Pokemon Checklists - Update 3-7-16

Discussion in 'Collecting and Card Price Discussion' started by SMP88, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member

    I've posted a couple times a set of collector's checklists and thought I should make it's own thread to keep updates on and take suggestions.


    Advantages of checklist:
    - Only grab the checklists you need, each set is it's own file
    - Comprehensive totals page. Keeps a running total of all sets you have cards for
    - Color coded card names
    - Set summary at bottom of each checklist. Contains totals for rarity and type.
    - Updates are quick and easy
    To make it work, just download the checklists from the link above and place them all in the same folder. If you wish to use the totals file also that must be in the same folder as the rest of the checklists.

    For every new set just add the new checklist to the same folder. The totals file will be updated every time a checklist is added or updated, just replace the old totals file with the new totals file and it will automatically update itself. Any updates to the individual checklists will require you to copy/paste your counts to the updated checklist then replace the old one in the folder.

    Checklists were made in Excel 2007, if you have an older version some of the coloring might be messed up.
    Upcoming Additions:
    - [DEL]Promo sets (Wizards, Nintendo, D/P, B/W for now)[/DEL]
    - [DEL]POP Series[/DEL]
    - Odds and Ends (random sets of cards)
    - Color coding totals page percentages as a gradient from 0-100
    - Checkboxes in Remaining cards page to turn sets on and off
    - Add all 4 variations to Base Set list
    - Japanese Promos
    - Japanese Sets
    - Errors checklist

    • All sets to Boundaries Crossed + totals released
    • Changed rarity of Boundaries Crossed #35.
    • Added new set "P1 Wizards Promos".
    • Added new set "55 Plasma Storm"
    • Updated "00 Totals" workbook to include Plasma Storm and to fix some small errors
    • Updated all set workbooks with background items needed for other things, to change font/symbols for rarities and to remove lock on cells for cards that can't be that type (i.e. a RH EX)
    • Added new "000 Remaining Cards" workbook to show which cards are remaining per set
    • Updated "00 Totals" workbook to fix errors in "05 Team Rocket" pulls
    • Changed link in first post to new folder for updated workbooks (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h6gfiz7vn7n0hcn/Q-2Nhp5Mo4)
    • Added 3rd and 4th edition cards to "01 Base Set" workbook
    • Made correction to "000 Remaining Cards" workbook. The Jungle 1st edition column was referencing the Jungle unlimited column, giving the wrong cards remaining.
    • Edited "00 Totals" workbook to fix issues with spelling of Noble Victories references
    • Fixed problem with "45 Undaunted" double counting Alph Lithograph 3 in the Unlimited percentage calculation
    • Added new set "56 Plasma Freeze"
    • Edited "00 Totals" and "000 Remaining Cards" workbooks to include Plasma Freeze
    • Corrected spelling error on "54 Boundaries Crossed"
    • Corrected type error on "37 Legends Awakened"
    • Added promo sets "P2 Nintendo Promos", "P3 DP Promos", "P4 HGSS Promos", "P5 BW Promos"
    • Edited "P1 Wizards Promos" with new rarity font
    • Added "57 Plasma Blast"
    • Updated "000 Remaining Cards" and "00 Totals" to include Plasma Blast
    • Updated "P5 BW Promos" to include promos through BW84
    • Added "58 Legendary Treasures"
    • Updated "000 Remaining Cards" and "00 Totals" to include Legendary Treasures
    • Updated "P5 BW Promos" to include promos through BW100
    • Removed color coding from "000 Remaining Cards"
    • Added "59 XY"
    • Updated "000 Remaining Cards" and "00 Totals" to include XY
    • Updated "00 Totals" to have each non percentage based column be the same width
    • Updated "P5 BW Promos" to include promos through BW101
    • Added "P6 XY Promos". Included up to promos XY04
    • Corrected "58 Legendary Treasures" - 92 Altaria is uncommon
    • Corrected "14 Aquapolis" - H15 Lanturn is Electric
    • Placed all promo checklists in their own "English Promos" folder
    • Corrected "58 Legendary Treasures" to correctly count Radient Collection cards
    • Corrected "59 XY" - 40 Frogadier is Uncommon, 41 Greninja is Holo, 42 Pikachu is Common, 60 Rhyhorn misspelling
    • Reconfigured folder structure. All English sets are now in the folder "English Sets". All English black star promo checklists are in the folder "English Promos". All English checklists that don't fit one of these 2 categories are in the folder "English Other" (only includes POP Promos at this time).
    • Added "60 Flashfire" to the English Sets folder
    • Updated "000 Remaining Cards" and "00 Totals" to include Flashfire
    • Updated "P6 XY Promos" to include promos through XY12
    • Added "POP Promos" to the English Other folder
    • Added "61 Furious Fists" to the English Sets folder
    • Updated "000 Remaining Cards" and "00 Totals" to include Furious Fists
    • Added "62 Phantom Forces" to the English Sets folder
    • Updated "000 Remaining Cards" and "00 Totals" to include Phantom Forces
    • Updated "P6 XY Promos" through XY33
    • Added "63 Primal Clash" to the English Sets folder
    • Added "64 Roaring Skies" to the English Sets folder
    • Added "65 Ancient Origins" to the English Sets folder
    • New Feature - Printing
    • Updated "P6 XY Promos" to include revealed promos through XY136
    • Added "66 Breakthrough" to the English sets folder
    • Added "67 Breakpoint" to the English sets folder
    • Added "68 Generations" to the English sets folder
    Please let me know if there are any additions you wish for me to include or if there is anything incorrect.
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  2. ottawacollector

    ottawacollector New Member

    I'd just like to comment how amazing these checklists have been for me. They've made my card management so much easier. The only thing I'd love to see is having a separate file (similar to the idea of the totals) that shows a list of all of the missing cards for each set (regular and reverse separately). Again, thanks much for sharing these!
  3. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member

