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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by bulbasnore, May 24, 2014.

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  1. Agiledog

    Agiledog New Member

    I was attempting to print up some blank Extended Format for an upcoming City Tournament and the symbols mention Phantom Forces to Next Destinies and the promos but it is missing Emerging Powers and Noble Victors and Black and White symbols. Any chance you can have made changes before Dec 20th?
  2. stuckinoh08

    stuckinoh08 Technical Administrator

    I can't believe I haven't caught this yet. I can most definitely have this fixed before Dec. 20. I apologize for any delays or difficulties this has caused.

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  3. hockey4stew

    hockey4stew New Member

    I am entering in some unlimited deck lists. After I have saved the lists for the day and come back to add some more I can no longer see the older sets for suggestions. Am I missing a step when saving these?


  4. stuckinoh08

    stuckinoh08 Technical Administrator


    This is actually a known bug in the program. The original coding forces any saved lists to use the Standard format of rules. I am going to post a tentative fix, with a hopefully more streamlined solution later.

    If you have all of your lists in one file (or not) it is a relatively easy fix to make your list compatible with the unlimited ruleset. Simply open your saved list in notepad, find the following strings of text:



    and edit it to read:



    If you have any problems with this, please contact me.

    Thanks for your support.

  5. HotGustofWind

    HotGustofWind New Member

    Full Art Darkrai EX is missing from Standard, but does show up in the other formats.
  6. stuckinoh08

    stuckinoh08 Technical Administrator

    Hey guys, I apologize for my absence. I recently started back to work AND school so it's been a little hectic for me. HotGustofWind, I will have this issue fixed and updated by the end of the day (likely it will be done within the hour.) Again, I apologize if you guys have experienced any other issues in my absence.


    P.S. The update for Primal Clash is underway and will be ready by the time the set becomes legal on Feb. 27 (i.e. 21 days after release).
  7. stuckinoh08

    stuckinoh08 Technical Administrator

    Hey everyone, I know Feb. 27 came and went with no PCL update, but I'm pleased to inform you that as of about 3 PM yesterday, all PCL cards were added to the program. Please note that as of now, the most recent Black Star Promos are still missing, but should hopefully be available by this evening.

    Best wishes to you all and good luck at upcoming States and Provincials!

  8. Solemn

    Solemn New Member

    Umm its 4:09 AM on 3/12 and there are still no primal clash cards coming up on the deck list generator. Will this be fixed before friday? I need to print out a few deck list for saturday morning
  9. stuckinoh08

    stuckinoh08 Technical Administrator

    Solemn, I do apologize for the trouble you've had. Unfortunately, I am not able to recreate the problem your having on any of my computers or other browsers. Have you attempted to clear your history and temporary files? Please let me know if you've been able to use our program since you posted. You can also try using the test page as both are current.

    Keep us posted,
  10. SteveP

    SteveP Active Member

    It's been over two years now since I "abandoned" maintenance of my deck list program. I'd like to thank stuckinoh08 (Jimmy Gurney) for continuing to maintain the program. The JavaScript code for this project is massive, so maintenance, trouble-shooting, and deck construction rule changes are not easy tasks. Additionally, updating the text and images for each new set is a tedious task. Even with the right tools and with a bit of batch processing, it usually took me quite a few hours to update sets, especially when sets rotated at seasons-start.

    I'm glad to see that many are still finding this tool helpful. Creation of this tool was indeed a "labor of love."
  11. HBRanger750

    HBRanger750 New Member

    Mega Gengar from Phantom Forces (Secret Rare and Regular) does not show in Standard, unfortunately. Though I thank you for adding Metagross EX and Mega Metagross EX from the box set, they've been a staple in my decks for awhile!
  12. stuckinoh08

    stuckinoh08 Technical Administrator

    Hey Everybody!!!

    Hope life is treating you all well. Wanted to let you know that after much headache, I'm finally able to log into The Gym again and post stuff here.

    So, the first order of business, the Pokegym Decklist Generator is completely and totally up to date for the current format, including Roaring Skies which became legal yesterday!


    Second, I wanted to let you know HBRanger that the Mega Gengar issue is fixed now. It was there, but somehow I got confused and used "Mega Gengar EX" instead of "M Gengar EX." Regardless, that issue is fixed and you should be ready to go.

    As always, please let me know if you see something that's missing or would like to offer any suggestions. We do this for you guys, so I want to make sure that I am doing my absolute best to give you all what you need.

  13. stuckinoh08

    stuckinoh08 Technical Administrator

    Finally got to the hotel for U.S. Nationals at about 2 AM. Just stopping by to make sure no body has found any last minute errors in the program. Everything is up to date including the removal of Lysandre's Trump Card. Please le.g. Me know if you find anything that needs fused before the player meating on Friday.

    And good luck to all the players and staff this weekend.

  14. GeminiLaser

    GeminiLaser New Member

    Standard and Expanded work fine, but I can't get Unlimited to load at all
  15. stuckinoh08

    stuckinoh08 Technical Administrator

    Please go ahead and try it now.
  16. stuckinoh08

    stuckinoh08 Technical Administrator

    2015-2016 Rotation is almost here and so is the highly anticipated XY:Ancient Origins and the Pokegym Decklist Generator is ready for both. Please keep an eye out in the next few weeks for the official update!
  17. lophocvuinhon

    lophocvuinhon New Member

    The original coding forces any saved lists to use the Standard format of rules. I am going to post a tentative fix, with a hopefully more streamlined solution later.
  18. King Piplup

    King Piplup Active Member

    Chances we can get Tyrantrum-EX XY Promo 70 and Jirachi XY Promo 67 added?
  19. stuckinoh08

    stuckinoh08 Technical Administrator

    I just wanted to make a quick post regarding deck list updates. To my knowledge all sets and promos are now up to date (AS OF DEC. 1). Please note that some cards may still be missing images so please verify set numbers should you encounter one of these cards. Updated scans will be uploaded ASAP.

  20. teadrinker7

    teadrinker7 New Member

    Is there a way to save the deck list so i can go back and tweak it later on? When I click save it just opens an html coded page... :)

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