pokemon center, professor elm, imposter oaks revenge, mr fugi, pokemon breeder fieds, Rocket's hideout
    5x defender, full heal
    6x energy retrieval
    8x Pokedex, super potion
    13x professor oak

    Total: 66

    TOTAL: 176 (88.00)



    1x Grimer, ekans, venonat
    2x chicorita, zubat, exeggcute, hopip, skiploom, nidoran(M)
    3x erika's oddish, nidoran(F),
    4x erika's tngela, erika's bellsprout, erika's exeggcute,
    5x bellsprout, metapod, paras
    6x weedle, bulbasaur, caterpie
    7x oddish

    Total: 73


    1x Psyduck,Misty's poliwag, misty's goldeen, goldeen, poliwag
    2x krabby, squirtle, remoraid
    3x tentcool, quilfish
    4x starmie, shelder, omanyte
    6x staryu

    total: 34


    1x blaine's charmander
    5x ponyta, vulpix
    8x charmander

    Total: 19


    1x Unown K, Sabrina's ghastly, ghastly, sabrina's abra
    2x slowpoke
    3x natu, smoochum
    4x drowzee
    9x abra


    1x lt surge's pikachu, voltorb
    3x chinchou


    1x brock's geodude, blaine's mankey, brock's sandshrew,
    2x onix, cubone,
    3x sandshrew
    4x mankey, geodude
    5x machop
    10x diglett

    total: 33


    2x farfech'd, meyowth, snubble
    4x spearow, eevee, aipom,
    5x pidgey, doduo
    6x rattata

    Total: 34

    total commons: 223 (55.75)


    2x Double colorless energy (Base, Base2)
    9x Lightning enrrgy (5 base, 4 base2)
    42x psychic energy (34 base, 3 base2, 5 gym heroes)
    47x fire energy (45 base, 2 base2)
    41x fighting energy (40 base, 1 gyn chalange)
    64x grass energy (30 base, 18 base2, 15 gym heros, 1 neo genesis)
    31x water energy (27 base, 1 gym heros, 1 gyn chalange, 2 neo genesis)

    Total: 236 (24.90)

    TOTAL COLLECTION: 680(320.90)
  2. Light Venusaur

    Light Venusaur New Member

    I think you will probably get around $50-$75 for this collection. You can't go by price guides, they are really inflated and no one pays those prices, unless they are really rare cards (like a 1/e charizard). Believe me, i've tried selling 100+ holos and over 2000 un/commons, and I only got like $80 or so for it. But, you never know. You might get someone who really wants them and pays a lot.

    Anyway, I might be interested in buying some cards off of you, singles. One question though. On all your base holos, could you check what date it has on the bottom. I'm only interested in the ones that say "1995, 96, 98, 99) on the bottom of the card, under the flavor text and to the right of the illustrator.

    I'll also buy your W stamped misty's psyduck for $2 if its mint/very very good condition. LMK so we can work something out.
  3. evil eyeball

    evil eyeball New Member

    The only foil i have with the 95,96,98,99 is one of the machamps

    my 1st ed breeder has it but thats not foil
  4. Light Venusaur

    Light Venusaur New Member

    ok, thanks for looking. would u sell your w stamped misty's psyduck for $2 though? LMK
  5. Ultra

    Ultra New Member

    if you are looking for base foils that have 1995, 96, 98, 99 on the bottom of the card, i have the entire set of them, from alakazam to zapdos, and the clefairy is 1st edition

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