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Discussion in 'Buyers House' started by 1993FLYGON, Oct 13, 2007.

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  1. 1993FLYGON

    1993FLYGON New Member

    I want to buy any Pokemon battle e-reader card.

    Any Pokemon battle e-reader card.

    All Pokemon battle e-reader cards,

    List of cards:

    Pokémon Battle-e 129-B001 Gentleman Nils
    Pokémon Battle-e 129-B002 Lady Astrid
    Pokémon Battle-e 129-B002 Lady Astrid (Alternate)
    Pokémon Battle-e 001/P 008-P001 Dragontamer Craig (A)
    Pokémon Battle-e 002/P 008-P002 Ninja Boy Yasuo (A)
    Pokémon Battle-e 003/P 008-P003 Pokéfan Darlene (A)
    Pokémon Battle-e 004/P 008-P004 Cool Trainer Mattego (A)

    Freezing Ray 001/048 52719A 008-A001 Cool Trainer Devin Common
    Freezing Ray 002/048 52720A 008-A002 Ninja Boy Goro Common
    Freezing Ray 003/048 52721A 008-A003 Tuber Sonya Common
    Freezing Ray 004/048 52722A 008-A004 Gentleman Antonio Common
    Freezing Ray 005/048 52723A 008-A005 Pokéfan Alana Common
    Freezing Ray 006/048 52724A 008-A006 Picnicker Renee Common
    Freezing Ray 007/048 52725A 008-A007 Lady Sophie Common
    Freezing Ray 008/048 52726A 008-A008 Beauty Fay Common
    Freezing Ray 009/048 52727A 008-A009 Psychic Natasha Common
    Freezing Ray 010/048 52728A 008-A010 Camper Patrick Common
    Freezing Ray 011/048 52729A 008-A011 Sailor Oscar Common
    Freezing Ray 012/048 52730A 008-A012 Pokémaniac Tyler Common
    Freezing Ray 013/048 52731A 008-A013 Youngster Rudy Common
    Freezing Ray 014/048 52732A 008-A014 Beauty Ellie Common
    Freezing Ray 015/048 52733A 008-A015 PKMN Breeder Candice Common
    Freezing Ray 016/048 52734A 008-A016 Cool Trainer Belford Common
    Freezing Ray K01 52767A 008-K001 Pumpkin Berry Common
    Freezing Ray K02 52768A 008-K002 Dash Berry Common

    Hidden Ruins 017/048 52735A 008-A017 PKMN Ranger Clayton Common
    Hidden Ruins 018/048 52736A 008-A018 Triathlete Dustin Common
    Hidden Ruins 019/048 52737A 008-A019 Hiker Hugo Common
    Hidden Ruins 020/048 52738A 008-A020 Youngster Jeffrey Common
    Hidden Ruins 021/048 52739A 008-A021 Ruin Maniac Logan Common
    Hidden Ruins 022/048 52740A 008-A022 Pokéfan Maggie Common
    Hidden Ruins 023/048 52741A 008-A023 PKMN Breeder Wilson Common
    Hidden Ruins 024/048 52742A 008-A024 Ruin Maniac Zuril Common
    Hidden Ruins 033/048 52751A 008-A033 Expert Marcus Common
    Hidden Ruins 034/048 52752A 008-A034 Cool Trainer Raquel Common
    Hidden Ruins 035/048 52753A 008-A035 Blackbelt Tsutomu Common
    Hidden Ruins 036/048 52754A 008-A036 Pokéfan Justine Common
    Hidden Ruins 037/048 52755A 008-A037 PKMN Ranger Heather Common
    Hidden Ruins 038/048 52756A 008-A038 Psychic Judith Common
    Hidden Ruins 039/048 52757A 008-A039 Collector Stuart Common
    Hidden Ruins 040/048 52758A 008-A040 PKMN Ranger Irazu Common
    Hidden Ruins K03 52771A 008-K003 Chilan Berry Common
    Hidden Ruins K05 52769A 008-K005 Eggant Berry Common

    Iron Defense 025/048 52743A 008-A025 School Kid Mandy Common
    Iron Defense 026/048 52744A 008-A026 Parasol Lady Sofia Common
    Iron Defense 027/048 52745A 008-A027 Lady Hillary Common
    Iron Defense 028/048 52746A 008-A028 Guitarist Dominic Common
    Iron Defense 029/048 52747A 008-A029 Fisherman Bryce Common
    Iron Defense 030/048 52748A 008-A030 Bug Maniac Irvin Common
    Iron Defense 031/048 52749A 008-A031 Battle Girl Natalie Common
    Iron Defense 032/048 52750A 008-A032 Expert Sandia Common
    Iron Defense 041/048 52759A 008-A041 Picnicker Sandy Common
    Iron Defense 042/048 52760A 008-A042 Swimmer Annie Common
    Iron Defense 043/048 52761A 008-A043 Hex Maniac Celina Common
    Iron Defense 044/048 52762A 008-A044 Aroma Lady April Common
    Iron Defense 045/048 52763A 008-A045 Guitarist Hayden Common
    Iron Defense 046/048 52764A 008-A046 Psychic Griffin Common
    Iron Defense 047/048 52765A 008-A047 Pokéfan Kendall Common
    Iron Defense 048/048 52766A 008-A048 Cool Trainer Fuego Common
    Iron Defense K04 52770A 008-K004 Strib Berry Common
    Iron Defense K06 52772A 008-K006 Nutpea Berry Common

    and pokemon channel e-cards


    Pokémon Channel 53086A 11-A101 The Pikachu Star
    Pokémon Channel 11-A101 The Pikachu Star (A)
    Pokémon Channel 11-A103 Poké A la Card (A)
    Pokémon Channel 53089A 11-A103 Poké A la Card
    Pokémon Channel 11-P101 Jirachi (A)
    Pokémon Channel 53088A 11-A102 The Kyogre Constellation

    Just give me an price.
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  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    do you mind japanese pokemon battle e cards, for RS,Col,Em,FRLG? well, i can sell all o f mine for $120usd shipped, with japanese e-reader.. lmk
  3. 1993FLYGON

    1993FLYGON New Member

    I can't use the japanese cards for my english game.
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