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  1. carabeo21

    carabeo21 New Member

    PM me or Reply with what you like and your haves.:cool:

    Chansey EX
    Electabuzz EX
    Hitmonchan EX
    Magmar EX
    Mewtwo EX
    Scyther EX
    Sneasel EX

    Aggron EX
    Cradily EX
    Kabutops EX

    Golem Ex
    Muk EX
    Latias EX
    Magcargo EX

    Entei EX
    Sceptile EX
    Raikou EX
    Suicune EX
    Swampert EX

    Hidden Legends
    Registeel EX

    Fire Red/Leaf Green
    Articuno EX
    Gyarados EX
    Venusaur EX
    Zapdos EX

    Team Rocket Returns
    Charmeleon H
    R Sneasel EX
    R Snorlax EX
    R Articuno EX
    R Moltres EX
    R Mewtwo EX
    R Hitmonchan EX

    Altaria H
    Altaria RH
    Beautifly H
    Beautifly RH
    Breloom H
    Breloom RH
    Camerupt H
    Camerupt RH
    Crawdaunt H
    Crawdaunt RH
    Claydol H
    Claydol RH
    Deoxys H (Normal)
    Deoxys RH (Normal)
    Deoxys RH (Attack)
    Gyarados H
    Gyarados RH
    Ludicolo H (#10)
    Ludicolo RH (#10)
    Ludicolo RH (#19)
    Metagross H
    Shedinja H
    Mightyena H
    Mightyena RH
    Ninjask H
    Ninjask RH
    Seaking RH
    Skarmory RH
    Sablye RH
    Rayquaza H (#22)
    Rayquaza RH (#22)
    Slaking H
    Slaking RH
    Shiftry RH
    Tropius RH
    Xatu RH
    Crobat EX
    Sharpedo EX
    Manectric EX
    Salamence EX
    Rayquaza EX
    R Raikou EX

    Blaziken H
    Blaziken RH
    Chimecho RH
    Groudon H
    Groudon RH
    Gardevoir H
    Gardevoir RH
    Rhydon RH
    Nosepass RH
    Deoxys H (SPeed)
    Deoxys RH (Speed)
    Exploud H
    Exploud RH
    Kyogre H (#6)
    Kyogre RH (#6)
    Kyogre RH (#15)
    Manectric H (#7)
    Manectric RH (#16)
    MIlotic H
    Milotic RH
    Rayquaza H
    Rayquaza RH
    Relicanth RH
    Seviper RH
    Sceptile H
    Sceptile RH
    Swampert H
    Swampert RH
    Farfetch'd H
    Zangoose RH

    Unseen Forces
    Ampharos H
    Ampharos RH
    Ariados H
    Ariados RH
    Bellossum H
    Bellossum RH
    Houndoom H
    Ho-Oh RH
    Feraligatr RH
    Flareon H
    Flareon RH
    Jolteon H
    Jolteon RH
    Jynx RH
    Slowking RH
    Slowbro H
    Slowbro RH
    Sudowoodo H
    Sudowoodo RH
    Sunflora H
    Sunflora RH
    Tyrogue RH
    Poliwrath H
    Poliwrath RH
    Hitmaonchan RH
    Hitmonlee RH
    Murkrow RH
    CHansey RH
    Forretress H
    Vaporeon H
    Vaporeon RH
    Unown Holo (D,G,K,M,N,O,T,X,Y)
    Meganium EX
    Delta Species
    Crobat D H
    Dragonite D H
    Umbreon D RH
    Slowking RH

    Legend Makers
    Aerodactyl H
    Aggron H
    Aggron RH
    Cradily RH
    Lapras H
    Machamp H
    Magneton RH
    Muk H
    Pinsir RH
    Victreebell RH
    Spinda RH
    Shiftry RH
    Regice Star

    Holon Phantoms
    Flygon D H
    Deoxys D RH
    Torkoal RH
    Latias H

    Crystal Guardians
    Camerupt RH
    Loudred RH
    Dugtrio H
    Cactern RH
    Venusaur RH
    Aggron EX

    Dragon Frontiers
    Ampharos D H
    Ampharos D RH
    Arbok D RH
    Cloyster D RH
    Heracross D RH
    Milotic D RH
    Feraligatr D H
    Quagsire D RH
    Meganium D RH
    Nidoking D H
    Nidoking D RH
    Nidoqueen D H
    Pinsir D H
    Togetic D H

