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  1. TyranitarTyrant

    TyranitarTyrant New Member

    1. Lets have fun! :thumb:
    2. No ripping me off
    3. Ref rule, Person with LESS sends 1ST! PokeGym Rules Apply. :nonono:
    4. I will only PM for confirmation, Please don't spam my inbox asking for trades.
    5. I send my cards mint (unless other wise specified), I expect you to do the same. (specify your cards condition) :biggrin:
    6. Cards will be sent portected, please do the same.
    7. English only please. NO Fake or counterfeit cards please! and NO World Championship cards please!
    8. I'll ship anywhere in the world. Outside U.S., Cards will be sent wrapped safe. Please no very small out of Country trades.

    Willing to CYL for other wants and good trades! :dark:


    Dragonfire (TOOK 32 DAYS TO RECEIVE CARDS)

    I have 15,000 +/plus in Pokemon Cards from over 10 Sets and Can probably help you with cards you are looking for from the earlier sets.

    Some Specific Older Cards are listed near the end of my list.



    I'm looking for Black and White Cards:
    Full Card Artwork RH Zekrom 114/114
    Full Card Artwork RH Reshiram 113/114
    Secret Rare RH Pikachu 115/114
    RH Minccino
    RH Cinccino

    RH Snivey 1/114
    RH Servine 3/114
    RH Serperior 6/114

    RH Tepig 15/114
    RH Pignite 17/114
    Holo or RH Emboar 20/114

    RH Oshawott 27/114
    RH Dewott 29/114 and 30/114
    Holo or RH Samurott 32/114

    RH and Holo Reshiram
    RH and Holo Zekrom
    RH Deerling
    RH Sawsbuck

    RH Ducklett
    RH Swanna

    RH Blitzle 41/114
    RH Zebstrika 42/114

    RH Solosis
    Holo or RH Reuniclus

    RH Sandile
    RH Krokorok
    Holo or RH Krookodile

    RH Purrloin
    RH Liepard
    RH Zorua
    Holo or RH Zororoark
    RH Vullaby
    RH Mandiuzz
    RH Lilipup 80/114 and 81/114
    RH Herdier
    RH Stoutland
    RH Bouffalant 91/114

    RH Professor Juniper
    RH Energy Retrieval
    RH Energy Search
    RH Pokemon Communication
    RH Plus Power
    RH Super Scoop Up
    RH Switch




    [DEL]Gengar Prime[/DEL]
    Magnezone Prime
    Donphan Prime


    Dialga LV.X Clash of Summit Box (Mis-print Weakness and Resitance Color)


    Rayquaza & Deoxys


    Pachirisu COL
    Shaymin UL



    Magneton Legendary Collection (BIGWANT)

    Xx RH Pachirisu COL
    Xx RH Shaymin UL
    x4 RH Phanpy COL
    x4 RH Scyther UD Uncommon
    x4 RH Horsea UL
    x4 RH Seadra UL
    x1 RH Chinchou UL
    x4 RH Pupitar 38/95 UL


    x1 RH Pokemon Collector (BIG WANT) HGSS
    x3 RH Seeker TM
    x2 RH Judge UL
    x2 RH Professor Oak's New Theory HGSS or COL


    x3 RH Rare Candy UL
    x3 RH Pokemon Communication BW
    x4 RH Switch BW



    Xx RH DoubleColorlessEnergy HGSS (BIG WANT)
    x4 RH Special Metal Energy UD or COL

    Xx EX Emerald Lighting, Fire, Water, Fighting, Psychic Energies

    POP Player Rewards Holo Energies (big want)
    Xx Water, Fire, Lightning, Fighting, Dark, Psychic, Metal

    Call of Legends RH Energies (big want)
    Xx Fire, Water, Grass, Lightning, Psychic, Fighting, Dark, Metal



