Poison Pokemon

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    Gulpin-60 HP-Grass-Basic-
    PokeBody-Stomach Storage-No poketools may be removed from Gulpin due to opponents card effects.
    (C)Swallow-Place a digestion counter on up to 3 of your opponents pokemon. A pokemon cannot have more than 2 digestion counters on it at a times.
    (C)Digestion-Remove all digestion counters from all your opponents pokemon. Place 1 damage counter on each of those pokemon for each digestion counter removed in this way.

    Swalot-110 HP-Grass-Stage 1-
    PokeBody-Big Appetite-You may play up to 2 supporters per turn instead of the usual 1.
    (G)Toxic-The defending pokemon is now poisoned. It takes 2 damage counters in between turns instead of 1(even if it was already normally poisoned).
    (G)(G)(C)Gooey Grip-40-Flip a coin. If heads, the defending pokemon can't retreat during your opponents next turn.
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    Sticky Goop Field-stadium-All pokemon that are not (G) have a retreat cost of (C) more.

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