Pokemon Battling Coin Game?

Discussion in 'Collecting and Card Price Discussion' started by Taylor45, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. Taylor45

    Taylor45 New Member

    so yeah such a thing did exist [1999 =)]
    and i just happened to come across all of my old coins

    some are kind of scratched up and some arent bad at all

    so what do you think these are worth? theyre awfully heavy, im assuming theyre made from real brass
    i imagine theyre rare today but i think the only ppl that would want them are people that are fond of the pokemon on the coins

    2x Omanyte
    2x Slowbro
    1x Victreebel
    1x Horsea
    1x Magmar
    1x Ponyta
    1x Jolteon
    1x Pikachu
    1x Fearow
    1x Gastly
    1x Porygon
    1x Mankey
    1x Magnemite
    1x Seel
    1x Beedrill
  2. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    There are currently NONE on eBay and only one has recently ended. But that one didn't even sell, and the price seemed reasonable if someone was interested.

    So it seems that there is very little supply, but still no demand... making them not really worth anything. Maybe just fun little things to throw in trades with people or to keep for your personal collection.

    I actually have a few of these myself. I never played the game with them, just got some as a gift from someone before. They seem pretty cool. I remember how in the center of the Pokeball on the back of the coin it is elevated so it can spin, hmmm... grandfather of the TFG?
  3. Taylor45

    Taylor45 New Member

    well thanks for giving me your opinion i really appreciate it
    you wouldnt happen to have a ninetales one would you? =p
  4. Satiel

    Satiel New Member

    These are very interesting.. I also have one myself.

    Pokémon Brass Battling Chip | Pokémon #102 Exeggcute

    As stated before, You can find hardly none on EBay, and if you do, they do not sell for that much.
    I would say they are worth 10-20 USD Probably wont get more than that. I did see a particular chip though. it was a charizard chip but different than these ones. it was plated in gold and selling for Three Hundred and sixty dollars. If you got your hands on one of those it would be pretty decent. But hey, Who knows. Am I right?


    PM me if you would like to trade my chip for one of yours c:

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