    Kingdra Prime





    RH Flower Shop Lady


    RH Super Scoop Up UL or BW


    RH Ruins of Alph


    Japanese VS Series Cards from 2001 All listed are 1st Edition

    1x Falkner's Skarmory Holo
    1x Rocket's Wobbuffet Holo
    3x Falkner's Togetic (1 Small Crease)
    2x Falkner's Delibird
    2x Falkner's Dodrio
    1x Falkner's Farfetch'd
    1x Bugsy's Yanma
    1x Bugsy's Beedrill
    2x Whitney's Lickitung
    2x Whitney's Persian
    1x Whitney's Wigglytuff
    1x Whitney's Clefable
    1x Morty's Noctowl
    3x Morty's Misdreavus
    1x Morty's Gengar
    3x Morty's Hypno
    1x Morty's Marowak
    4x Chuck's Granbull
    5x Chuck's Tauros
    2x Chuck's Donphan
    2x Chuck's Primape
    2x Chuck's Rhydon
    1x Jasmine's Jolteon
    1x Pryce's Delibird
    1x Claire's Dragonite
    2x Claire's Mantine
    1x Claire's Blastoise
    1x Will's Espeon
    2x Will's Xatu
    1x Will's Jynx
    4x Will's Slowbro
    1x Will's Slowking
    1x Will's Exeggutor
    1x Koga's Forretress
    3x Bruno's Ursaring
    3x Bruno's Machamp
    1x Bruno's Hitmolee
    2x Bruno's Hitmontop
    3x Lance's Dragonite
    1x Lance's Gyarados
    5x Lance's Aerodactyl
    2x Lance's Ampharos
    2x Brock's Omastar
    1x Misty's Lapras
    1x Erika's Jumpluff
    1x Erika's Bellossom
    1x Janine's Venomoth
    2x Janine's Arbok
    2x Sabrina's Xatu

    1x Rocket's TM01
    1x Morty's TM01
    3x Morty's TM02
    1x Jasmine's TM02
    1x Pryce's TM01
    1x Clair's TM01
    1x Claire's TM02
    1x Bruno's TM01
    2x Bruno's TM02
    1x Karen's TM02
    1x Lance's TM02
    1x Janine's TM01

    2x Pokemon Reversal
    7x Energy Charge
    4x Masterball
    2x Warp Point
    9x Fullheal
    8x Potion
    8x Switch
    3x Energy Restore
    6x Moo Moo Milk
    5x Super Scoop Up
    8x Energy Ark
    6x Energy Flow

    6x Celebi and Zorua Jumbo card HOLO from Black and White Mall Tour

    Black and White

    3x Holo Emboar Ability
    3x Holo Zekrom
    1x Holo Kilnklang
    1x Holo Zoroark
    2x Cinccino

    3x Professor Juniper (1 RH)
    2x Pokemon Communication
    3x Energy Retrieval


    9x Pokemon League Base Era Holo Fire Energy
    14x Pokemon League Base Era Holo Fighting Energy
    4x Pokemon League Base Era Holo Water Energy
    17x Pokemon League Base Era Holo Grass Energy

    2x POP Rewards Grass Energy

    14x Rescue Energy
    12x Special Metal Energy (2 UN 10 RR)
    7x Double Colorless Energy (1 Base Set/Base Set2 and 6 HGSS)
    Xx Special Dark Energy
    3x Holo Basic Dark Energy League Play

    2x HGSS Dark Energy
    4x HGSS Raindow Energy (2 RH)

    8x Cyclone Energy (4 RH)
    4x Call Energy (1 RH)
    3x Warp Energy (1 Aquapolis 2 SF)


    1x Time Space Distortion


    1x Entei Raikou Legend Bottom


    5x Mew Prime
    4x Gengar Prime
    2x Tyranitar Prime
    1x Feraligatr Prime (pack)

    1x Kingdra Prime
    2x Celebi Prime
    1x Crobat Prime
    6x Lanturn Prime
    4x Electrode Prime


    3x UXIE LV.X MINT Trade for High wants only.
    4x Luxray GL LV.X (1 Damaged)
    3x Garchomp C LV.X (promo)
    1x Dialga G LV.X
    2x Absol G LV.X
    1x Mewtwo LV.X (promo)

