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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by ChubbyChilupa135, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. ChubbyChilupa135

    ChubbyChilupa135 New Member

    Please Close Thanx
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2008
  2. FriedBlaziken

    FriedBlaziken New Member

    3 JPN Porygon Z for the 2 Medals?
  3. dragonfire

    dragonfire New Member

    is this good

    2 prof oak visit
    3 celio network
    and 20 electric energy

    espeon* or honch x
  4. ChubbyChilupa135

    ChubbyChilupa135 New Member

    FriedBlazekin: no way dude I would be getting ripped horribly
    dragonfire: have something to replace the lightnings??
  5. Mew123

    Mew123 New Member

    PLease cml for these

    1x Honchkrow Lv.X


    1x Victory Medal (Either Seasons)

    Ill rip myself for any of these!
  6. ice_brakerz

    ice_brakerz New Member

    i want ur binder from cities i am from UK cml and PM me

  7. hectagonman

    hectagonman New Member

    CML for Victory Medals
  8. DoctorBLACK

    DoctorBLACK New Member

    i have oaks visits and i want your blisseys and do you have any asol sw
  9. ChubbyChilupa135

    ChubbyChilupa135 New Member

    Doctor black- no thanx and i dont have any extra absol

    hectagoman- didnt see anything

    icebreakers- i wanted the eveloutions deck box the electivire magmortar deck box the black pokeball sleeves and maybe the garchomp pm me an offer

    mew123-didnt see anything
  10. Pinsir52

    Pinsir52 New Member

    Can you CML for Manetric ex?
  11. ChubbyChilupa135

    ChubbyChilupa135 New Member

    i want ur furret from sw
    and if u have any extra dre's i need those as well
  12. PokeMontoya

    PokeMontoya New Member

    chris I need the binder and book and the victory with the silver medal and do you have a mew*

  13. ChubbyChilupa135

    ChubbyChilupa135 New Member

    I don't have a mew * anymore.. but I have the other stuff I will see wat u have from the next set..
  14. yuyuman345

    yuyuman345 New Member

    i have a porygon z lvx jpn if your interested
    heres what i liked
    victory metalx2 (are they mint?)
    2x Blissey MT
    could u make a offer please
  15. Darkwater

    Darkwater New Member

    CML for your Espeon Star
  16. ChubbyChilupa135

    ChubbyChilupa135 New Member

    Kindafighting: can u give me a link??
    yuyuman345: I don't need the X I just need the normals sry..
  17. Featheralley

    Featheralley New Member

    CML for Espeon*/Honchkrow Lv.X!
  18. Azure Kite

    Azure Kite New Member

    CML for up to 2 Blissy's.
  19. bubba_235

    bubba_235 New Member

    I am new here. Can you please CML for anything you have under my WANTS list? Thanks!
  20. PokeMontoya

    PokeMontoya New Member

    also want you ho-oh's
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