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  1. darkeco

    darkeco New Member

    ok i'm new to this and i haven't gone well in many of the comps so i need help with this new deck what cha think...

    ...all Great incounters...
    Caterpie x3
    Medapod x3
    Butterfree x3
    koffing x4
    Weezing x4

    Quick ball x4
    Pokedex handy910 x3
    Casteraway x3
    Roseanne's reserch x3
    Team Galatic's Mar's x3
    Rare Candy x3
    Moonlight Stadium x2
    Leftover x3
    Amulet coin x2

    DRE x4
    Grass x7
    Psychic x6


    ok basiclly this deck poisons and hard firstly if caterpia is the active pokemon
    then with some luck butterfree first ture but if not trainers help it evlove by turn 2 or 3 if your luck is bad if koffins is first then turn 2 poison and maybe prevent attack
    after then 2nd-3rd turn you should hopefully get all 4 weezing out meaning 50 dmg between turn's and butterfree for tank and light dmg
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