Pokemon Apocalypse - story help, ideas?

Discussion in 'Pokemon Fan Fiction' started by GregWebster, Nov 4, 2009.

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    Okay guys, this is a rough idea and I could use some help adding to/editing it. Help a guy out, or just be a jerk, whatever.

    Original Post:
    I wish they made a Pokemon RPG in a world where Pokemon are scarce, and our party of Pokemon trainers is trying to find out what happened to their once idyllic universe. It should have bands of poke-bandits that we have to fight,most of whom don't have monsters, just knives. The evil organization has all the legendaries and strong pokemon, and as we beat them we have the option to free their pokemon and help our world, or bend them to our will and become stronger.

    I would play that. Heck, I would write that.

    1) I'm thinking it could all be due to the fact that FREAKING CHILDREN HAVE ENSLAVED THE ELEMENTAL MASTERS OF THEIR ENVIRONMENT. Darn Pokemon and their legendaries.
    2) I envision a Fallout-like world inhabited by thugs and rabid Pokemon. Some have gone crazy due to the corruption of the world, and pollution pokemon (Muk, Koffing) would be prevalent in cities.
    3) Remnants of the lost world. You find Pokeball shards, broken computers, Pokedexes with dead batteries that can't be charged, spoiled potions, etc. With the lost knowledge of these marvels, mankind has abandoned them and returned to an almost steampunk type of culture. Trains and guns would be available, but not further along.
    4) When defeating a major boss, we have the choice to free the Pokemon they controlled, or keep it for ourself. Say I beat the master of Moltres. If I set it free, he would reignite a volcano and fire Pokemon would begin to roam the mountains and select areas. This would maybe restart industry, with a factory finally able to forge metal components thanks to a Magmar that befriended the humans. This would either open new equipment paths or new areas. Maybe we can fix the broken train tracks now? HOWEVER, If I keep Moltres, then I have a powerful new Fire attack I can use, and that will aid me in different ways. My choices not only influence the difficulty of the game, but also where/what I can do in the world. Maybe I will encounter a Golem, and if I keep it I can use Earthquake to clear a path or destroy my enemies, but if I let him go Geodude will start to appear in areas and shape the land in other ways. Maybe I could find the Golem I freed and have him train another of my rock Pokemon?
    To do this effectively, the overworld has to be HUGE and eventually when you get a flying Pokemon, you should be able to travel anywhere you have been before.
    5) The battle system could actually be anything, maybe even a Final Fantasy Tactics kind of game. However, it would be much more appropriate for it to be more like the Gameboy Pokemon games, where you have a simple menu and straightforward 3 on 3 battles. The party you form might even include the "Rival" character that every game includes. I like the idea of it being Pokemon Light/Dark, going with the idea of a universe of choices and consequences.
    6) Pokemon interactions NEED to be in. If I release a Pidgeot, all the wimpy Pidgeys will suddenly go under his control, and they will start ****ing acting like warriors. They will attack the Zubats, and both Pokes will be stronger. You will notice Golbats and Pidgeottos soon enough, and maybe I can catch one of those? Pokeballs need to be rare enough that you can't possibly catch them all, but have to make a choice depending on which "Master" Pokemon you keep. By having the Master Pokemon train weaker guys, you can get past all boundaries by finding the weaker "Student" monsters. While they won't be near as powerful, they will help you in battle and get past environmental problems, they just won't be near as useful in battle.
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