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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by master1116, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. master1116

    master1116 New Member

    I was feeling bored, so here's an unlimited deck i built. I've been thinkin' of putting in a 1-1 or 2-1 Darkrai LV.X so i can use basic Darks and search for them at the same time. By the way, can anything in this list search for a Technical Machine?

    16 Pokemon:
    4 Team Magma's Aron [Dig Under]
    2 Team Magma's Lairon [Tackle]
    4 Team Magma's Aggron

    4 Team Magma's Zangoose

    2 Team Magma's Groudon

    27 Trainer:
    4 Scott
    3 Team Magma's Hideout
    3 Maxie
    3 Team Magma Schemer
    3 Team Magma Conspirator
    3 Energy Removal
    2 Team Magma Belt
    2 Castaway
    2 Switch
    2 Rare Candy

    17 Energy:
    6 :fighting:
    4 :dark: (Sp.)
    4 Scramble
    3 Team Magma

    T1: Start with Zangoose and use Call for Family to get Aron, and hope you have Scott in your hand.
    T2: Play Scott to get 2 Castaway, and a Hideout. Play Hideout and use CFF again to get Groudon.
    T3: Use Castaway to get TM Belt, a Fighting enrgy and a Conspirator. Attach the energy to Aron, and if you have it in hand, use TM technical machine for Zangoose.
    T4: Zangoose is prolly gone so bring up the Aron. Use the Belt on him, then use Castaway (the 2nd one you got in T2) to get another Fighting Energy, any tool, and Schemer. Attach the energy to Aron and use Dig under. Then evolve to Aggron
    You prolly see what to do for the rest of the game


    Team Magma Belt - It's like Rare Candy but it's a tool and you can search your deck for the evo and it's a tool

    Team Magma's Hideout - Puts 1 damage counter on non Team Magma basics when they come into play

    Maxie- it's like Garchomp LV.X's Rebirth, but for Team Magma, but it can help you play a stage 1 or 2 from your hand or discard pile onto the bench

    Team Magma Schemer - Same as Holon Adventurer but for team magma

    Team Magma Conspirator - It's like Holon Mentor, but there's no HP limit and it only gets 2 pokemon


    Team Magma Energy - Provides 1 Dark and 1 Fighting energy
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  2. Dunsparce Fan 206

    Dunsparce Fan 206 New Member

    First of all, I want to commend you for deviating from the standard zangoose/groudon/claydol/camerupt strategy that is so common in magma decks. However, I see a few things in this deck that I would change. First of all, if your strategy depends so much on getting a T1 Scott, then why do you have only 2? If I were you, I would max out. Also, why are you using warp point instead of switch and/or gust? Notice that for warp point, your opponent gets to choose which pokemon they switch. This could benefit your opponent way too easily in a tight game. Another thing, why are you using TM's TM 01 instead of ER or SER? Yes it does 10 damage, but it wastes your attack for the turn and the energy card is only put at the bottom of the deck, not discarded. The last suggestion I have is to replace one Magma energy (since you have to discard them at the end of your turn) and a solid rage with 2 in any combination of: Scott, Fighting Energy (for Aggron's land stream), or scramble energy. You also might want replace those strength charms (since you already have darkness energy for your main attackers aggron and groudon) with something else, like nightly garbage run. Overall this is a pretty solid deck. Good work.
  3. master1116

    master1116 New Member

    thanx for advice. I've been playing it on redshark against some decks and it did better than i thought against Infercatty. 2-1
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