Pokémon Side Story, Chapter 0 (Dramatis Personae, etc)

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    Yep, it's back for all-new adventures in silly, random things that don't really matter to anybody except the characters. But we (and by we I mean me) like it that way. So there. Since this fic will throw us into it without much explanation (it is a "season two" after all), we should get accustomed to the characters.

    -Pokémon Team: Gyarados, Golduck, Marril, Wartortle
    -Bio: He's the story's protagonist and resident bishounen (literally, "pretty boy"). He's a water trainer from Cerulean, and as such is able to annoy the heck out of Misty on the one or two occasions they've met. Right before the fic starts, he fought his sister in the finals of a Pokémon League Championship and lost.

    -Pokémon Team: Dragonite, Venusaur, Vileplume
    -Bio: She's Alex's sister and is also extremely intelligent (an IQ of nearly 200 even), although she doesn't know the latter. She has a short temper with her brother even though he doesn't go out of his way to annoy her. Right as the fic starts, she's achieved the rank of Pokémon Master and is off to Mossdeep City to look at a weird virus brought back by a rocket (why? Don't ask me).

    -Pokémon Team: Charizard, Graveler, Nidorino
    -Bio: A while back before the fic started, on his main badge-collecting journey, he was stopped by Sabrina, who told him he had the potential to be an amazingly powerful psychic. Unfortunately all the power went to his head and he went mad, eventually lapsing into a coma. We'll be hearing from him again.

    -Tschel (don't ask me where I got this guy's name, I have no idea)
    -Pokémon Team: Espeon, Umbreon, Flareon, Jolteon, Eevee
    -Bio: He's the world's best Eevee trainer and ranked third-best overall trainer. His only main quirk is that he hates Team Rocket with a passion, and goes out of his way to mess them up. Otherwise, he doesn't like fighting for no reason. Go figure.

    -Bio: Our author's self-insertion as a small water mouse. Marril hates being in a pokéball since it had a bad experience when it was first caught. Still, Marril always has something to say about a situation, even if it can't be understood. It's also quite a bit different from the "correctly"-spelled Marills in the animé in a lot of ways.

    There are of course other characters, new antagonists, and even Jessie and James will get sent sky-high, but this is just a rundown of the protagnists so readers won't get confused when I post the first chapter, which will be whenever I darn well feel it's ready for posting. :p

    Edit: Oh yeah, average character age is in the 15-17 range, so this isn't a buncha kids running about doing random things.
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