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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by bulbasnore, May 24, 2014.

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  1. stuckinoh08

    stuckinoh08 Technical Administrator

    Absolutely! All you have to do is copy that html code into a text document and save the file as an .html. From there just launch the decklist generator from your newly created .html and your list should come right up. Keep in mind you will have to update the file every time you make changes to your list.

  2. bulbasnore

    bulbasnore Administrator Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    What you do is ctl-S or cmd-S and save that with a .html extension. Then, when you want to edit that list, open it again.

    Here's what the dialog box says, read this:
    And here are the instructions from the code that the dialog refers you to read on the HTML page:
    To save this html/data code, do the following steps:
    1. Select all the text in this window (CTRL-A).
    2. Copy the selected html/data code (CTRL-C). 
    3. Open a text editor such as Notepad.
    4. Paste the html/data code into the editor (CTRL-V).
    5. From inside the text editor, click File, Save As...
    6. Change the "Save as type" to "All Files".
    7. Enter a "File name" and end the file name with extension ".html".
    8. Browse to where you want to save the file, then click "Save".
    ********************************************************************** [COLOR=#000000]-->[/COLOR]
  3. teadrinker7

    teadrinker7 New Member

    I'm playing "League Challenge" this weekend. It's standard format and Breakpoints are allowed. Trying to make a decklist (chose standard setting) but Splash energy or Max elixir (Breakpoint cards) are not coming up… or maybe the tool is not updated yet? :)
    Also wanted to say it's a great tool and seems to be including the promo cards - at least one that i was looking at (which research tower doesn't, which is great for beginners like me!)
  4. stuckinoh08

    stuckinoh08 Technical Administrator

    Hey teadrinker7, I am sorry for the delay. You are right. The tool hadn't been updated yet. However, all competitive lists (Standard and Expanded) are now updated through BREAK Point with a Generations update coming in the next few days. Thank you for your support and I am glad you are finding the tool useful.

  5. Pop52700

    Pop52700 New Member

    So the lists are updated, but the tool isn't. Correct? I also have a League I am going to and the cards aren't showing up. I'm just in need of this tool. Please reply. Thanks for the help!
  6. stuckinoh08

    stuckinoh08 Technical Administrator

    Sorry for the confusion. What I meant was that the Standard and Expanded tools were updated, but Unlimited is still a version behind. You should be able to generate a list with any cards through BREAK Point. Please note that no cards for Generations have been added yet. If you still have an issue using the tool, try clearing your temporary Internet files as you might be loading an old, cached version of the page.

  7. stuckinoh08

    stuckinoh08 Technical Administrator

    Alright, so I am pretty sure that all three list generators are up-to-date, including Promos and the recently legal set, Generations. Please note that this update DOES NOT remove cards effected by the recent rule change regard reprinted cards. Be aware that if a card requires a reference, it is most likely no longer legal. Once we've compiled a list of effected cards, we will release an update to the program. As always, let me know if you find any problems or have any suggestions.

  8. stuckinoh08

    stuckinoh08 Technical Administrator

    Today brought a HUGE update to the STANDARD deck list. Not only are we "mostly" rotated for the new season, but some image issues have been corrected as well as adding a few "lesser used" sets like some of the McDonalds Promos and Trainer Kits.

    Please let me know if you happen to find any missing reprints or left over cards that got missed during the rotation.

    Also note that the above mentioned sets have not been added to the EXPANDED list nor the UNLIMITED list. These updates will be coming shortly!

    Thank you all for your continued support!

  9. Professor Kiser

    Professor Kiser New Member

    Finally got in to try this out, the Deck List Generator is by far one of the Most impressive tools I've seen provided to the community!
  10. Hike

    Hike New Member

    I noticed the promo darkri is in as the manaphy promo as it says it's number is 113 when it's promo number 114.
  11. PhilM

    PhilM New Member

    This is an amazing and very useful program - I never fill out decklists any other way. Keep up the great work!

    1. Please add Volcanion and Magearna Sugimori illustrations to the list.
    2. The full art Pokemon Ranger (STS 113) is missing.
  12. stuckinoh08

    stuckinoh08 Technical Administrator

    Hey PhilM,

    Sorry I haven't responded to you yet. I wanted to let you know that Magearna and Volcanion have both been added as well as all the cool, new Pokemon from the Alola Region. I have also fixed the issue with Pokemon Ranger (STS 113) not appearing in program. Thank you for bringing these issues to my attention and I hope that you continue to enjoy the Pokegym Decklist Generator!

  13. ZoeLouisa101

    ZoeLouisa101 New Member

    I can't seem to load my saved decklists in expanded format. Standard works fine though.
  14. stuckinoh08

    stuckinoh08 Technical Administrator

    So, this is entirely my fault. During the last update, I corrected an error in naming convention that I introduced when I first added the Expanded list generator. However, I didn't account for previously created save files. I have since rolled back that portion of the update until I can get to a computer and correct the problem. Your saves should now work.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

  15. OHKO

    OHKO New Member

    The Escape Rope for Plasma Storm image shows up as a question mark box. Thanks!
  16. Manyo

    Manyo New Member

    Whenever I try to load the decklist generator for unlimited, it shows the "loading" text, which then changes to another font and never actually loads the program. Standard and Expanded work just fine in my browser, and only unlimited has this problem for me. is there something about the program that is wrong, or some setting in my browser that I ought to change? Currently using Chrome v63.0.3239.132 on Win8.
  17. Sanajeh

    Sanajeh New Member

    Hi Guys, the Print button are not working. So I make my decklist, but that's all. I cannot save it or print it. Can you do anything with it?
  18. IClimbThings

    IClimbThings New Member

    To echo Sanajeh, there is an error when printing the legend. Here's your js stack trace:
    Cannot read property '0' of undefined
    at make_legend_sets (core.js:2330)
    at make_legend (core.js:2350)
    at view_decklist_html (core.js:2494)
    at view_decklist_print (core.js:2648)
    at HTMLInputElement.onclick (pokemon.htm:95)

    For anyone else who sees this, the workaround is to go Tools -> Options -> View - Deck List -> Uncheck "Show the set symbol legend."
    It should then print just fine.
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