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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Zumanity, Jul 19, 2008.

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  1. Zumanity

    Zumanity New Member

    I really need Leafeon Lv. X and can always use a Glaceon Lv. X please help me out, check out my Haves maybe we can trade. Thanks!

    After LA comes out, I will update my list with the newer MD cards i've recently gotten and also take out the common holo's to shorten the list.

    ****Please use Control + F to find a specific card if you don't want to go through the whole list ****

    My Rules

    1) I don't want cards that are not in the rotation (Tourney Legal) unless I've listed it.
    2) If you rip me off, bad things will happen.....>.> (is that allowed to be said? lulz)
    3) I have every right to turn down any trade until it has been confirmed.
    4) Ref rule applies, lower refs send first. Unless it's a high value trade, then lower value sends first.
    5) I ship mostly to the US & Canada, I will only trade international if it is worth it.
    6) Shipping: I ship like my ebay, Priority mail day after the trade has been confirmed. Lv.X & EX will be shipped in sleeve and toploader, others will be shipped in sleeve and packaged correctly. You will recieve all my items either in a small box or bubble envelope.

    Thanks Everyone for looking!

    Pending Trades:
    Maguschild: Sent Cards (Base Raichu <-> 3 foil energy)
    Darkrider8-Sent Cards (Grovyle,torchic,2ralts,bagon <-> Blissey/Absol)
    codyrocks1995-Send Cards/Waiting for cards

    RH=Reverse Holofoil

    *****I'm not putting DP & MT to conserve space. If you want anything from those sets let me know. Also I will not place regular rares here either, ask for those as well (No Claydols) and also a bunch of holofoils from HP, DF, CG, PK. I can send lists to people as well. *****


    **I also have 12 unopened packs of Dragon Frontiers and 41 unopened packs of Power Keepers for trade/sale as well**


    Empoleon LV. X (DP)
    Infernape LV. X (Promo)
    Electivire LV. X x2
    Honchkrow LV. X x2
    Lucario LV. X x2
    Dialga LV. X (GE)
    Palkia LV. X (GE)
    Darkrai LV. X (GE)
    Darkrai LV. X (Tin)
    Garchomp LV. X
    Porygon Z LV. X x2
    Glaceon LV. X

    Majestic Dawn

    Zapdos RH
    Dialga H x4
    Articuno H x2 RH x2
    Cresselia H x3 RH x1
    Moltres Hx4 RH x1
    Darkrai H x4
    Phione H x4 RH x1
    Mewtwo RH x 2 H x1
    Palkia RH x1 H x3
    Unown Q RH x2
    Chatot RH x2
    Infernape RH
    Bronzong RH
    Turtwig (regular) RH
    Turtwig (Berry) RH
    Toxicroak RH
    Omanyte RH
    Sudowoodo RH
    Flareon RH x3
    Umbreon RH
    Leafeon (24/100) RH
    Leafeon (5/100) H x3
    Glaceon (Snow Cloak) H x7 RH x2
    Glaceon (Ice Shot) RH x2
    Jolteon RH x2
    Vaporeon RH x2
    Rotom RH x2 H x3
    Raichu RH
    Munclax RH x4
    Pachirisu RH
    Aerodactyl RH
    Manaphy RH H
    Mothim RH
    Buneary RH x4
    Drifloon RH
    Shellos East RH x2
    Piplup RH
    Fearow RH x2
    Starly RH
    Combee RH
    Manectric RH
    Kabutops RH H x3
    Burmy Sandy RH
    Staravia RH
    Hippowdon RH
    Bronzor RH
    Monferno RH
    Hippopotas RH
    Croagunk RH x2
    Spearow RH
    Chingling RH
    Aipom RH
    Electrike RH
    Stunky RH

    Poke-Ball RH
    Dusk Ball RH
    Dome Fossil RH
    Old Amber RH x3
    Energy Search RH
    Warp Point RH
    Health Energy RH
    Mom's Kindness RH x2
    Call Energy RH

    Great Encounters

    Sceptile H
    Hypno RH x2
    Primeape RH x2
    Darkrai (3/106) RH H x3
    Darkrai (4/106) RH H
    Cresselia RH x2 H x2
    Palkia RH
    Porygon-Z H x2
    Togekiss RH H x2
    Beedrill RH
    Hariyama RH x3
    Arbok RH
    Wailmer RH
    Relicanth RH
    Tangrowth H x2
    Mankey RH x3
    Kakuna RH
    Ekans RH
    Solrock RH x2
    Wingull RH x2
    Unown F RH x2
    Swablu RH
    Altaria RH x2
    Rotom RH x2
    Pachirisu RH H
    Unown L RH
    Kingler RH x2
    Swampert RH H
    Combusken RH
    Slowking RH
    Milotic RH
    Zigzagoon RH
    Drowzee RH
    Jigglypuff RH x3
    Seviper RH x2
    Magcargo RH x2
    Latios RH
    Huntail RH
    Togepi RH
    Makuhita RH
    Buizel RH
    Torchic RH
    Weedle RH
    Slowbro RH
    Illumise RH
    Snubull RH
    Skarmory RH
    Caterpie RH
    Mudkip RH
    Lunatone RH

