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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Ajax, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. Ajax

    Ajax New Member

    hi, i currently have a fire deck (below) and i would love some suggestions on how to improve it. Thanks!

    Pokemon: 25
    x2 Magmortar MT
    x1 Magmortar SW
    x3 magmar SW
    x1 magmar MT
    x2 magby MT
    x2 chimchar DP
    x2 monferno DP
    x1 Infernape DP
    x1 infernape lv. X
    x1 Entei SW
    x4 Growlithe SW
    x2 Arcanine SW
    x2 Stantler SW
    x1 SpindaSW

    Trainers/Supporters: 11
    x2 prof. elms training method
    x3 bebes search SW
    x2 galactic mars SW
    x1 potion
    x1 rare candy
    x1 prof. oaks visit SW
    x1 plus power

    24 fire energies.
    i try to start with stantler, and then i build up my infernape or magmortar, depending on wht im against, i use stantlers lead, the spinda is for drawing and once i get infernape lv X i mainly switch out with it and a magmortar

    Criticism greatly appreciated
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  2. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Startegy? I know you're new, but you still need a strtegy.

    But just because I'm feeling nice...
    Take out the Infernape/Magmortar line. I'd recomend Infernape, just because Magmortar's better, but do what ever you like.
    Take out the Entei. As far as I can see, it serves no purpose.
    Take out the Arcanine line.
    And Absol is your starter, not Spinda or Stanler (though Stanler is a VERY plausible Starter, Absol stops your opponent setting up). Okay?
    Take out alot of Fire Energies. Like 12.
    Take out the Magby and Magmortar MT.
    Now, put in some Scrambles and DREs. Maybe 3 of each?
    Put in 3 Magmortar SWs, and one Mag Lv.X.
    4 Absols (if you want Magsol).
    Now, the trainer line needs alot of help. I've freed up alot of space for more trainers. You have room for 30 Trainers:

    Ceilio's Network x4
    POV x4
    Pokedex x3
    Pokenav x3
    Master Ball x3
    Dusk Ball x3
    Castaway x2
    Strength Charm x2
    Plus Power x3
    Team Galactic's Wager x2
    Prof. Birch x1

    This is what I want to use for Magsol. It is the cheapest and easiest to use (though not necesarily the best) Magmortar varient out there. GL with this, and hope I helped.
  3. Ajax

    Ajax New Member

    thanks, ill make a note of it.
  4. elekid_957

    elekid_957 New Member

    yes for the poekmon go with:
    4-3 magmorter
    1 magmorter lv.x (if its not that hard to get)
    4 absol
  5. Ajax

    Ajax New Member

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