Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by BloodDraek, Jul 1, 2008.

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  1. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    Is Anyone able to get on Pokebeach. I haven't been able to get on for 2 days and just want to know if anyone else can.
  2. weavile#1

    weavile#1 New Member

    It's not working for everyone.
  3. DukeFireBird

    DukeFireBird Gallery Administrator<br>Forum Moderator

    afaik, WPM has said that the bandwith or server load has been exceeded for the current server they are on. They are trying to fix the problem as soon as they can. The chat they have still works as it is independant from the site itself. If you have further questions, please ask there.
  4. Cheesy Lard

    Cheesy Lard New Member

    man, i remember it used to be thepokebeach.cjb.net
  5. secretsof2113

    secretsof2113 Moderator Trader Feedback Mod

    Been down for a while. I'm trying to get back on myself. It seems that they've been having a lot of issues lately.
  6. tglilly

    tglilly New Member

    I have herd diffrently...
    my TO said that he has been founded by PUI and has been forced to shut down his site and is undergoing charges....but that is what he said I don't know...
  7. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    I can't see that to be true. His was free advertisment for POP/PUI. I don't see why they would want to shut down a site or even waste time going after him for something that in the end most likely benefits him first. I would think that if they did have a problem with what he did they would email him first and ask him politely to fix whatever wasn't suppose to be known or wrong before taking any real action against him.

  8. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    I don't see that being true either. Why now? Also, Pokebeach came online for a few minutes yesterday and then went down again.
  9. tglilly

    tglilly New Member

    I also don't really beleave it my self it was just a rumor I heard. A rumor that I hope is just that...
  10. Chairman Kaga

    Chairman Kaga Active Member

    It is. Duke and I have actually talked to Jon.

    Basically PokeBeach exceeds the various limits on the current hosting plan, and he's been told to upgrade his plan (at great expense) or die. They're trying to find either a way to fund the added expense, or a new host that isn't so silly.
  11. bulbasnore

    bulbasnore Administrator Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    Yah, I was on their IRC to see what's up. Too many connections per sec, is what I heard, but that is second hand. Bargain hosting can be touchy about stuff like that. Please be careful about bringing rumors on... has bad implications for the target and the alleged source.
  12. vanderbilt_grad

    vanderbilt_grad New Member

    If you do an advanced google serach restricted to the pokebeach site you will be able to view most of the stuff they had, like translations, in cache mode. Google basicallly saves a picture free copy of many pages for nearly every site on the web and those can be accessed when a site like the beach goes down. I've already saved a cached copy of some of the japan dp5 translations that way.
  13. Dr. Mason

    Dr. Mason New Member

    Any chance you could forward those to me? ._.
  14. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Why don't you do what he did instead?
  15. Dr. Mason

    Dr. Mason New Member

    Because I have no idea what he means.
  16. UchihaBlood

    UchihaBlood New Member

    When I was talking to Jon at Nats, he said that he would possibly see if he could switch hosts/servers to another that wasn't as ridiculous as the one he has now.
  17. DukeFireBird

    DukeFireBird Gallery Administrator<br>Forum Moderator

    I was talking to WPM about the beach and this is what he told me.

    WPM: I am trying to upgrade the backend

    Looks like its just an upgrade. Lets be patient for a bit and see

  18. Chanman

    Chanman New Member

    Pokebeach is back up again
  19. vanderbilt_grad

    vanderbilt_grad New Member

    It doesn't really matter at the moment since the Beach is back up, but just in case you run into similar things in the future.

    1. Browse to www.google.com
    2. Click on Advanced Search
    3. In the "Find Web Pages that have...." area enter what you are looking for. In this case I'll put DP5 Temple in the "all these words:" line.
    4. In the "Need more tools?" area I'll enter Pokebeach.com in the "Search within a site or domain" line.
    5. Click the "Advanced Search" button.

    The very first result that comes up at this point is what we are looking for. The top line is a link directly to the webpage. When a site is down that obviously will not work. However under that first entry are three other links, "Cached - Similar Pages - Note this". Click on Cached ... this is the copy of the web page that Google saved & works even if a site is down. Things never look 100% right in a Cached copy of a web page but all the essential info is there.

    6. Next step varies a bit by browser but in IE7 you click on File and then Save As ... and save a local copy of the web page. I tend to like to save as Web Archive, single file (*.mht), but they pretty much all work.

    Then you can go back and look at the page any time you like. If the site is up you can just browse to the translation page and save it directly using step 6.
  20. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    since the site is back up, this thread is no longer needed so...*click*

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