Pokemon-ex - does it count as a different name?

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  1. [CHRISBO EDIT - Fixed title to be more descriptive.]

    Okay, i'm a little new to the ex pokemon, so i have to ask this one question:

    Does the Ex count as the pokemon having a different name?
    Meaning could i play 4xmewtwo 4xrocket's mewtwo 1xShining Mewtwo AND 4x Mewtwo EX?
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    The basis behind the 13 Mewteo deck. Yes, they do have a different name. As a general rule, if it says something different in the name area of the card, then it is a different card.
  3. babayaga

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    Yep, just like Lt. Surge's Raichu isn't the same as Raichu, Pokémon-ex and regular Pokémon are also different.

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