    Power Keepers
    Armaldo RH
    Cradily RH
    Machamp RH

    Azumarril RH
    Carnivine RH
    Palkia RH

    Mysterious Treasures
    Aggron H
    Abomasnow RH
    Celebi H
    Chimecho RH
    Feraligatr RH
    Lumineon H
    Lumineon RH
    Mr Mime RH
    Azelf H
    Mesprit H
    Uxie RH
    Meganium H
    Typhlosion H
    Honchkrow H
    Gyarados RH
    Raichu RH
    Manectric RH
    Whiscash RH
    Ursaring RH
    Metal Energy RH (special)

    PROMO Star
    Kyogre EX H 001
    Kyogre EX 001
    Groudon EX H 002
    Groudon EX 002
    Treecko 003
    Grovyle 004 (Winner)
    Treecko 007 (Gold Award)
    Torchic 008
    Combusken 009 (Winner)
    Mudkip 010
    Marshstomp 011 (Winner)
    Pikachu H 012
    Pikachu 012 (10th Anniversary)
    Meowth H 013
    Latias 014
    Latios 015
    Treecko 016
    Treecko H 016
    Torchic 017
    Torchic H 017
    Mudkip 018
    Mudkip H 018
    Whismur 019
    Whismur H 019
    Ludicolo H 020
    Jirahi 021
    Beldum 022
    Beldum 022 (Winner)
    Metang 023 (Stadium Challenge)
    Chimecho 024
    Chimecho 024 (Winner)
    Flygon 025
    Flygon 025 (Winner)
    Tropical Wind 026
    Kyogre EX H 037

    Miscellaneous Promo
    Charmander H City Championship (Dragons)
    Charmeleon H State Championship (Dragons)
    Salamance H (Dragons)
    Flygon H (Dragons)
    Flygon H Winner (Dragons)
    Machop City Championship (Hidden Legends)
    Beldum Gym Challenge (Hidden Legends)
    Bagon (Promo Star)
    Oran Berry (Winner)
    Deoxys (DVD Stamped)
    Treecko Gencon (Emerald)
    Gyarados Prerelease (Dragon)
    TA Cacnea Prerelease (Team Aqua/MAgma)
    Wartortle Prerelease (Fire Red/Leaf Green)
    Ivysaur Prerelease (Crystal Guardians)
    Swalot Prerelease (Hidden Legends)
    Dark Houndoom Prerelease (Rocket Returns)
    Manectric Prerelease (Deoxys)
    Grumpig Prerelease (Emerald)
    Bayleef Prerelease (Unseen Forces)
    Jumbo Cumbusken 009 (Winner)

    Pop Series
    Blaziken R Pop1
    Rayquaza R Pop1
    Tyranitar EX Pop1
    Metagross H Pop1
    Sceptile H Pop1
    Venusaur H Pop2
    Entei H Pop2
    Celebi EX pop2

    Kingdra H Crystal
    Lugia H Crystal
    Nidoking H Crystal
    Golem H Crystal
    Ho-oh H Crystal
    Crobat H Crystal
    Kabutops H Crystal
    Shining Noctowl
    Shining Kabutops
    Shining Mewtwo

    "Ask about older cards and sets"
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  2. LilBandit

    LilBandit New Member

    I am interested in your shining pokemon, is there anything specific you would like?
  3. pokemonforever

    pokemonforever New Member

    I could use some of your unmodified ex's:

    Mewtwo EX

    Kabutops EX

    Golem Ex
    Latias EX

    Entei EX
    Sceptile EX
    Raikou EX
    Suicune EX
    Swampert EX

    Hidden Legends
    Registeel EX

    Fire Red/Leaf Green

    Articuno EX
    Venusaur EX
    Zapdos EX

    Team Rocket Returns
    R Sneasel EX
    R Mewtwo EX
  4. carabeo21

    carabeo21 New Member

    I send PM's when I reply.

  5. Cipher_Admin

    Cipher_Admin New Member

    CML for the RH Carnivine.
  6. Dante63s

    Dante63s New Member

    CML for Lugia H Crystal
  7. therage

    therage New Member

    cml for

    flygon d(holon phantoms)
    feraligatr d(dragon frontiers)
    meganium d (dragon frontiers)
  8. pokemonmike

    pokemonmike Active Member

    Good day, I just wanted to bring to your attention this which is posted in the rules:

    So please check and change the titles of the threads you wish locked or you may find all your trading threads locked shortly.

  9. carabeo21

    carabeo21 New Member

    What is the world is CML?

  10. pokemonforever

    pokemonforever New Member

    CML = Check My List

    LMK = Let Me Know

    NFT = Not For Trade
  11. carabeo21

    carabeo21 New Member

    Check your PMs!

    People I responded through PM. Check your inboxes.
  12. Dante63s

    Dante63s New Member

    I did not get any PM, check my list for Ho-OH and Lugia crystal, lmk
  13. carabeo21

    carabeo21 New Member

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