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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by pokemonfreak, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. pokemonfreak

    pokemonfreak New Member

    Hello everyone. I am looking for tournament playable cards as well as rare, base set and old cards. Follow the pokegym rules and the rules below and we are good:

    :pokeball:I trade all over the world
    :pokeball:I go by the ref rule, if you have less refs, you must send first
    :pokeball:I will take damaged cards for playable cards (no large rips), but only 90-100% mint for collecting.
    :pokeball:I will Check lists
    :pokeball:If you would like to buy....go to the auctions house as it is not allowed here, but you can PM me
    :pokeball:I live in the US
    :pokeball: Ship Smartly
    :pokeball: I also will take any card language
    :pokeball: HAPPY TRADING
    PS. If you need a picture, just ask

    Collection Wants

    Black star Promo #1, Ivy pikachu
    Japanese Surfing pikachu (mountain in backround) it can be english but i want the japanese more
    Japanese Flying pikachu, but it can be American i dont care
    Pikachu from Pokemon Snap Promo #26
    Japanese swimming pikachu (coro-coro promo)
    Bubble Mew
    Any Pikachu movie promo
    Any MOVIE promo
    Jumbo Darkrai
    Pikachu surfing on Wailmer POP promo
    Pichu & Pikachu coro coro JUMBO PROMO card from Japan
    JAPAN Pokemon Center TOKYO PIKACHU Promo #098/DP-P
    Any Japanese Pokemon Center Promos
    Charizard BASE set (idc if it is first edition or not)
    Vulpix Base set 50 HP, NOT HP 50
    25 Pikachu's from the BASE set (not base 2)
    Any ex
    ANy LV X


    2 Rare Candy
    1 glaceon #20
    1 Ampharos SW
    3 magnezone
    8 basicc metal energy
    2 infernape MD
    1 Typhlosion MT
    4 blissey MT
    3 Dusknoir
    1 Glaceon lV X or Leafeon LV X
    REALLY NEED LIKE 4 RARE CANDY and the TYPHLOSION and INFERNAPE MD!!!!!! incentives [email protected] risk!
    2 Quilava MT (only want if you trade typhlosion too)

    those are all my huge wants, make offers with the cards that i have below:



    1 WAILORD EX SS (bent in corners badly)
    1 absol ex PK
    1 mr mime ex evens
    1 kingdra ex DF
    3 Dragonite ex D
    1 Sceptile ex D
    1 Garchomp LV X (hard to get off of me)
    1 electivire LV X
    1 LUcario LV X MT
    1 infernape tin LV X
    1 Palkia tin LV X


    1 articuno
    1 darkrai
    1 dialga
    3 Kabutops
    1 Manaphy
    2 Mewtwo
    1 Moltres
    2 Rotom
    2 Phione (good, 2 decked)
    2 Zapdos
    3 Aerodactyl
    2 Bronzong
    3 Empoleon ( 1 RH, 2 decked)
    1 Espeon
    2 Glaceon # 20 (1 special holo)
    2 hippodown ( 1 RH)
    1 jolteon
    2 minun ( 1 RH)
    2 OMastar (1 RH)
    2 plulse
    3 scizor (1 RH)
    1 toxicroak
    2 Vaporeon
    4 call energy
    3 scramble
    2 health

    ....also have all commons and uncommons in multiple numbers, just ask


    2 Blaekien
    1 Cresselia
    1 Darkrai 3
    1 darkai 4
    2 porygon z
    2 sceppy
    1 togekiss
    1 beedrill
    1 butterfree
    2 CLaydol
    2 exploud
    1 kingler
    4 lapras (2 decked)
    1 latias
    1 Mawhile
    1 milotic
    2 palkia
    2 primeape
    6 slowking
    1 u. H
    1 Wailord
    5 Wigglytuff (1 RH)

    ....most commons and uncommons just ask


    2 ampharos
    1 blastoise
    1 gastrodon ES
    2 lickilicky
    1 suicuine
    3 Venusaur (2 RH)
    2 dugtrio
    2 electivire ( 2 special holo)
    2 electrode
    1 golduck
    2 Jynx (1 RH)
    3 magmortar (1 special HOLO)
    2 minun (RH)
    3 mothim
    1 plusle
    2 wormadam PLANT
    1 WORMADAM sand
    1 breloom

    ...and not many commons or uncommons


    1 Aggron
    3 ambipom
    3 Garchomp (hard to get off me, 1 80% mint, all other cards 100%)
    1 lumineon
    1 mesprit
    3 raichu 1 RH
    2 typhlosion
    2 chimecho
    3 crobat
    2 exeggutor
    1 Glalie
    3 manectric 1 RH

    all commons and uncommons


    1 Electivire
    1 Empoleon
    2 Infernape
    1 Lucario
    1 Luxray
    1 Rhyperior
    1 Carnivine
    2 Drapion
    2 Drifblim
    1 Dustox
    1 Hippodown
    2 Medicham
    1 Munchlax
    1 Noctowl
    2 Vespiquen (1 rev holo))

    Thank you for looking and PM or post reply for a trade, thank you again:fire::grass::water::fighting::lightning:psychic::colorless:dark::metal:
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2008
  2. swampert97

    swampert97 Active Member

    My 2 Torterra MD for your 2 Scizor MD? LMK, Thanks
  3. pokemonfreak

    pokemonfreak New Member

    alright, its a deal, sending you a PM
  4. japple52

    japple52 New Member

    Hi pokemonfreak,

    Would you do the following trade:


    1 TV reporter
    1 glaceon #20
    1 Ampharos SW
    1 Banette SW
    1 shuppet CG
    1 infernape MD
    1 Typhlosion MT
    1 Torterra MD (RH)
    1 sudowoodo MT (RH)
    1 Rare Candy


    1 Garchomp LV X

    Please let me know.