    2x Palkia G LV.X
    1x Blaziken FB LV.X
    2x Starapter FB LV.X
    1x Garchomp LV.X MD
    2x Giratina LV.X (promo)
    1x Gardevoir LV.X
    1x Torrterra LV.X (promo)
    1x Empoleon LV.X (promo)
    2x Regigigas LV.X (pack)
    1x Porygon LV.X
    1x Magnezone LV.X
    1x Lucario LV.X (promo)
    1x Raichu LV.X
    1x Darkrai LV.X (promo)
    1x Salamence LV.X



    1x Crystal Ho-oh RH (Skyridge)


    1x Raichu EX (EX Sandstorm)
    1x Typhlosion EX (EX Sandstorm)
    1x Dargonite EX (EX Power Keepers)
    1x Magcargo EX (EX Dragon)
    1x Muk EX (EX Dragon)


    5x Pokemon Collector
    11x Copycat
    7x Professor Elm's Training Method
    4x Seeker
    7x Professor Oak's New Theory
    5x Fisherman (1 RH HGSS 2 HGSS 2 Skyridge)
    20x Blackbelt (3 RH)
    11x Twins (2 RH)
    x5 Judge (3 RH)
    3x Flowershop Lady
    5x Aaron's Collection
    1x Palmer's Contribution


    4x Poker Drawer+ (1 RH)
    7x Rare Candy (2 GE 5 UL)
    10x Pokemon Communication
    6x Power Spray
    3x Sp Radar
    5x Energy Gain

    19x Junk Arm (6 RH)
    5x Pokegear 3.0 (2 RH)
    6x Pokemon Reversal
    4x Warp Point (2 LP 2 1st ed Gym Challenge)
    4x Super Scoop Up (3 RH) DP-MD
    2x Energy Exchanger


    6x Ruins of Alph (2 RH)
    14x Indigo Plateau (1 RH)


    :setsMD:Diamond and Pearl: Majestic Dawn:setsMD:

    2x Glaceon MD (1 RH)

    :setsLA:Diamond and Pearl: Legends Awakened:setsLA:

    2x Rayqyaza LA RH
    2x Metagross LA


    2x Mesprit LA (1 RH)
    3x Regice LA (2 RH)

    :setsSF:Diamond and Pearl: Stormfront:setsSF:

    2x Mismagius SF
    4x Tyranitar SF
    2x Lumineon SF
    1x Magnezone Super Con. SF
    2x Magnezone Mag. Search SF


    5x Machamp SF




    2x Dialga G LP
    3x Palkia G PL (1 RH)
    3x Ampharos PL (1 RH)
    4x Delcatty PL (2 RH)
    7x Giratina (Let Loose) PL
    3x Weavile G PL (2 RH)
    2x Manectric PL RH
    2x Shaymin Flower Aroma PL
    3x Blaziken PL

    :setsRR:platinum: Rising Rivals:setsRR:

    1x Lucario GL RR
    3x Roserade GL RR
    3x Luxray GL RR (2RH)
    6x Frostlass GL RR (1 RH)
    2x Jirachi RR
    9x Flygon RR (1 RH)

    :setsSV:platinum: Supreme Victors:setsSV:

    4x Garchomp SV 1 RH
    1x Blaziken FB SV RH
    3x Absol G SV

    2x Metagross SV

    :setsAR:platinum: Arceus:setsAR:

    1x Luxray AR
    1x Kabutops AR

    :setsHGSS:Heart Gold Soul Silver:setsHGSS:

    2x Ninetales HGSS
    6x Raichu (3 HGSS 3 TK)
    4x Gyarados (2 HGSS 2 TK)


    3x Sunflora 1 RH

    :setsUL:Heart Gold Soul Silver: Unleashed:setsUL:

    1x Xatu UL

    :setsUN:Heart Gold Soul Silver: Undaunted:setsUN:

