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Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by Dek, Aug 9, 2003.

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  1. Dek

    Dek New Member

    Even though it ended 3 months ago, I believe that we should talk about the 4 Pokemon games that were introduced at E3 this month.

    Pokemon Pinball: Ruby and Saphire
    Pokemon Box (GCN/GBA)
    Pokemon Colosseum (GCN/GBA)
    -edit-Pokemon Channel

    this symbol (GCN/GBA) means that there is connectivity between Gamecube and Game Boy Advanced

    One that really got me interested was Pokemon Box. Even though it looks very odd and might not sell much, this game allows you to store up to 1500 Pokemon (that's what I heard) onto a special Memory Card that comes with the game. I also heard that you can store pokemon from Red/Blue/Yellow, Gold/Silver/Crystal, AND Ruby/Saphire. not only that, but you will also be able to play your pokemon (maybe just Ruby/Saphire) game on the gamecube.

    The second game that is coming out is Pokemon Pinball: Ruby and Saphire. If your saying "sounds familiar," then you probably remember that Pokemon Pinball was first released in 1999. This was the first game where Nintendo used a special rumble feature in the game when certain things happen (this also explained why the game pak was so big). Well, the rumble feature is back, but to a certain extent. With the release of the Game Boy Player, you can put the game in the GBP, and you can then get the rumble feature while using the GCN controller.

    The third game that is coming out is Pokemon Colosseum. Obviously, this is the third installment of the Pokemon Stadium series. The same game features and the same game play is still there. HOWEVER, there is a new feature in this version of the game. Up to four people can hook up their Game Boy Advanced/Game Boy Advanced SP to the Gamecube, Put in their Ruby/Saphire game in the GBA, and start playing. Rumors have it that you can select what moves you want your pokemon to use on the GBA. This way, your opponent wont know what hit them (literally). Another rumor is that there might be possible connections with G/S/C and R/B/Y (based on the screenshots that I saw).

    -edit- The fourth and final game that is coming out is Pokemon Channel. this game shows a graphics engine that looked like it was a combination of Pokemon Snap and Hey You, Pikachu!, which is a very interesting thing. You do play as your normal self making friends with the different pokemon in the land. You are able to watch episodes from the Pokemon series, game shows, new reports, and even a short film starring the Pichu Bros. from Pokemon: The Movie 3. With the simple controls given, you will be able to do various things with Pikachu and others.

    Well, those are the 3 games that are coming out to Nintendo GBA and GCN soon. Got anything to say? Just reply back to this.
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  2. djcati

    djcati New Member

    Pokemon Channel looks like one of the most sucky games EVER... Just my opinion, of course, but it seems like a pretty lame premise for a game. *shrugs*

    Collosseum, I'll be getting.
    Pokemon Box, well, only if it's less than £15, which isn't likely. :\
    Pinball R/S, probably. I really liked the first Pokemon Pinball, so this one should be goos too..
  3. The Anaconda

    The Anaconda New Member

    I was on Pokemon.co.jp (japan's pokemon home page) this morning, and saw a bit on Pokemon Pinball 2. It looks REALLY good, AND it's e-reader compatible!

    Here's something I bet you didn't know about Pokemon Box (maybe you did. Oh well). The ROM files for Ruby and Sapphire are stored on the GameCube disk. Or in otherwords, when you connect your GBA to the GameCube to play Pokemon RuSa (similar to the way you could play the old ones on the N64), you can turn off your GBA (to conserve power) once it loads the save game. It doesn't need the game on to play it. Then you just turn the GBA back on to save the game.
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  4. Dek

    Dek New Member

    ur right, I did forget about Pokemon Channel, WHOOPSIE! Sorry about that folks. I'm gonna edit the post right now.

    Infact, since I mentioned the new games, wouldn't it be coolif Nintendo made a second Game Boy version of the Pokemon TCG? It would give them a good advantage since so many expansions came out ever since the first GB game.
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  5. The Anaconda

    The Anaconda New Member

    Actually, it would be a third version. A second version came out in Japan, and had Base thru Rocket plus the Vending Series plus a bunch more GB "promos", most of which were more Dark pokemon (the Best Promos Dark Ivysaur and Dark Venusaur were GB cards in this game)
  6. BPM

    BPM New Member

    And Dark Ivysaur and Dark Venusaur were Japanese promos long ago, too. I can't remember how you'd obtain them, but they were there.

    And Colosseum would be the FOURTH Pokémon Stadium. We never got the first one. Which is good. It only supported about a 1/3 of the Pokémon to be used in battle (or so I've heard).

    And as far as I know, Pokémon Box couldn't be compatable with Pokémon 1 (Red/Green/Blue/Yellow) or Pokémon 2 (Gold/Silver/Crystal). Why else would it be called Pokémon Box: Ruby & Sapphire? Not only that, but Game Boy Advance (not Advanced!) and Game Boy Color are two different systems. The only reason GBA and GBA SP can run all Game Boy games is because it has the GBA's 32-bit processor and GBC's 8-bit processor both built in.

