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  1. Hello and welcome to my thread

    Okay, I'm not completly sure of what I'm loking for at the moment but these:
    Magmortar lvl.X
    Xx Magmortar
    Xx Time Space Distortion
    Xx Night Maintenance
    Other lvl. X's

    Because of this I check list's


    2x Sealed Blue Carrying Case w. Palkia/Dilga (Japan)
    4x Black Pokeball Sleeves
    6x Teal Pokeball Sleeves
    1x Dark Blue Pokeball Sleeves

    lvl.X, Ex's and stars:
    Tortere lvl.X
    5x Flygon d ex
    3x Metagross ex PK
    Claydol ex PK
    2x Sceptile ex CG (1JPN)
    Jirachi ex CG
    3x Mew ex HP
    3x Shiftry ex PK
    2x Skarmory ex PK
    Shriftry ex CG
    3x Mightyena ex HP
    4x Flygon ex PK
    3x Salamence ex PK
    Exploud ex CG
    6x Gardevoir ex (1JPN)
    3x Latias ex (1JPN)
    4x Latios ex (1JPN)
    2x Alteria ex PK
    Walrein ex PK
    5x Crawdaunt ex HP
    2x Salamence ex PK (1JPN)
    2x Swampert ex CG (1JPN)
    2x Tyranitar ex DF
    2x Blaziken ex CG (1JPN)
    2x Kingdra ex JPN

    I also have some unmodefied ex's if you need any let me know!

    I don't have time to list my holo's so if you need any just ask!

    If you have interest in anything jusl LMK!

    Thanks for looking...
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