Pokemon Checklists - Update 3-7-16

Discussion in 'Collecting and Card Price Discussion' started by SMP88, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member


    • Reconfigured folder structure. All English sets are now in the folder "English Sets". All English black star promo checklists are in the folder "English Promos". All English checklists that don't fit one of these 2 categories are in the folder "English Other" (only includes POP Promos at this time).
    • Added "60 Flashfire" to the English Sets folder
    • Updated "000 Remaining Cards" and "00 Totals" to include Flashfire
    • Updated "P6 XY Promos" to include promos through XY12
    • Added "POP Promos" to the English Other folder

    I reconfigured the folder structure in order to better make "Totals" workbooks for the different sets of checklists. I plan to have a "Totals" workbook for the main English sets (already there), the English black star promos, the English "Other" sets, the main Japanese sets, and the Japanese promos.

    If you don't want to redownload the files again to fit the structure you can do it yourself. Just make a folder named "English Sets" wherever you currently keep the checklists. Then move all the set files to that folder, including the "000 Remaining Cards" and "00 Totals" files. For the new "POP Promos" checklist you can just download the folder and add it to wherever you currently keep the checklists.

    If there are any corrections or suggestions just let me know.
  2. theblueelf

    theblueelf New Member

    I am sorry if this has already been asked but do the tcgo cards match up the same as the packs do? Meaning the checklist would be good for both.
  3. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member

    The collection number is the same between the physical and digital cards. Any card in PTCGO that is part of an actual set (i.e. not a league promo, etc.) will be in a checklist.
  4. jattwood89

    jattwood89 New Member

    000 remaining cards page issue

    Hey SMP88, Ive noticed issues on the 000 remaining cards page with base set 1. It just shows NA values for each card under both holo and normal remaining.
    BTW just have to thank you for this great Database, it has helped me immensely and is priceless in its worth too all pokemon tcg collectors out there. The issue is not the end of the world but i thought i would raise it seeming you have everything else well and truly under control.
    Thanks! Jatt.
  5. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member

    Yea, the Base Set cards aren't linked correctly with "00 Totals" or "000 Remaining Cards" yet. I was still figuring out the best way to incorporate it since Base Set has 4 different variations (1st, Shadowless, Normal, 4th print). I'll get that updated and fixed in the next week or so.
  6. Konstantinos88

    Konstantinos88 New Member

    Yes please! Joined just to post this ;)
  7. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member

    It's going to take me some time to figure out exactly how to do this and then I have to put it into each checklist. I'll hope for the August set, but no guarantees.

    Also, the way I'm going to make it printable is to remove the black background and the text coloring. I might also try making the header print at the top of each page. Any additional things that anyone is interested in?
  8. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member

    No update right now, but I hope to get Furious Fists finished by this weekend. I just started a new job, so my time to do some of the extra things I want to do with these checklists has shrunk. At the very least I'll have the main sets and promos updated every time a new set is released.
  9. Pokealjovin

    Pokealjovin Administrator

    Maybe I don't know where to look for, but where are the XY Kalos sets?
  10. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member

    XY Kalos sets aren't in here yet. Hopefully in the update after Furious Fists.

    Also, Furious Fists should be up tomorrow, I've been busier than expected the past 2 weeks.
  11. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member


    • Added "61 Furious Fists" to the English Sets folder
    • Updated "000 Remaining Cards" and "00 Totals" to include Furious Fists

    I'll update the XY promos in the next mini update in a week or so.
  12. Pandaberry6

    Pandaberry6 New Member

    I just registered to say... Yes please! Pretty please?! With a Pikachu on top? :)

    I love the way your checklists look and I have thought to myself many times that I wish I could print them out to put in my card binders - they would be the perfect way to start every set of cards. I have scoured the internet for decent printable checklists but they don't exist (except in full color from the official website). If I could add your checklists to my card collection binders it would make me so happy! I would be so grateful to you each and every time I checked off a new card.

    Thank you for creating a resource that is so useful and taking the time to update it.
  13. TuxedoBlack

    TuxedoBlack New Member

    Many thanks for your efforts in compiling these lists. This was the only place where I could finally see the full set of BW and XY promos. Much appreciated.

    Any reason why the spreadsheets are "locked" (i.e., I can't even seem to copy and paste the your file contents into another spreadsheet I wish to use for certain content expansion).
  14. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member

    They're locked so that people can't accidentally change the formatting and then not know how to change it back. The values for how many of each card should be able to be copied though, if not I have to fix it.

    The spreadsheets also aren't locked with a password, they're just locked. You should be able to unlock it just by clicking 'unlock sheet'.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I have a pretty good idea on how I want to do this, I just need to find the time to update all the spreadsheets.

    To make it printable I'm going to make a button somewhere along the top that will remove all colors (text and fill) then send it to the printer. I might add in something things to move margins or number of rows around, but I have to look more into that.
  15. SoniMail

    SoniMail New Member

    Man, I'd just like to thank you for that AWESOME job! I LOVE your checklist, it's really helping me!!


    One question: I have to put the POP Promo and the other promos in the same folder of the "normal sets"? So the "00 Total" will get then too?
  16. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member

    For now the POP promos aren't included in the "00 Totals" spreadsheet. As I add more odds and ends type things (prerelease promos, misc promos, etc.), I'll make a separate Totals spreadsheet for everything that's not in a main set.

    If you leave everything in the folders that you download them in they'll work as intended.
  17. SoniMail

    SoniMail New Member

    Hello, I just like to point out that the energy cards in Ryby/Sapphire are in the wrong order.

    Thanks! ^^
  18. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member

    Since prereleases have happened and the card list is now out I should have the checklist for Phantom Forces out either today or tomorrow. Along with this I'll be releasing the checklist for Dragon Vault, an updated XY promo list, and a couple updated set checklists to fix some errors.
  19. SMP88

    SMP88 Active Member


    • Added "62 Phantom Forces" to the English Sets folder
    • Updated "000 Remaining Cards" and "00 Totals" to include Phantom Forces
    • Updated "P6 XY Promos" through XY33

    I'll have corrections and whatnot in a larger update later on. There were a few more than I thought so I'm double checking some things.
  20. Chibi_Fluffy

    Chibi_Fluffy New Member

    Just to point out that this seems to work really well in Google Drive (sheets) and that's great!

    Joined just to say thank you and keep myself updated. This is amazing work!!

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