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Discussion in 'Collecting and Card Price Discussion' started by Arcedude1, Mar 11, 2011.

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  1. Arcedude1

    Arcedude1 New Member

    I recently decided that i'm going to sell both my newer and older pokemon cards. My cards range from Base set to Platinum: Arceus and Supreme Victors. I have rare promos and misprint cards too. Any collectors price lists i find over the internet (i've been looking for a while now) seem to be completely outdated including the pokegym one. can anybody recommend me any good price guides with COLLECTORS PRICES on the internet or any others?:confused:
  2. ogremarauder

    ogremarauder New Member

    Are the bebesearch prices out of date? Seems the newer cards are fairly spot on though I've never checked the older stuff.
  3. Arcedude1

    Arcedude1 New Member

    bebesearch? i don't think i came across that guide? who know... maybe i did. anyways... how do i get there so that i can look.

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    Ok... never mind about bebes search card price guide. It doesn't have any older sets out of the TCG modified format.
  4. smpratte

    smpratte Active Member

    There is no one price guide I know of at the moment. The market is not too steady, getting better but changes a good amount. Look up the cards you need a price on on ebay and just take the average of each. I can help you with the promos, especially older ones those are my specialty. If you want you can send me a pm with a list of them and I will give you some realistic estimates.
  5. Arcedude1

    Arcedude1 New Member

    Yeah i know about Ebay. I'm actually trying to refrain from using it. I probably should have mentioned that in my post... oops.

    And about the promos: I actually meant black star promos. WOTC and Nintendo the only good one i probably have is the Gold border meowth from Jungle that was given out in the fruit snacks and the gameboy meowth given with the pokemon TCG game. Could you still help me with those?
  6. smpratte

    smpratte Active Member

    Yes of course if you want to send me a pm with your list I can help. I can give you a realistic price on cards through the nintendo series. Basically anything up to DP I have a good idea on what it is worth.
  7. Arcedude1

    Arcedude1 New Member

    So i can send you any promos up to DP. Well... what am i gonna do with my DP promos then? Yes i have a few of those too
  8. DJGigabyte

    DJGigabyte Forum Moderator

    Just post the full list here, people will be able to help you from that.
  9. Arcedude1

    Arcedude1 New Member

    K i guess i will. I'll start with my promos first i guess.


    #2 Electabuzz- kids WB stamped. Pokemon: the first movie

    #8 Mew Non-Holo

    #10 Meowth Holo- Given out with the pokemon TCG video game for gameboy color

    #21 Moltres non- holo

    3x #34 Entei reverse- Holo

    #53 Suicune non-holo Pokemom 4 ever

    WOTC Best: #4 Rocket's Scizor NOT WINNER STAMPED non- Holo

    Gold Border Meowth (Jungle) Given out in Pokemon fruit roll up packs. Man different cards were distributed but only Meowth was altered with gold border.

    Nintendo DP+ Promos:

    DP03 Piplup

    DP04 pachirisu

    DP05 Dialga lv.X

    DP24 Darkrai

    DP24 JUMBO Darkrai

    DP28 Mewtwo lv.X

    DP29 Rhyperior lv.X

    DP30 Regigigas lv.X

    DP33 Dusknoir

    DP39 Shaymin lv.X

    HGSS05 Hoothoot

    HGSS06 Noctowl

    ALL DP+ are Holo

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    forgot to post my EX series Promos

    001 Kyogre EX non-holo

    002 Groudon EX non-holo

    014 Latias

    015 Latios

    021 Jirachi
  10. Arcedude1

    Arcedude1 New Member

    come on guys. Please. i really need help
  11. pokemon99

    pokemon99 New Member

    Make a new thread with all those listed.
  12. Arcedude1

    Arcedude1 New Member

    I was playing around with some of the old price guides i found and turns out that you can set bebes search to unlimited format. how awesome is that! And it seems to have pretty good prices. I going to use that for now but if any of you find better ones let me know.
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