  5. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    I have:

    Collection Wants

    Bubble Mew


    2 Rare Candy
    2 CLAYDOL GE (i WANT, WANT, WANT this card badly)
    2 Poke dex handy 910is (throw in)
    1 TV reporter
    1 glaceon #20
    1 Ampharos SW
    8 baisc metal energy
    1 infernape MD
    1 Typhlosion MT
    2 Torterra MD (big want, all of these are but what the heck?) :O
    2 sudowoodo MT


    1 Garchomp LV X (hard to get off of me)
    1 Gardevoir LV X

    1 articuno
    1 Moltres
    2 Phione (good, 2 decked)
    2 Bronzong

  6. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    my pory x for your chompy x? CML to add on to this trade,. Thanks
  7. Pajamas

    Pajamas <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    I have:
    2 Pokedex handy 910is
    1 TV reporter (a little rough, but deckable)
    4 shuppet CG
    1 sudowoodo MT
    Several EXs (see my list)

    I'm interested in:
    1 Gardevoir LV X
    1 togekiss GE
    1 Empoleon DP
  8. yuyuman345

    yuyuman345 New Member

    pmed you lmk
  9. Lozarbr

    Lozarbr New Member

    hey my:
    1 TV reporter
    2 Torterra MD (big want, all of these are but what the heck?) :O
    1 Typhlosion MT
    1 glaceon #20
    1 TV reporter
    1 rhyperior
    4 basic metal

    Garchomp Lv. X

    lmk thanks
  10. XJessicaRabbitX

    XJessicaRabbitX New Member

    I have:
    Black star Promo #1, Ivy pikachu
    Pikachu from Pokemon Snap Promo #26
    Any MOVIE promo (one of each.. maybe 2
    Pikachu surfing on Wailmer POP promo
    1 infernape MD
    1 Torterra MD RH
    and CML

    I am interested in:
    1 Empoleon MD RH
    1 Garchomp LV X

    LMK :)
  11. pokemonfreak

    pokemonfreak New Member

    yuyuman-PM'ed, no thanks
    Lozarbr and JessicarabbitXX-i do not think i will trade garchomp x since it is my first LV X, but i did recently get these ex's:

    Mr mime ex evens
    absol ex PK
    wailord ex SS (bent)
    kingdra ex D (DF)

    LMK if you are interested in these, i will update my list!
  12. XJessicaRabbitX

    XJessicaRabbitX New Member

    meh, ok it was worth a try :) guess ill have to hunt some more

    I would still like the RH MD empoleon if you still have it.
  13. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    what about my pory X for your Gardy X?
  14. Pajamas

    Pajamas <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    Hey, you skipped me. :frown:
  15. pokemonfreak

    pokemonfreak New Member

    pajamas- no thanks, i have traded my gardy X!
  16. Serebii1997J

    Serebii1997J New Member

    CML for the 3 Garchomps.
  17. RandyDragon

    RandyDragon New Member

    CML for your MD stuff
  18. LilBandit

    LilBandit New Member

    Hi, I have:

    25x pikachu (base)
    Pikachu (black star promo #1)
    Surfing Pikachu (english)
    Electabuzz (First movie promo)
    Mewtwo (first movie promo)
    pikachu (first movie promo)
    dragonite (first movie promo)
    mew #8 (second movie promo)
    Mewtwo #14 (VHS movie promo)
    zapdos (third movie promo)
    Entei (third movie promo)
    Ancient mew (third movie promo)
    _________'s Pikachu (black star promo)
    1x rhyperior
    1x magnezone
    2x pokedex handy 910is

    I am interested in any MD cards and any ex's lvl x's
  19. pokemonfreak

    pokemonfreak New Member

    serebii1997: Won't trade the garchomps because i am making them into a BEASTLY deck
    RandyDragon: I like your Mr. Mime ex Odds, chansey ex, Lapras ex, hitmonchan ex, aerodactyl ex, Rocket's sneasle ex, (collection wants previously listed), and sceptile ex D, so make offers. PM'ed.

    LIL BANDIT: I want any of your red cheeked, base set pikachu, 2 yellow cheeked as well. I also want Pikachu Promo1, Pikachu 1st movie, Ancient Mew, and i will give something for ____'s pikachu, Also the entei and the mewtwo movie promo. PM'ed
  20. Taylor45

    Taylor45 New Member

    i have 2 SW Banette and 1 CG Shuppet
    6x Basic Metal Energy
    2x Pokedex Handy's
    1x Sudowoodo - MT
    1x Non Holo Ampharos - SW
    Kyogre ex - CG
    Mightyena ex - HP
    Skarmory ex - PK

    i'm interested in your Gardevoir lv.x
    lmk what we can work out
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