    Moonlight Stadium RH x2
    Leftovers RH
    Premier Ball RH

    Secret Wonders:

    Entei RH H x2
    Suicune RH H x3
    Raikou H
    Lugia H x4
    Ho-Oh H x2
    Gallade RH H
    Salamence RH H x3
    Gastrodon East RH H x3
    Gastrodon West RH H x2
    Mew RH
    Sunflora RH
    Roserade H x3
    Flygon RH x3
    Hoppip RH
    Skiploom RH x2
    Pidgeotto RH
    Cloyster RH x2
    Ampharos H x3
    Lotad RH
    Lombre RH x2
    Ludicolo H x2
    Lickilicky H x4
    Nidoking RH x2
    Farfetch'd RH
    Jumpluff RH x2 H
    Burmy Plant RH x3
    Burmy Trash RH x3
    Unown N RH
    Pidgey RH x2
    Ivysaur RH
    Smoochum RH
    Jynx RH x2
    Phanpy RH x3
    Venonat RH
    Shelgon RH x2
    Duskull RH x2
    Venusaur RH H
    Charmeleon RH x2
    Trapinch RH
    Magmar RH
    Magmortar RH x2
    Sharpedo RH
    Sableye RH
    Kirlia RH
    Unown S RH
    Shuppet RH x2
    Banette RH x2
    Xatu RH
    Minun RH x2
    Unown Z RH
    Miltank RH x2
    Raticate RH x3
    Wormadam Trash RH
    Qwilfish RH
    Murkrow RH
    Growlithe RH
    Psyduck RH
    Luckitung RH
    Electrode RH
    Arcanine RH

    Potion RH
    Professor Rowan RH
    Professor Oak's Visit RH
    Rival RH


    Turtwig DP01 (Alot)
    Chimchar DP02 (Alot)
    Piplup DP03 (Alot)
    Pachirisu DP04
    Shieldon DP08 x7
    Cranidos DP07 x9
    Buizel DP13 x4
    Chatot DP14 x4
    Magmortar DP20 (Alot)
    Raichu DP21 (Alot)
    Mime Jr. DP22 (Alot)
    Glameow DP23 (Alot)
    Gible Pop 6 Holo x4
    Pikachu Pop 6 Holo x4
    Pidgeot Pop 2 Holo
    Suicune Pop 2 Holo x3
    Entei Pop 2 Holo x3
    Flareon Pop 3 Holo x3
    Vaporeon Pop 3 Holo x3
    Jolteon Pop 3 Holo x3
    Minun Pop 3 Holo
    Plusle Pop 3 Holo
    Deoxys Pop 4 Holo x3
    Mew Pop 4 Holo x2

    Pop Series 5: All except Ho-oh, Lugia, & Charmeleon
    Pop Series 6: All except Drifloon, Pikachu (non holo)
    Professor Program 07-08 Professor Rowan Sealed Pack
    Shinx City Championship + Pin x3
    Electivire Regional Championship
    Victory Medal Battle Road Autumn 07/08

    Other Good Cards Not Listed (Old & New):

    Dusknoir (DP) RH Hx2
    Raichu (MT) H x4
    Garchomp (MT) RH x2 H x3
    Gardevoir (SW) H x2
    Electivire (SW) RH H
    Honchkrow (MT) H x3
    Blissey (MT) H x2
    Omastar MD Rare x4
    Delcatty (PK Energy Draw) Hx1 Rare x1
    Professor Birch (PK) H
    Steven's Advice (PK) H
    Professor Elm's Training Method (DF) H
    Energy Removal 2 (PK) H
    Rare Candy (Emerald, Pop5, GE)
    Double Rainbow Energy (Emerald, CG, Pop 5)
    Scramble Energy (DF)
    Celio's Network, TV Reporter, Crystal Beach, Cessation Crystal, Holon Energy, Scott, Castaway, Buffer Piece, Strength Charm

    Some Old Cards:
    Dark Machamp, Dark Alakazam 1st Ed., Dark Slobro, Dark Charizard, Dark Blastoise, lt. surge's raichu,Blaine, Brock, lt. surge,erika, koga
    lt. surges magneton Holo, surge's fearow holo, dark arbok holo erika's dragonair holo, kogas beedrill holo, mistys tentacruel holo, erikas vileplume holo, dark weezing H, dark dragonite H.


    Glaceon LV. X (Moderate)
    Leafeon LV. X (High)
    AMU Lv. X (med-high)
    Cresselia LV. X (Moderate)
    Claydol (GE) (moderate)
    Blissey (MT) x2 (Low)
    Pre- Release Sleeves
    Pokemon Deck Boxes
    Rare/hard to find cards
    Probably some others I missed but i can check lists also.