    Box doesn't interest me one bit. Unless it's $15/25 in the US (it was the ¥ equivalent of this in Japan. The first price is for the Game Disc and Memory Card 59 alone, and the second price is for it included with a GCN-GBA Link Cable). Then I'll reconsider.

    But Colosseum will be the way to get old Pokémon. In the Scenario Mode, you'll play the role of a member of Team Snatch in a 3D RPG-ish realm. As the team's name suggest, your job is to steal Pokémon from otehr trainers. The good this is the Pokémon are all Kanto/Johto-only Pokémon! And it gets better! If you have your GBA/GBASP (with Ruby or Sapphire in) hooked up to your GameCube, you can transfer these Pokémon to your GBA Game Pak!

    Colosseum has my interest.

    And Pokémon Channel is definately "Hey You, Pikachu!" part two.

    I never finished Hey You, Pikachu! part one... I don't know about this one.

    Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire... Oh, yeah. I'm excited about this. Being a pinball lover (and a lover of the first Pokémon Pinball), this'll be great! Looking in the latest Nintendo Power (or was it the one before? I forget), it looks like it'll be more than a Game Boy Advance version of the original with Hoenn Pokémon. Huttah!

    Too bad it won't have a built-in Rumble Pak. Of course, I already have a Game Boy Player. But I prefer to use my Hori Digital Controller when using the GBP. Which has no rumble feature.
  7. Dek

    Dek New Member

    BPM, a few things:
    1. ur right. it is Game Boy ADVANCE. sorry...
    2. Pokemon Pinball: R/S coverage is in the latest NP issue (September)
    3. Another thing about Pokemon Pinball: R/S. You can just put PP: R/S in your GBP, hook up a normal GCN controller, and you can get rumble features.
    4. There's a digital controller???
  8. BPM

    BPM New Member

    Yeah, it's a Japan-exclusive, though. It's by a company called Hori. They must be a pretty big accessory company in Japan, because all (or at least, most) of their stuff is officially licensed.

    I got it imported through Play-Asia.com. Check it out here (Jet Black) or here (Indigo).

    1. ur right. it is Game Boy ADVANCE. sorry...
    Eh, no problem. Don't it personally. It just one of the small things that bug me. Yeah, I'm crazy like that. :p
  9. Dek

    Dek New Member

    what the heck? That looks like a Super Nintendo controller...
  10. djcati

    djcati New Member

    *slips into some nostalgic mumbling*

    I need a PAL power cable for my SNES...
  11. BPM

    BPM New Member

    Yes. It DOES look like an SNES controller. And it feels pretty good using while playing Game Boy Player. Heck, it even works well with games that can used the digital control pad instead of the analog stick, like Viewtiful Joe and Soul Cailbur II.

    But one overall design difference between the Hori Digital Controller and a SNES controller is it has a couple of raised areas on the back. I guess for a handle grip type thing. Yeah.
  12. mtjimmer

    mtjimmer Master Trainer, Emeritus

    I'll probably pick up Pinball, just because it's pinball and I need a new game for my commute.

    Box looks like it's for the ultimate collector. I've ended up with so many eggs, it's hard to categorize everything, which means I'll probably get it. And rumors suggest that Box will be cool for future stuff.

    Colosseum - I've seen some cool screenshots of it, and I've heard about some of the pretty cool battling features...it'd be cool to have a 3-D battle with my friends.
  13. akooberz

    akooberz New Member

    Will Colleseum have the rumured RPG feature, or is it just another stadium?

    An RPG would definetly bring Poke'mon to the top of video game sales, but I dont think that Collosem will even make the top ten if it's just another Stadium.
  14. GuardianTIM

    GuardianTIM New Member

    I was thinking the PokemonChannel would be like an online thing (with the peripherals plugged into the bottom of the GCN), from what you've said. However, I'm not keen on it myself. I suspect Box will be for the players, Channel is for the fanatics.
    I do like the looks of Colosseum, though.
  15. The Fish King

    The Fish King New Member

    Colleseum will have an RPG. You play as Super Keel, from Team Snatch, stealing Pokémon from other Trainers. The best part is, the Pokémon you steal are not available in Ruby and Sapphire any other way.
  16. Dek

    Dek New Member

    NOW im interested
  17. akooberz

    akooberz New Member

    See, that RPG definetly makes me want to buy the game.
  18. Dek

    Dek New Member

    Yay, I can finally steal stuff and not get arrested for it :lol:
  19. Lord Ninetales

    Lord Ninetales New Member

    Does anyone know if you HAVE to use the Memory Card that comes with Pokémon Box, or can you use any memory card?
    I have a very, very, very cunning plan... ;)
  20. Dek

    Dek New Member

    im thinking you would have to use the memory card that is given to you. Think about it. With the memory card that is given, you can store up to 1500 pokemon. Anyways, what is your evil plan?

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