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    Have no more use for this thread... please close.


    Hey all,

    How is everyone? Good? Well that's good. Anyway, I finally found some time and dug up a few of my old posts and rules and I think I'm ready to start trading again. Now comes everyone's favorite part.. the rules:

    A.D.D. RULES (Must read)
    1. Usual reference rule applies
    2. Mint english cards please
    3. I ship Worldwide (See below)
    4. Have Fun

    MORE RULES (For those who like reading rules)
    5. A trade is offical when we have exchanged address through PM. Any and all back outs after this points is a listing on my cautionary list.
    6. If the cards are not the same mintness as agreed upon, they are going back to you.
    7. If Mintness Matters to you, please let me know ahead of time... I have far too many cards to keep track of. If you have any questions about a particular card's mintness, don't be afraid to ask.
    8. I will not check lists (Not a lot of time on my hands)
    9. If a trade offer is made and you type "I dunno, I'll let you know later", card goes back up for trade the next day... so think quick.
    10. My AIM name is in my signature... I will be on as often as I can. Feel free to send me an IM (even if it just to say hi :biggrin:)

    INTERNATIONAL RULES (For those who live outside of the US)
    11. I will trade to any country as long as you follow the rules below
    12. You must send first (very few exceptions)
    13. Please keep in mind the weight and value of the trades... i.e. no one rare for one rare trades.
    14. EXCEPTION TO RULE #13... I really would like some foreign Espeons... doesnt matter which set. (Ex perferred though)

    Rob's Grading List

    MINT - No scratches, No bends, No dirt, No odors, No peeling, no factory printing errors.
    NEAR MINT - Light Scratches, light smudges, no dirt, no odors, no peeling.
    FAIR TO GOOD - Any combination of scratches, dirt, or smudges.
    PLAYED - Has been used in a deck and ranges from light smudging, to heavy damage to front.
    BAD - Basically, you got mad at the card and axed it to death. Anything that makes it completely unplayable.


    So easy, I was able to fit it in the title. I am looking for the following:
    Gardevior Ex (PK) x1
    Salamence Ex (PK) x3


    (In order by sets)

    Dragon Frontiers
    Walrein Ex x2
    Flygon Ex x2
    Absol Ex

    Power Keepers
    Dragonite Ex

    Crystal Guardians
    Shiftry Ex
    Sceptile Ex
    Jirachi Ex
    Groundon Ex
    Exploud Ex x2
    Blaziken Ex
    Aggron Ex

    Legend Maker
    Walrein Ex x4
    Flygon Ex
    Dustox Ex
    Banette Ex
    Armaldo Ex

    Jolteon Ex (DS)
    Blissey Ex (UF)
    Cacturne Ex (EM)
    Deoxys Ex (all three types) (DX)
    Crobat Ex (DX)
    Moltres Ex x4 (RG)
    Electrode Ex (RG)
    Clefable Ex (RG)

    Happy trading,
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