    Feel Free to ask any questions about any cards listed or not listed and anything else you need, Thanks Again

    [email protected]@I
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2008
  2. Bizarro

    Bizarro New Member

    First Post^^

    I checked your list and send you a PM
  3. xchasex

    xchasex New Member

    want (I'd like to try and work something out for all of these if possible):
    Warp Point RH
    Call Energy RH
    Professor Oak's Visit RH
    Bebe's Search RH x2
    Night Maintenance RH x2

    lesser wants:
    Infernape LV. X (Promo)
    Cresselia LV. X
    Metagross EX PK

    MD Empoleon (RH)
    check my list for more.
  4. Zumanity

    Zumanity New Member

    From your PM i'd like to work out a deal for either claydol, the sleeves, or both. From LA i'm looking to get the lv. x's but the stuff you want doesn't equal. what do you want for the claydol/sleeves?


    Sorry, I took a look at your trade list and the only thing i'd need would be the Empoleon. If you still want to do a trade, shoot me an offer, seems we can make a deal. Thanks
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2008
  5. Bizarro

    Bizarro New Member

    Ok here is my Offer:


    2x Claydol
    1x Pack of DP SW Sleeves ( Weavile)


    Mime Jr. DP22 (Alot) How many do you have?
    Professor Oak's Visit RH SW
    Moonlight Stadium RH x2
    Warp Point RH MD x1
    Celebi Star
    Piplup DP03 (Alot) How many do you have?
  6. Zumanity

    Zumanity New Member


    The 2 promo's i have i think 10+ of each. Nevermind on the sleeves. I was reading your sig threads and profile, it says your in Germany is this true?
  7. Chanman

    Chanman New Member

    CML for x2 Garchomp Lv X
  8. Zumanity

    Zumanity New Member


    The only thing from your list i'd want would be a darkrai lv. x, but i can get one from a tin, so i wouldn't trade a chomp x, do you want anything else?
  9. Bizarro

    Bizarro New Member

    Ok here is my Offer:

    2x Blissey
    1x Empoleon
    2x Claydol GE
    1x Pack of Weavile Sleeves ( SW)
    62 opened Electivire Sleeves (MT)

    1x Professor Oak's Visit RH SW
    1x Warp Point RH MD
    1x Call Energy RH MD
    4x Turtwig DP01
    4x Chimchar DP02
    4x Piplup DP03
    All you can trade Mime Jr. DP22
    1x Buizel DP13
    1xChatot DP14
    1x Magmortar DP20
    1x Raichu DP21
  10. Zumanity

    Zumanity New Member


    That offer looks good, I'll PM you with details to complete trade
  11. Nanashii

    Nanashii New Member

    please cml for:

    Lucario LV. X x1
    Premier Ball RH
    Rare Candy (Regular Rare) x4
    Professor Oak's Visit RH
  12. Rew

    Rew Active Member

    I have 3 Absols, from Secret Wonders, will you check my list for anything else you'd like for Cresselia lv X?
  13. Zumanity

    Zumanity New Member

    From your list, i'd be interested in the Garchomp Lv. X, and maybe the Glaceon Lv. X (JPN- i have no idea why lol), and the Empoleon (MD)


    Sorry, I didn't see anything in your trades that I need, so only the absols.
  14. Bizarro

    Bizarro New Member

    Noir here is the FINAL Offer:

    Ok here is my Offer:

    2x Blissey
    1x Empoleon
    2x Claydol GE
    1x Pack of Weavile Sleeves ( SW)
    62 opened Electivire Sleeves (MT)

    1x Professor Oak's Visit RH SW
    1x Warp Point RH MD
    1x Call Energy RH MD
    4x Turtwig DP01
    4x Chimchar DP02
    4x Piplup DP03
    6x Mime Jr. DP22
    1x Magmortar DP20
    1x Raichu DP21
    2x Moonlight Stadium RH
    1x Leftovers RH
    1x Premier Ball RH
    1x Flareon Pop 3 Holo
    1x Vaporeon Pop 3 Holo
    1x Jolteon Pop 3 Holo

    So if you agree with it we can give out our adress per PM.
  15. Zumanity

    Zumanity New Member

    Bizarro: I will find out the total cost of shipping to send to germany and let you know
  16. Lozarbr

    Lozarbr New Member

    CML for Bebe"s Research RH x2, Call Energy RH, and are your promo turtwigs holo or non lmk thanks
  17. Zumanity

    Zumanity New Member


    The promo turtwigs are holofoil. I'd be interested in Cresselia lv. x and snow cloak glaceon. is there anything else you need?


    I will be sending out the cards tomorrow morning.
  18. Noir check your pm's :)
  19. Lozarbr

    Lozarbr New Member

    do you have any team galactic wagers and non foil bebe's and roseannes??? lmk
  20. Maguschild

    Maguschild New Member

    Heya! Do you happen to have base raichu...?
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