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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Shiny Delbird, Jul 22, 2008.

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  1. Shiny Delbird

    Shiny Delbird New Member

    All my cards are in Great to near Mint condition and in English.

    My rules
    #1 No selling or buying in the trade forum please. Thank You, evil psyduck
    #2 I have no refs so ill send first for now but if we both have the same amount of refs you send first
    #3 Please offer first ,say what you want and what you will trade and I will check lists
    #4 I will take international offers
    #5 I will only take English or Japanese cards. Please state language when you offer please
    I ship all my cards in safe bubble rap mailers and in a top loader and for rarer cards I will use more protection methods.
    My Haves:




    Shining Mangikarp

    Lv Xs

    Palkia Promo

    Lucario From pack MT

    Dialga Promo

    Infernape From Pack DP

    Latios DF
    Latias Df
    Metagross PK X3
    Armoldo Hp
    Magcargo ex Dragon
    Metagross HL
    Rayquaza Promo
    Aggron Sandstorm

    Kirlia X4

    Halo Trainers
    Bebe’s Search X2
    Fossil Excavator X2
    Team Galactic’s Mars
    Energy Switch
    Poke ball
    Night Maintenance
    Skull Fossil

    Halo Energy
    Fighting X8
    Special Metal
    basic dark

    Pop Cards (Some of my pop not all of them)
    Kirlia Pop7
    Manaphy pop6
    Pachirisu pop6
    Rampardos po6 X2

    Electric Reverse Halo’s
    Pichu MT
    Electabuzz X2 SW
    Electrike MT
    Shinx MT
    Voltorb SW
    Raichu MT
    Rotom GE
    Pikachu MT

    Electric Halo’s
    Electivire X2 SW
    Raikou SW
    Luxray X2 DP
    Zapdose MD

    Electric Stars
    Plusle SW
    Minum SW
    Electrode Sw

    Fire Reverse Halo’s
    Arcanine X2 SW
    Houndour GE
    Magby MT

    Fire Halo’s
    Ho-Oh SW
    Fire Stars
    Arcanine SW

    Fighting Reverse Halo’s
    Vibrava SW
    Flygon X2 SW
    Graveler MT
    Hippopotas MD
    Gastrodon west sea SW
    Sudowoodo X2 MT
    Sandshrew X2 MT
    Wormadam SW
    Donphan SW
    Larvitar MT
    Hariyama GE
    Kabutops MD
    Fighting Halo’s
    Rampardos X2 Mt
    Gallade SW
    Gastrodon west sea SW

    Fighting Stars
    Rampardos X2 Mt
    Golem SW
    Dugtrio SW
    Hippowdon DP
    Hippowdon MD
    Sudowoodo MT
    Medicham DP
    Dark Reverse Halo’s
    Murkrow MT

    Dark Halo’s
    Shifrty X2 DP
    Darkrai (Sleep hole) GE
    Darkrai (Darkness Pursuit)GE
    Honchrow MT

    Dark Stars
    Houndoom GE
    Sharpedo X2 SW
    Umbreon MD
    Absol SW

    Steel Reverse Halo
    Magnemite DP
    Magneton DP
    Shieldon MT
    Mawile GE
    Scizor MD
    Aggron MT
    Steel Halo’s
    Sheildon Promo

    Steel Stars
    Wormadam trash cloak X2 SW

    Colorless Reverse Halo’s
    Glameow MD
    Purugly GE
    Lugia SW
    Jigglypuff GE
    Wigglytuff GE
    Bagon SW
    Shelgon SW
    Salamence SW
    Pidgey SW
    Pidgeotto SW
    Pdgeot SW
    Starly MD
    Staravia MD
    Zigzagoon GE
    Lickitung MD
    Clefairy X2 SW
    Bibarel DP
    Girafarg MT
    Rattata SW
    Raticate SW
    Evee (sand attk) MD
    Aipom (scratch) MD
    Aipom (Collect) MD
    Ambipom MT
    Teddiursa MT

