Pokemon.com Registration - PARENTS LOOK HERE!

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by Rogue Archetype, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. Rogue Archetype

    Rogue Archetype Moderator <br> Contest Host

    Many new players are having a difficult time getting their Pokemon Organized Play accounts set up on Pokemon.com.

    Here's a new piece of info from the Head Honcho (Dave Schwimmer) himself!!

    Mr. Brandt has given us the following step-by-step for registering your child (or yourself :smile: )

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  2. kyroid

    kyroid New Member

    Im finally a member Woo
  3. totoro

    totoro Active Member

    Thank you William and Dan. Easy to follow, numbered steps. I like!! :thumb:
  4. Shaymin Of The Skies

    Shaymin Of The Skies <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    Now here's another question involving this annoying site.

    How on earth do I register my POP ID? I've tried everything, and it keeps saying "Please ensure that you enter the correct Player ID and PIN, and that you accept the OP terms of use." I'm dong ALL OF THAT. This site has been nothing but a pain for me! D=
  5. Rogue Archetype

    Rogue Archetype Moderator <br> Contest Host

    Copy, pasted, and linked to... and forwarded.

    Remember the last sentence: "If you experience difficulties with any of the steps outlined above, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]."

    I, too, have experienced the problems you've mentioned above.

    They said that they cannot fix these issues unless we inform them that they exist.
    So DO email them about your problem :smile:

    Thank you for sharing this.
  6. Rogue Archetype

    Rogue Archetype Moderator <br> Contest Host

    I sent several mass emails with those step-by-step instructions (copy-n-pasted in) and many of my parents have resigned from their efforts to register out of frustration.


    There's a better protocol. Just swap a couple of steps and you're golden.


    1. The PARENT (not the child) must create an account first.
    2. Next, the parent needs to, immediately, register accounts for their children.
    3. It works, and it's simple.

    What's Went Wrong with Dan's Instructions:

    The parent simply needs to create his/her own account FIRST.

    Here's why:

    When the parent create's the KID's account first, they receive an activation email. The parent clicks on the link provided and they're taken to a log in screen.

    At this point, the parent feels that they've made a mistake because they are not logged in to anything. (the rationale here is that they've created an account for the KID, so why should THEY need to log in to anything? Therefore, the account must not be created). It's confusing and they end up thinking that they need to recreate accounts to make it "stick."

    When the parent creates and activates their account first every subsequent child account creats activation emails that will alert the parent's account that there are X number of children waiting to be activated! The auto-link the parent/child accounts work very nicely.


    Be sure to have the PARENT create his/her account FIRST and, in the same sitting, logout and create accounts for all children.

    This will make the world a happier place :)a situation where many hours are spent figuring things out :/
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  7. the cheating bidoof

    the cheating bidoof New Member

    Major help Needed

    I have a pokemon trainer club account but it wants my pin number for the OP box and i got my player ID before they started the pin number thing and if i just leave it blank it says something like the following:
    Please make sure you have entered the correct pin number and player ID and excepted the terms of use.
    I excepted the terms of use and I entered the correct player ID. I really need help because i have to send in my winners checklist for winning regional championships by may 16 and i need to do this in order to get my travel award.
    I really would appreciate ALL help.
  8. Rogue Archetype

    Rogue Archetype Moderator <br> Contest Host

    When all else fails, send it in! [email protected]
  9. the cheating bidoof

    the cheating bidoof New Member

    i already did that but i really hope that my leauge leader tim can also help me to.
  10. customerservice doesn`t help trust me i`ve been trying to get my account back for 6 weeks they never replied
  11. Rogue Archetype

    Rogue Archetype Moderator <br> Contest Host

    Cool. I'll tell Dan to give this thread a looksie :smile:
  12. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    stickied the thread, so it doesn't get buried in forum...

  13. the cheating bidoof

    the cheating bidoof New Member

    op account

    costumer service is not getting back to me even though i told them what they asked for and reminded them that i needed to mail the reservations for nats by may 17th and if they dont help me and i dont make the reservations then i dont think i will be able to make the reservations after the deadline date which means i will not be able to go to nats which is on my birthday and i am really looking forward to nats.
  14. Rogue Archetype

    Rogue Archetype Moderator <br> Contest Host

    Here's a new piece of info from the Head Honcho (Dave Schwimmer) himself!!

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  15. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Speaking of which, how old is the adult account have to be? 18+? 15+? 13+?
  16. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Well, I can't speak specifically for TPCi, but I would assume it would need to be at least 18, since that's the age that a person needs to be to sign a legal document (from what I hear).

    SLOW DECK New Member

    I have found the new OP site complete nitemare. I thought I could live with it. There is NOTHING FUN ABOUT IT. REPEAT THERE IS NOTHING FUN ABOUT IT, I AVOID IT. I dread and avoid having to do league reporting. (Prepare to be frustrated is my thought)

    The problem is recently trying to report league, my league report came out saying I had 0 registered players in the OP website, where we have 20+ regular attenders to league over the website. I don't know if it was an error in the league part that I didn't correctly enter the league folks in... or just a glitch. But they wanted ME to explain to parents how to navigate and sign up for "my pokemon account" or whatever it is. Needless to say, I am just willing to accept a league kit for 10 players. I just don't have confidence in the website, and I am not going to act as a conduit for technical support for my league folks inevitable frustration.

    Sometimes I feel that PUSA website folks just hate us. (We know that isn't true). Not exactly positive CUSTOMER Experience. The fact that my kids will get 10 league cards for the next season, I don't know what to say... but my unpaid job shouldn't be this hard, and since PUSA website makes the job hard, the website is hurting the pokemon brand and growth right now.

    I have seen in my business life where there are certain people in the organization that expect customors to bend over backwards to do business with the company. They are mypoic and think how will this make "their" job easier... Not how do we make "the" customer job easier. CUSTOMER FOCUS. Again, Pokemon is great, and I expect improvements will be made, but they won't if there isn't folks in there that don't have the CUSTOMER FOCUS/CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE point of view.
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  18. mumsascrappa

    mumsascrappa Active Member

    Looks to me like the instructions and links to "customer service" need to be updated. I still have many players in league without accounts because the parents get frustrated.
  19. Rogue Archetype

    Rogue Archetype Moderator <br> Contest Host


    You're absolutely right!
  20. dragonfire

    dragonfire New Member

    i got my POP ID in 2003, and dont know what a PIN is all help appreciated!

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