    2x Smeargle UD
    1x Umbreon UD
    2x Togekiss UD
    1x Magmortar UD


    3x Vileplume UD

    Heart Gold Soul Silver: Triumphant

    4x Nidoking TR (2 RH)
    3x Spiritomb Spooky Whirlpool TR
    2x Victreebel TR (1 RH)
    1x Porygon Z TR RH
    3x Solrock TR (1 RH)
    5x Rapidash TR
    2x Venomoth TR (1 RH)
    1x Mamoswine TR
    4x Drapion TR (2 RH)
    2x Aggron TR

    Heart Gold Soul Silver: Call of Legends

    1x Smeargle RH CoL
    2x Ho-oh (1 Holo 1 RH) CoL
    1x Deoxys Holo CoL
    1x Rayquaza RH CoL
    1x Leafeon (1x RH)

    Black and White

    1x Serperior Holo
    1x Reunilcus Holo


    3x Electabuzz PL
    1x Scyther PL
    1x Fan Rotom RR
    2x Wash Rotom RR
    1x Frost Rotom RR

    I have 15,000 +/plus in Pokemon Cards from over 10 Sets and Can probably help you with cards you are looking for from the earlier sets.

    I have:

    1x Complete Base Set from Charizard to the Basic Energies Mint Condition
    1x Complete Jungle Set from Scyther and Clefable to the Only trainer in the Set Pokeball Mint Condition
    1x 1st Edition Complete Rocket Set from Dark Charizard and Dark Blastoise to The Boss's Way and Nightly Garbage Run (exactly like Night Maintenance) Mint Condition
    1x Complete Set of Early Black Star Promos All 63 of them. Mint Condition
    2x RARE! ______'s Chansey White Diamond VENDING MACHINE PROMO

    I have many Various Cards 1ST EDITION, HOLO, RARE, UNCOMMON, COMMON, SECRET RARE, AND ULTRA RARE copies of cards from Every set from Base Set through EX Dragon Frontiers if you are looking for specific cars from any of these sets please ask and I may have it and am always willing to trade what I have if it is separate from my sets and you have and are willing to trade what I want from your lists.

    for Promo

    2x Meowth GB 10 (1 Sealed 1 Open)
    Xx Eevee 11 Holo
    1x Venasaur GB 13 Holo
    5x Sealed Cool Porygon 15
    2x Dark Persian 17 Holo
    4x Entei 34 Holo (3 Sealed 1 Open)

    for Southern Islands

    2x Ledyba Holo
    2x Vileplume Holo

    from Base set

    1st Ed. German Nidoking Holo
    1st Ed. German Electabuzz Non-Holo
    1x Charizard Holo
    1x Chansey Holo
    1x Clefairy Holo
    1x Hitmonchan Holo
    1x Nidoking Holo
    3x Venusaur Holo

    for Base set 2

    1x Ninetails Holo
    1x Venasaur Holo
    1x Chansey Holo
    1x Clefairy Holo
    3x Wigglytuff Holo

    for Jungle I have:

    1x 1st Ed. Clefable Holo
    1x 1st Ed. Nidoqueen Holo
    2x Victreebel Holo
    1x Kangaskhan Holo
    1x 1st Ed. Mr. Mime Holo NEW!
    1x 1st Ed. Vileplume Holo NEW!

    for Fossil I have:

    1x 1st Ed. Aerodactyl Holo
    1x Japanese Aerodactyl Holo
    3x Muk Holo
    1x Moltres Holo
    1x 1st Ed. Ditto Holo
    1x Ditto Holo

    for Rocket I have:

    1x 1st Ed. Dark Alakazam Holo NEW!
    1x 1st Ed. Dark Charizard Holo
    2x 1st Ed. Dark Blastoise Holo
    2x 1st Ed. Dark Dragonite Holo
    1x 1st Ed. Dark Dugtrio Holo NEW!
    1x 1st Ed. Dark Machamp Holo NEW!
    2x 1st Ed. Dark Magneton Holo NEW!
    1x 1st Ed. Dark Arbok Holo Mis-Print
    1x Dark Weezing Holo

    for Gym Hereos I have:

    for Gym Challenge I have:

    1x 1st Ed. Blaine's Charizard Holo
    2x Blaine's Arcanine Holo
    1x 1st Ed. Brock's Ninetails Holo
    2x Brock's Ninetails Holo
    1x Giovanni's Persina Holo NEW!

    for Legendary Collection I have:

    2x Dark Persian Holo
    1x Machamp Holo
    1x Venasaur Holo
    2x Muk Holo
    1x RH Charmeleon
    1x RH Pidgeot
    1x RH Dodrio
    1x RH Raticate
    1x RH Rattata
    1x RH Meowth
    1x RH Primeape
    1x RH Sandshrew
    1x RH Butterfree

    for Neo Genesis

    1x 1st Ed. Skarmory Holo
    1x 1st Ed. Jumpluff Holo
    1x Japanese Meganium 11 Overgrowth Holo

    for Neo Discovery

    1x Forretress Holo
    1x Yanma Holo

    for Neo Revelations

    1x Japanese Magneton Holo
    1x 1st Ed. Jumpluff Holo
    1x Jumpluff Holo

    for Neo Destiny

    1x 1st Ed. Shining Kabutops Holo
    1x 1st Ed. Shining Tyranitar Holo (mis-print)
    2x 1st Ed. Dark Donphan Holo NEW!
    1x 1st Ed. Dark Porgygon2 Holo
    2x Japanese Dark Tyranitar Holo
    1x 1st Ed. Light Arcanine Holo

    for Expedition

    1x Japanese 1st Ed. Magby Holo
    1x Japanese 1st Ed. Clefable Holo
    1x Japanese 1st Ed. Butterfree Holo
    1x Venasaur RH
    1x Pidgeot RH

    for Aquapolis

    1x RH Nidoking



    CryBulbasaurCRY: His: 2x Mew Prime 1x Raichu Prime My: 2x RH Twins TM 1x Full Darkrai & Cresselia Legends 1x DS Pokemon Platinum (SENT) (RECEIVED)

    Dragonfire: His:1x Full Suicune & Entei Legend My: 3-3 Umbreon UD 1-1 Houndoom UD Palkia & Dialga Legend Top (SENT) (TOOK 32 DAYS TO RECEIVE CARDS)

    Rubxcube3742: His: 2x Blaziken FB 1x Blaziken FB LV.X My: 1x Shaymin LV.X 4x DCE(SENT) (RECEIVED)

    Amarinimo: Her: 1x Mew Prime 1x Garchomp C LV.X (Pack) 1x Junk Arm RH 1 Professor Elms Training Method RH 1x Professor Oaks New Theory RH 2x Lost Remover (1x NH 1x RH) 2x Lost World My: 1x 1st Ed. Shining Steelix 1x 1st Ed. Shining Gyarados (SENT) (RECEIVED)

    GecKoMasTeR: His: 1x Cyrus's Conspiracy RH 1x Professor Elms Training Method RH 1x Mew Prime 1x Magnezone Prime My: 1x Oddish LA RH 1x Mespirit LA RH 1x Gastly SF RH 1x Shadowless Blastoise BASE (SENT) (RECEIVED)

    Pokemandan: His: 2x Donphan Prime 1x Yanmega Prime My: 2x Poketurn 1x Warp Energy 1x Magnezone SF :electric: 1x Absol Prime (SENT) (WAITING TO RECEIVE)

    PokeTrader: His: 1x Sealed Preview Undaunted Booster/Mini Binder 1x Pikachu M Japanese Movie Promo My: 1x Bugsy's Pinsir 1x Janine's Crobat 1x Erika's Bellossom 1x Pryce's Piloswine 1x Will's Jynx 1x Will's Exeggutor 1x Whitney's Clefable 1x Karen's Magmar 1x Blaine's Magcargo 1x Bruno's Hitmontop (SENT) (RECEIVED)

