Play TCG Unlimited Format?

Discussion in 'Other' started by sworm09, Jan 11, 2012.

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  1. sworm09

    sworm09 New Member

    Is this possible on Play TCG? If not, are there any suggested alternatives?
  2. Alazor

    Alazor Active Member

    You could try Red Shark, although I have not done any playtesting with it on-line.
  3. honchvire

    honchvire <a href="

    PlayTCG gets its decklists from BebesSearch. Right now BebesSearch filters out cards that are not in format, but it still has DP-AR in its database. You can trick the decklist builder into letting you add those cards into your deck and build a DP-On deck. I discuss it in this thread:

    Summary: Add random cards into your deck, then reassign them with the pencil button on the right side of the decklist builder.

    BebesSearch does NOT appear to have anything Pre-DP in their database. Unless they change that, you will be stuck playing Modified or DP-On.

    Not truly Unlimited, but Extended is pretty cool.

    As far as alternatives, there is RedShark which has all the cards in its database and a card creator so you can make your own. Its much more difficult to find matches online with, but the software itself is solid.
  4. King Piplup

    King Piplup Active Member

    PlayTCG doesn't do Unlimited. Redshark does though.

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  5. Master_Z

    Master_Z New Member

    We all need to tell BebesSearch to add all the cards. That's the only way it'll happen for us. I'd love to try older formats that I missed growing up, but by myself I can't make BebesSearch do anything. Email them and make it happen. :)
  6. Mekkah

    Mekkah New Member

    I've e-mailed him about it before, here's his response.

    - Older card scans: we’d need to also add a way to make sure that opponents could know if they were about to enter a game where their opponent was using older cards – many players would not want this (similar to league where few players play with old cards). It would also require to change their deckbuilder to allow the older cards. This one probably wont appear anytime in the near future. Sorry.

    - Hope this helps

    TRAINER HEZ New Member

    I've emailed them and had no response at all, so you were lucky! I'd love to be able to play Unlimited variants like Unlimited 150 online but Redshark seemed a bit basic when I last tried it, can you get pictures for it yet?

    If someone could maybe make a Pokemon server for Cockatrice that'd be awesome! It's the best free program to play MtG on and would be fairly easy to adapt to Pokemon (we used to do fine using Apprentice >_<), I'm just not sure exactly how these things work and how you'd go about it :S

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