    Colorless Halo’s
    Salamence SW
    Lickilicky SW
    Ambipom MT X2

    Colorless Stars
    Wigglytuff X3 GE
    Latios GE
    Noctowl DP
    Ursaring X2 MT
    Clefable X2 DP
    Munchlax X2 DP
    Snorelax DP
    Exploud GE

    Psychic Reverse Halo’s
    Weezing GE
    Duskull SW
    Dusknoir DP
    Golbat MT
    Croagunk X3 MT
    Toxicroak X2 MT
    Drapion DP
    Unown S SW
    Unown O SW
    Unown H GE
    Unown L GE
    Unown E MT
    Unown K SW
    Unown T SW
    Nidoran Male SW
    Nidoking X2 SW
    Arbok GE
    Mesorit MT

    Psychic Stars
    Drifblim X2 DP
    Weezing GE
    Crobat X4 MT
    Toxicroak MT
    Toxcroak MD
    Chmecho X2 MT
    Unown I MT
    Mr. Mme X2 MT
    Jynx SW
    Xatu SW
    Slowking GE
    Espeon MD

    Psychc Halo’s
    Cressela GE
    Alakazam MT

    Water Reverse Halo’s
    Ludcolo SW
    Clamperl GE
    Huntail GE
    Blastose X3 SW
    Feebas GE
    Sealeo MT
    Glalie MT
    Snorunt MT
    Slowpoke X2 GE
    Palkia GE
    Totodile X2 MT
    Lumineon MT
    Seel MT
    Corola SW
    Cloyster X2 SW
    Gyarados MT

    Water Halo’s
    Blastoise X2 SW
    Glaceon X2 MD ( Speed Slide)
    Palkia MD
    Articuno MD
    Swampert GE
    Feraligatr MT

    Water Stars
    Milotic X2 GE
    Walrein X2 MT
    Floayzel DP
    Glalie X2 MT
    WhiscashX2 MT
    Omastar MD
    Lapras x2 GE
    Wailord X2 GE
    Golduck X2 SW
    Kingler GE
    Azumaril DP
    Gyaradose MT
    Mantine MT

    Grass Reverse Halo’s
    Snover MT
    Chikorita MT
    Megnium MT
    Masquerain X2 MT
    Carnivine DP
    Paras Mt
    Rarasect MT
    Mothhim X2 SW
    Sponarak MT
    Roslia DP
    Roseila MT
    Hoppip SW
    Vensaur SW
    Cacnea GE
    Grovyle X2 GE

    Grass Halo’s
    Maganium X2 MT
    Leafeon (bind down) X3 MD
    Celebi MT
    Jumpuff SW
    Seceptile X3 GE

    Grass Stars
    Abomasnow X2 MT
    Carnivine X3 DP
    Leafeon (leaf blade) MD
    Ariados X6 MT
    Vespiquen X2 DP
    Beedrill X2 GE
    Exeggutor X3 MT
    Krcketune X2 MT
    Butterfree GE

    Those are my haves and you likely noticed that there were only DP to MD but if you need a card form Power keepers down or if you need a uncommon or common please feel free to send me a message or post here what you want please include when you what something the card name, set, and type. ( if you want a common or uncommon or a card from Power keepers down just send me a message or post here the card name, type, and set)

    My Wants

    Japanese Pokemon sleeves
    Japanese Pokemon Deck boxes
    Typhlosion MT

    If you don’t have these don’t be discouraged these are just the things I need badly please still feel free to post or send me a message of what you want and what your trading.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2008
  2. PorygonX

    PorygonX New Member

    Got Cresselia Lv.X?
  3. Shiny Delbird

    Shiny Delbird New Member

    no sorry i dont have it
  4. pokefan84

    pokefan84 New Member

    cml for palkia MD and ho-oh SW
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