    MachampFreak: His: 2x Cyrus's Conspiracy RH 1x Nidoqueen RR RH 1x Regirock LA My: 1x Machamp Prime 2x Rescue Energy (1x NH 1x RH) 2x HGSS Grass Energy (SENT) (RECEIVED)

    Medix: Her: 1x Gengar Prime 1x Mew Prime 1x Shining Dialga 1x Machomp TM RH 1x Eevee UD RH My: 1x Crystal Kingdra 1x Crystal Ho-Oh 1x Japanese 1st Ed. Gengar Holo Expedition 1x Blaine's Typhlosion 1x Karen's Flareon 5x WOTC Holo Fire Energy 5 WOTC Holo Fighting Energy 3x WOTC Holo Grass Energy (SENT) (WAITING TO RECEIVE)

    antharper11: His: 1x Gengar Prime 1x Mew Prime 1x Magnezone Prime 1x Yanmega Prime 2x Judge RH 1x Professor Elms Training Method RH 1x Engineer's Adjustment RH 1x Interviewers Questions RH 2 Lost World My: Luxray GL LV.X (SENT) (RECEIVED)

    Patthevanman: His: 1x Gengar LV.X My: 2x Rescue Energy RH 2x Warp Energy Aquapolis 1x Smeargle UD 1x Victreebel TR RH (SENT) (RECEIVED)

    Grassmaster: His: 1x COL Deck Box My: 3x HGSS Fighting Energy 3x HGSS Metal Energy 2x HGSS Fire Energy 1x HGSS Psychic Energy (SENT) (RECEIVED)

    Akimbo: His: 1x Magnezone Prime My: 2x Pokemon Collector (SENT) (RECEIVED)

    Joescaper1: His: 3x Junk Arm RH 1x Twins RH 1x Chinchou UL RH 1x Larvitar UL RH My: 3x Shiftry 1x Blaziken FB (SENT) (RECEIVED)

    MGS-58: His: 1x Tyranitar Prime 2x Junk Arm RH My: Blaziken FB LV.X (SENT) (WAITING TO RECEIVE)

    Clearea Vytein's: Her: Lanturn Prime 1x Warp Energy SF RH My: 1x Honchkrow LV.X 1x Warp Energy SF (PENDING ADDRESS) (SHE BACKED OUT OF TRADE)

    Zard1111: His: 1x Lanturn Prime My: Yanmega Prime (SENT) (RECEIVED)

    LauraKitazawa Her: 1x Power Spray RH 2x Dialga G LP 2x Lanturn Prime 3x Flower Shop Lady 2x Super Scoop Up RH 3x Oddish LA 3x Professor Oak's New Theory My:1x 1st Ed Non-Holo Umbreon Noeo Discovery 1x Holo Umbreon Skyridge + one Surprise Her: 1x Power Spray RH 2x Dialga G LP 2x Lanturn Prime 3x Flower Shop Lady 2x Super Scoop Up RH 3x Oddish LA 3x Professor Oak's New Theory (SENT) (RECEIVED)

    Chaos0: His: 1x Gengar Prime 1x Pokemon Collector 1x Gengar LV. X 1x PDL (top) 1x ERL (bottom) 1x RH Smeargle CoL 1x Garchomp C LV. X (Pack Version) 2x Mew Prime 1x Dialga G LV. X My: 1x 1st Ed. Kingdra Holo 1x 1st Ed Pidgeot Holo 1x 1st Ed. Dragonite Holo 1x 1st Ed. Dark Dragonite Holo 1x 1st Ed. Dark Charizard 1x 1st Ed. Lt. Surge's Fearow Holo 1x 1st Ed. Blaine's Arcanine Holo 1x 1st Ed. Brock's Ninetails Holo 1x 1st Ed. Koga's Beedril Holo 1x 1st Ed.Meganium 10 1x 1st Ed. Typhlosion Holo 17 1x 1st Ed. Umbreon Holo 1x 1st Ed. Forretress Holo 1x 1st Ed. Poliwrath Holo 1x 1st Ed. Ampharos Holo 1x 1st Ed. Crobat Holo 1x 1st Ed. Shining Noctowl 1x 1st Ed. Dark Alakazam 1x 1st Ed. Dark Dugtrio Holo 1x 1st Ed. Ampharos Holo 1x 1st Ed Unown A Holo (SENT) (RECEIVED)

