Pokémon League in Lincoln, NE

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Noah121, Aug 7, 2003.

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  1. Noah121

    Noah121 Active Member

    Every Friday at 4:00 PM until (usually) 6:00 PM, we have a Pokémon League at Hobbytown USA (East Park) in Lincoln, NE. Come join us each week. Make new friends, play the game, and earn promo cards!

    EDIT: Our site has been registered for Nintendo's League, and the kit should arrive in time for next week (Aug. 22). However, we have signed up for the R/S Challenge, but have gotten no response...
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  2. Noah121

    Noah121 Active Member

    ...However, we were planning to host an R/S Challenge on August 23, but have gotten no response from Nintendo. We may still have a Sealed R/S tournament without the GBA portion, but the prize support won't be as good. Or, we'll hopefully get a response and get it organized soon.

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