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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Cardkeeper, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. Crystal Hikara

    Crystal Hikara New Member

    Was that referring to us both? o_O
  2. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    Yes it was. (17 Character)
  3. Crystal Hikara

    Crystal Hikara New Member

    What do you have for the Neo sets? I'm really looking for an Umbreon from Discovery as well as some others...
  4. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    The only Neo card i have is a Neo-Genisis Pikachu and it's non-mint, Sorry!
  5. The Don

    The Don New Member

    Yeah, I am still interested in the Arcanine.
  6. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    then make an offer for it.

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    Im also VERY interested in any Rhyperiors or Rhyperior LV X's that anyone has.
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2008
  7. The Don

    The Don New Member

    How about my Meowth Black Star Promo and a limited misprint Neo Revelations Zubat? (resistance does not have -30)
  8. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    Okay! So I have a couple questions first!

    1. I want to make sure both cards are mint.

    2. I want to know that Zubat is a LIMITED PRINT! It was corrected in later editions!

    3. You are aware that my Arcanine IS NOT Mint.

    If yes, I'm okay with the trade.

    So, the final deal is:


    Arcanine Base Set SHADOWLESS (non-mint)



    Meowth Black Star Promo #10

    Misprint Zubat Neo Revalations

    if your okay with all of this PM me to finalize!
  9. RandyDragon

    RandyDragon New Member

    here's what I'm interested in
    Articuno (2/62)
    Ditto (3/62)

    Gym Heros
    Brock's Rhydon (2/132)

    Dark Blastoise (4/110)
  10. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    Hmmm... None of those are mint... interested in anything else or do you have any other old promos that arnt as rare?
  11. NeoKay

    NeoKay New Member

    Ah, a Gym Challenge collector! Hi :thumb:


    Blaine's Ninetales
    Giovanni's Pinsir
    Blaine's Charmander (unlimited)
    Blaine's Rhyhorn
    Giovanni's Machoke
    Blaine's Doduo
    Giovanni's Meowth (common)
    Lt. Surge's Rattata
    Lt. Surge's Raticate
    Erika's Ivysaur
    Koga's Weezing
    Misty's Seel
    Misty's Dewgong

    Transparent Walls
    Warp Point
    Cinnabar City Gym
    Fuschia City Gym
    Saffron City Gym
    Viridian City Gym

    1st ed. Blaine's Ponyta
    1st ed. Lt. Surge's Electrode
    1st ed. Giovanni's Nidoran (male)

    Might want:

    DP - any basic Dark/Metal energies & Professor Rowans
    SW - Professor Oak's Visit
    MD - Mewtwo & any Eevees (lv. 12)
    A few bucks :lol:
    ...also, do you have any additional commons/uncommons from MT/SW/GE?

    If you're interested, we can hammer out the details!
  12. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    Ok perfect! As I said im very new so I havn't goten any MT GE or SW packs yet! But I should be able to get some soon as my family is buying me a LV X tin as a present.

    I'll get back to you on those wants. As for me, im mostly interested in your Blaine's Ninetales and Giovanni's Pinsir (are they mint?)

    Lemme know!

    will reply soon.

  13. NeoKay

    NeoKay New Member

    Sent you a PM :cool:
  14. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    List has been Updated!
  15. drugenalmighty

    drugenalmighty New Member

    im interested in your
    9-82 dark hypno
    11-82 dark magneton
    80-132 lt. surge's magnemite
    7-132 gardevoir (rh)
    please cml.
  16. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    Interested in:

    Base Set Zapdos

    Base Set Nidoking

    States Luxio

    Prerelease Porygon2

    Origins 2008 Shellos

    Please make an offer.
  17. drugenalmighty

    drugenalmighty New Member

    well how about

    gardevoir (rh)
    dark hypno
    dark magneton

    states luxio
  18. Cardkeeper

    Cardkeeper <a href="

    ok, counter offer


    Dark Magneton


    Prerelase Porygon2

    and I want to make sure Porygon2 is 100% mint.

    Lemme know!
  19. drugenalmighty

    drugenalmighty New Member

    it is but its a staff and goes for about 20 bucks on ebay so i cant let it go so cheap.
  20. Samo1620

    Samo1620 New Member

    see my list for RH gardy SW and Mewtwo MD
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