    Magnechu: His: 1x Mew Prime My: 1x Scizor Prime (SENT) (WAITING TO RECEIVE)

    The Hybrid: Her: 1x Cleffa HGSS RH 1x Warp Energy SF RH My: 2x Snowpoint Temple 1x Palmer's Contribution (SENT) (RECEIVED)

    t-dawg: His: Uxie LV.X My: 1x Gengar Prime 1x Mew Prime (SENT)(RECEIVED)

    Xemnas0ra: His: 1x Jumpluff HGSS 1x Pokedrawer+ RH 1x Prof.Oaks New Theory 1x Palmer's Contribution My:1x Cranidos MT 2x Rampardos PL 1x Kabuto MD 1x Kabutops AR 1x Omanyte MD 1x Baltoy GE 1x Claydol GE (LP) 2x Bebe’s Search 1x Felicity’s Drawing Xx Fossil Excavators (Have to dig them up.) (SENT) (RECEIVED)

    freshsenior: His: 1 Suicune & Entei Bottom My: 2 Seeker (SENT) (WAITING TO RECEIVE) (RECEIVED)

    beyondthedusk9000: His: Smeargle COL RH and Vileplpume UD RH My: 1x Donphan Prime 1x Warp Point (RECEIVED)

    toffeefi: His: 1x Jumpluff HGSS 2x Lost World 1x Mismagius GL Lv.X My: 1x Machamp Pime 2x Steelix Prime (WAITING TO RECEIVE) (RECEIVED)

    HapiEevee: My: 1x Umbreon 1st Edition Neo Discovery 1x Eevee 11 Holo Promo 2x 1st Edition Eevee 2x 1st Edition Eeveelutions Her: 1x Ho-oh Shiny CoL 1x Lost World RH 1x Lost World NH

    Willing to CYL for other wants and good trades! :dark:
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  2. dragonfire

    dragonfire New Member

    CML for DPL Top half
  3. England66

    England66 New Member

    Lugia SL7 Call of Legends
    Gliscor Lv X (not in great condition)
    RVH Warp Energy
    RVH Gengar SF (scratched)
    Smeargle COL MINT
    DARK Energy COL
    Spiritomb RVH (which version, Darkness Grace AR or Spooky Whirlpool TR)

    this is what your interested in... I like LOTS of your stuff!! Lol give me a minute to look through it again

    anything else you like

    ---------- Post added 02/28/2011 at 11:14 AM ----------

    I also have these from your wants:

    Blaziken fb lv x
    RVH Professor elms training method
    Ruins of Alph
    Spiritomb is AR rvh
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  4. TyranitarTyrant

    TyranitarTyrant New Member

    I like your Mew Prime, can I perhaps interest you in some other cards, I noticed you wants Umbreon UD and Houndoom UD and the basics below them, that I also have.

    ---------- Post added 02/28/2011 at 08:24 AM ----------

    I like:

    RVH Professor elms training method
    RVH Warp Energy
    RVH Gengar SF (scratched)
    Smeargle COL MINT
    DARK Energy COL

    So please make me an offer for these.
  5. dragonfire

    dragonfire New Member

    Is there anyhting else you see?
  6. England66

    England66 New Member

    you dont want the other ones?
  7. TyranitarTyrant

    TyranitarTyrant New Member

    entei suicune legend TOP is nice, but I would muh prefer a deal with the Mew Prime if we can work out a trade.

