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  1. Maguschild

    Maguschild New Member

    Some of you know me as Dogmiester86. I'm tired of you people asking for cards I don't have; IF IT'S NOT HERE I DON'T HAVE IT!!! Note: If you make a trade with me, my address has changed.

    Getting more cards by the day! Can provide scans for anything on the list.
    pokemon haves:

    Diamond/Pearl 3, Shining Darkness:

    Jumpluff holo (Going to P_A)
    Blastiose holo (Going to P_A)

    x1 Base


    Dark arbok w stamped
    Turtwig holo promo (Has two little nicks on the top)
    Celebi ex holo pop x3
    Treecko holo x3

    NOTE: No stupid offers on my ex's and such, will ONLY trade them for others of equal value. Will NOT trade them for a bunch of r/h's or something. You people are willing to trade r/h's for ex's, but not ex's for r/h's so I'm making this rule.


    Shiftry ex CG
    Flygon ex LM

    Reverse holo:

    Bronzong MT
    Geodude MT
    Lake boundary MT
    Lunatone LM
    Seedot LM
    Seedot CG
    Seadra DF
    Baltoy PK
    Omanyte PK
    Dusclops PK
    Treecko CG
    Holon Ruins CG
    Mr.Stone's Project DF
    Memory Berry CG
    Mawile HP
    Dark Persian LC
    Sealeo LM
    Seel FR/LG
    Sealeo HL
    Lileep LM
    Fearow CG
    Ariados UF
    Metang Deoxys
    Holon mentor
    Buffer piece DF
    Seadra DF
    Multi energy
    Poliwag UF
    Sableye CG
    Dual ball CG
    Sableye CG
    Lairon CG
    Crystal shard
    Mawile HP
    Bagon delta species
    staryu delta species
    master ball delta species
    Hypno delta species
    snow-cloud castform delta species x2
    double full heal CG
    Bayleef DF

    Holo energies:

    Holon energy WP r/h
    Psychic energy HP x5
    Grass energy HP
    multi energy FRLG
    Rainbow energy LM
    Grass energy PK x2
    Holon Energy GL
    Fire energy HP
    Water matrix

    Ask for set if not listed
    Tyranitar MT
    Honchkrow MT
    Pinser x2
    Deoxys steel type #4/110 (not sure set)
    Poliwrath UF
    Unown ! UF
    Nidoking DF
    Claydol Deoxys
    Meganium DF
    shadowless clefairy
    Alakazam base shadowless
    Armaldo HP
    Luvdisc CG
    Banette CG
    Camerupt CG
    unown F
    Nuzleaf LM
    Misty's tentacruel
    lt.surge's fearow
    manectric r/s
    nidoking aquapolis
    Octillery UF

    JPN holo:

    Rocket's mewtwo
    Espeon Neo 4
    Espeon Neo 2
    Ninetales base
    Brock's ninetales


    Porygon2 DS
    Vibrava DF
    Holon energy FF
    Loudred CG
    huntail LM
    omastar LM
    magneton LM
    flareon jungle 1st ed
    darkness energy delta species
    hypno delta species
    sunny castfrom delta species
    metal energy delta species
    hitmonlee GS/SS JPN 1st ed
    spinda Forest JPN 1st ed
    roselia Forest JPN 1st ed
    Scyther FR/LG
    Holon energy WP

    Premium un/common:

    Holon mentor DF
    Battle Frontier
    Speed Stadium

    jungle 1st edition:

    mankey x2
    jigglypuff x2
    nidoran female
    bellsprout x2
    weepinbell x2

    neo discovery 1st edition:

    old rod

    Have DBZ, Yugioh, Inuyasha, MTG and other stuff for trade too, ask.

    NOTE: Under no circumstances will I ever send first again, or same time, even when I’m buying. I'm finished sending first and same time and getting ripped. I don’t care how good a deal is, you have no refs YOU send first. If however, you have oodles of refs, like 50+, I will gladly send first okay?. Also...I now flatly refuse to 'update' refs for trade count, it's pointless and a waste of my time. You got a problem, then no trade. Also, might buy if the price is right, have paypal.

    Pokemon wants:

    Time space distortion
    Ninetales DP2
    Espeon *
    Umbreon *
    Articuno ex promo
    Birthday Pikachu (NEW VERSION!)
    crystal ho-oh
    shining charizard
    shadowless base charizard mint
    fearow legendary collection r/h
    nidoking legendary collection r/h
    nidoqueen legendary collection r/h
    Furret r/h LM
    Sceptile ex TA/TM
    Houndoom Dragon r/h

    Japanese wants:

    Shining Darkness mew
    Diamond Pearl Raichu
    shining suicune Golden Sky & Silver Sea (Huge want)
    shining raikou Golden Sky & Silver Sea
    houndoom Golden Sky & Silver Sea
    flareon Golden Sky & Silver Sea
    Mew ex (Biggest want)
    ADV MEW Black Star Promo
    Pokemon ADV MEW Holo Player Club Member PROMO #013
    pokepark suicune

    Deck wants:

    1x quilava unseen forces r/h
    2x cyndaquil expedition and unseen forces r/h (1 expedition, 1 unseen forces)
    1x ninetales emerald r/h

    Yugioh wants:

    Uria, Lord of Searing Flames

    DBZ/GT wants:

    Zarbon level 2 promo
    R U talkin' 2 me?! redemption
    Trunks, super saiyan level 5 lost episodes holo preferred
    list your dbz holos
    ultra rares not fussy what ones but won't trade much for saiyan saga ones

    MTG wants:

    Savannah Lions (any)
    Worldgorger Dragon
    Lightning Dragon
    Razormane Masticore
    Glittering Lion (uncommon)
    Aspect of Wolf
    Chartooth Cougar (common)
    Squirrel Mob
    Clockwork Dragon

    Inuyasha wants:

    My Power Is What it is
    Inuyasha™, Master of the Tetsusaiga
    Sesshomaru, Transformed ultra rare
    Inuyasha™, the Feudal Warrior ultra rare
    Kagura (Legends)
    Rin, Follower of Sesshomaru
    Sango, Slayer Chibi
    Ready for War Ultra rare
    Inuyasha™'s Father
    Rin, Child Follower
    white wolf common
    Shippo, Little Demon Fox common
    Naraku, the Mastermind
    Kagura, Temptress of Evil
    Inuyasha™, Timeless Champion
    Inuyasha™, Human Timeless Champion
    Sesshomaru rival brother
    Inuyasha™, Quick to Attack
    Lord Sesshomaru
    Sesshomaru, Silent Warrior
    Naraku, Menacing Demon

    Special wants (won't trade newer ex's for these, they are lesser wants):

    entei box topper
    Ho-oh box topper
    Charizard box topper (either LC or Sky)
    moltres, articuno, zapdos (two of each)
    Rocket's raikou ex x2
    Rayquaza x2
    Jolteon x2 (any set holo preferred)
    Umbreon x2 (any set holo preferred)
    Groudon ex
    Jirachi HL
    Milotic HL
    Altaria ex
    raikou, suicune, entei

    Game wants:

    Lunar, silver star story ps1
    Star wars episode III ps2
    Donkey kong country I for SNES or GBA
    Earthworm Jim SNES or Sega
    Castlevania games (no X-Box)

    pokemon coins wanted:


    Other wants:

    Card binders that hold 4 cards per page, must be mint if used
    Pichu bobbing head
    Plusle and minun bobbing heads and Plusle buildable
    Squirtle bobbing head

    MC's refs
    evil psyduck

    Current trades:

    T90 Ripper
    His: Jolteon * PK, Dragonite ex DF, mew ex LM, rocket's mewtwo ex, Sceptile ex TMTA, and Milotic DF
    My: Charizard* and Rayquaza*

    His: Pikachu r/h MT
    Floatzel DP1
    Noctowl r/h DP1
    Glameow r/h DP1
    Typhlosion MT

    My: Blastoise DP3
    Jumpluff DP3
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  2. Maguschild

    Maguschild New Member

  3. pokemonmike

    pokemonmike Active Member

    Interested in:

    Blastiose holo DP 2 holo

    Reverse holo:

    Lake boundary MT

    Not sure if i have any of your wants but please check my list.

    Also on a side note you can check your active threads by going to your profile and there is a search for active thread button there and it will list all your threads you have open.:thumb: You currently have 2 open.
  4. Maguschild

    Maguschild New Member

    pokemonmike: Oh thankies! Off your list I like:

    Mew pop 5 (Doubt it but hafta try lol would add lots)
    Typhlosion holo MT
    Mesprit holo MT
    And could you tell me what flaking means? I have latias* and unsure if it's flaking since I dunno what flaking is lol And also, do you have ninetales MT r/h....? Or vulpix and pikachu?
  5. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Please cml for both Jumpluff and Blastoise DP3 holos, thanks.
  6. Maguschild

    Maguschild New Member

    P_A: I'm interested in these, would you trade some of them for the two cards? If so, the ones in blue are the higher wants.

    Pikachu r/h MT
    Ninetales MT (If holo)
    Floatzel DP1 (If holo)

    Noctowl r/h DP1
    Glameow r/h DP1
    Typhlosion MT (If holo)
  7. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Pikachu r/h MT have
    Ninetales MT (If holo) you mean rh right? nope only a rare.
    Floatzel DP1 (If holo) rh? have a rh
    Noctowl r/h DP1 have
    Glameow r/h DP1 have
    Typhlosion MT (If holo) have

    Sure, I'd trade all of those you mentioned - other than the rare Ninetales which you probably didn't want anyway. Did you need anything else to make up for that card? I'd feel like I was ripping you off. The cards you asked for don't seem worth what I was looking for (or it seems that way to me). Maybe because I don't need them I don't value my cards very high. So let me know if there's any I can add.
  8. Maguschild

    Maguschild New Member

    P_A: Well, I don't value my holos that much, paid like $4 for each lol it's no problem. Yeah I'll do that trade!
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