    Do you mean the names of the cards or the how many cards are missing?
  4. ottawacollector

    ottawacollector New Member

    The number, rarity, name and type of the cards that are missing all in one place. This would be more of a "would love feature" but if you could use that aggregate spreadsheet to be able to update back to the main checklists (if items are entered in the aggregate) checklist, that would be an amazing feature.
  5. EeveeLover

    EeveeLover Member Services Administrator

    This is such a great resource, it is now stuck to the top...
  6. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member

    Awesome, thanks!

    ottowa, I'll try to think up a way to do something like that, but I'm not sure how easily it can be done. I can do something like change the background color of a cell if there's a value, but that's not exactly what you're looking for.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2012
  7. RogueZephyr

    RogueZephyr New Member

    They do not seem to work in OpenOffice. Such a shame as they look like a brilliant resource.
  8. AnUnown

    AnUnown New Member

    Let me throw in my thanks as well. Your checklists have been extremely helpful on a project I've been working on. Kudos!
  9. pokemonrocks777

    pokemonrocks777 Front Page News Editor

    I was planning (i had already started) on making a spreadsheet doing this :(
  10. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member

    What's wrong exactly when you open it in Open Office?


    Glad to save you some time. :smile:
  11. Tolan

    Tolan Member

    Hey, I made a Japanese Promo checklist that would be great if you could add to this. Thanks!
  12. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member

    That sounds good, ill add those once I figure out the best way to include the English ones
  13. RogueZephyr

    RogueZephyr New Member

    Apologies. It was a silly mistake on my part. It was read only, which was why it wasn't working. Seems to be doing just fine now :)
  14. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member

    Updated "Upcoming Additions".

    I'm going to make a Japanese Promo list and individual Japanese set lists once I do the English promos. I'm also going to update the Base Set list to include all 4 variations of it.
  15. ottawacollector

    ottawacollector New Member

    @SMP88, small update on Boundaries Crossed, 35 Golduck should be rare. Can I just repeat my thanks again for what you've created? =)
  16. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member


    • Changed rarity of Boundaries Crossed #35.
    • Added new set "P1 Wizards Promos".
    Totals page does not reflect promos yet.
    All error type cards (like 1st edition Promo Pikachu #1 and error Promo Dark Persian) will be put into an errors checklist later on.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2012
  17. pasty2k2

    pasty2k2 New Member

    Hi SMP88 (and all, first post!)

    I registered merely to say THANKYOU for this! I've been trying to motivate myself to make these for years; nowhere could I find a complete, up-to-date set list with useful information, in excel, easy to use. Finally! And you've made it all available for the world!

    Can't wait for an errors list, though that's probably a bigger undertaking than what you've done so far, so all in good time! Keep it goin man, if there's anything we can do to help (not likely with those excel skillz) just holler.

    What a guy!
  18. pasty2k2

    pasty2k2 New Member

    Yo SMP88, just spotted that Metal energy 94/109 in the EX Ruby Sapphire set is rare-holo, table says just rare, FYI :) The same may be true for Miracle energy 95/109 but I don't own it so can't confirm. Darkness energy 93/109 is standard rare as table says.

    One little question, I've been trying to get excel to import all the data from your workbooks into one new filtered worksheet, just displaying all cards I don't own in first edition, normal or rev holo (all columns), either segmented per set or with another column displaying the set. I reckon it can be done, but it's proving more difficult than I thought! Is there a way to do this do you know? Would be a big list but a nice place to just have it all in one filterable table. I've tried pivot tables (worked with only one data source) and looked at SQL queries for getting row info from many external files but... yeah. Excel is finicky all around.

    Cheers dude!
  19. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member

    You're welcome, it's been fun making these. The errors checklist probably won't be out for a couple weeks. I want to get the promo lists done first, then start the Japanese sets. I might just make a basic errors list then add to it slowly over time.

    I've looked at a couple different lists and they all show that the Metal Energy from Ruby/Sapphire is a normal rare, not holo. Miracle Energy from Neo Destiny is holo rare, the checklist shows that. If you could let me know more about where you found your info I'll look into it.

    I'm not sure exactly how I would be able to pull the data from all the sheets to determine which ones are blank. I imagine there is a way, but I'm not sure how it's done. The next best thing would be to use the filters that are on each set's page (the arrows at the top of each column header). If you click those then select "Blanks" only it'll give you the blanks cells in that column. You can use the filters to also look for individual cards. It requires you to do it for each set, and you can't do normal and RH at the same time, but it helps a little.
  20. opmguy15

    opmguy15 New Member

    Totals Spreadsheet Help

    I have the totals file in the same folder as the rest of the lists I'm working on however none of the information is updating to it. I am getting no errors when I click the update button yet nothing is happening. Any suggestions?

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