    Would you do:

    1 PDL TOP
    3 Umbreon UD
    1 Houndoom UD


    1 Mew Prime


    Opps and the Lugia SL7 Call of Legends, I decided against the others. :dark:
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2011
  8. England66

    England66 New Member

    Im basically interested in either

    mew primes...(also pyhperior lv x)
    Gengar Primes
  9. dragonfire

    dragonfire New Member

    ill do

    FULL Entei Suicune LEGEND

    1-1 Houndoom UD
    4-4 Umbreon UD
    1 Palmer's Contribution
  10. TyranitarTyrant

    TyranitarTyrant New Member

    All I am willing to trade for what I would like from you is

    Rhyperior LV.X $12 at the moment.

    I have narrowed my list to these cards.

    RVH Professor elms training method .33 cents, so more of a throw in :)
    Shiny Lugia SL7 $10
    DARK Energy COL $3

    Can we work a deal around this, cause I can toss in something else small?

    ---------- Post added 02/28/2011 at 09:10 AM ----------

    Driving a hard bargain, but I would like to keep 1 Umbreon for myself with the rise of Gengar if that is ok.

    Which set do you like your Eevees from, cause I have to look around to see which ones I have.

  11. England66

    England66 New Member

    sorry rypherior isnt a big want. and I do not value it at 12$ sorry but Im mainly interested in Gengar Prime or Luxragy GL lv x line
  12. dragonfire

    dragonfire New Member

    Ok ill do 3 Umbreons and ill take any eevee but id prefer the Call For Family pm me to finalize
  13. TyranitarTyrant

    TyranitarTyrant New Member

    Look I can mark down the Rhyperior, but I can not justify trading a Gengar Prime for the cards that I do like, I don't plan on playing with 2 of the cards. I mean they don't even add up to a Mew. No offense sir.
    Could I throw in a Luxray GL Holo to satisfy your interest?


    Rhyperior LV.X $10 LA Pack Version
    Luxray GL $3


    RVH Professor Elms Training Method
    Shiny Lugia SL7 $10
    DARK Energy COL $3

    What do you think?
  14. dragonfire

    dragonfire New Member

    i think i was skipped
  15. Machamp Freak

    Machamp Freak New Member

    Please check my list for:
    1x Machamp PRIME
    2x Rescue Energy
    2x HGSS Grass Energy
  16. TyranitarTyrant

    TyranitarTyrant New Member

    What is the condition of your

    2x RH Cyrus's Conspiracy's PT
    1x RH Nidoqueen RR
    1x Regirock LA
  17. Machamp Freak

    Machamp Freak New Member

    All of them are mint. There are RH scratches visible under light like every other RH has, but the condition is AWSM. Your cards?
  18. TyranitarTyrant

    TyranitarTyrant New Member

    My cards are also mint. From pack to the box they now rest in. Do we have a deal?


    2x RH Cyrus's Conspiracy PT
    1x RH Nidoqueen RR
    1x Regirock LA

    for my:

    1x Machamp Prime TR
    2x Rescue Energy TR
    2x Grass Energy HGSS
  19. Machamp Freak

    Machamp Freak New Member

    Make 1x or 2x Rescue Energy RH and as long as you ship to Croatia, PM me. Btw. The cards must be english.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2011
  20. Akimbo

    Akimbo New Member

    cml for:

    4x DCE HGSS
    3x warp energy SF
    2x call energy
    3x Gengar Prime
    1x Luxray GL LV.X
    4xPokemon Collector

    i have:

    Mew Prime
    Magnezone Prime
    Yanmega Prime
    Steelix Prime
    Donphan Prime
    Kingdra Prime
    Feraligatr Prime (pack ONLY)
    Blaziken FB LV.X
    Garchomp C LV.X (pack ONLY)


    Flower Shop Lady
    Professor Oak's New Theory
    Professor Elm's Training Method
    Engineer's Adjustments
    Interviewers Questions
    Junk Arm
    Poke Drawer +
    Super Scoop Up
    Rare Candy
    Ruins of Alph
    Lost World
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