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Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by deckmaster, May 4, 2008.

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  1. deckmaster

    deckmaster Active Member

    Hello Pokemmaniacs,
    Every month I attend this classic gaming meeting called NAVA. NAVA, is a gamer collector’s paradise. At this event gamers do practically everything and anything gaming related. We share stories, play video games (new and old), trade, sell, and take some time out to get too know one another. Although the event supplies food for everyone, people are allowed to bring their own snacks to the party. Last time someone brought these Atari joysticks made out of brownies and chocolate sticks (yum).

    This time around I thought I could bring something, but I wanted it to be Pokemon related. Any ideas of what I can make? Please let me know what to make the food out of.

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  2. Shadow Zangoose

    Shadow Zangoose New Member

    Step 1: Purchase moist cat food.
    Step 2: Shape it like Pikachu.
    Step 3: Bake it.
    Step 4: ???
    Step 5: PROFIT!
  3. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    eww. Moist cat food, gross. That sounds good other than the Cat Food part, if you replace Cat Food with "Cake Mix" that sounds pretty good
  4. Shadow Zangoose

    Shadow Zangoose New Member

    No. Cat food. It has to be cat food. How else is he supposed to make them sick? Gosh... I swear, some people. No disdain for their fellow man. :tongue:
  5. deckmaster

    deckmaster Active Member

    Ummm... no.
  6. Rai

    Rai <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    ...Take a bunch of berries, blend them together in a smoothie blender that you spin with a stylus, then watch as the berries magically transform into bread loaves?
  7. Burninating_Torchic

    Burninating_Torchic New Member

    Now that's some AUTHENTIC Pokemon food right there.
    Do it for great justice.
  8. Jran Sakarra

    Jran Sakarra Active Member

    I wonder if I could make something like Pokeblocks or poffin
  9. Croatian_Nidoking

    Croatian_Nidoking New Member

    Thaw out a bag of mixed berries, mix 'em with your favorite muffin mix (or a homemade batch of corn muffin batter), bake as usual, and voila! Poffins.

    Of course, you can always frost a cake or ice sugar cookies to look like Pokeballs.

    There used to be a site that had a few Pokemon-related recipes, but I can't seem to find it right now.

    - Croatian_Nidoking
  10. B_B_C

    B_B_C New Member

    bring starburst. It's kinda like the pokeblocks you give to the pokemon in the game.
  11. Jran Sakarra

    Jran Sakarra Active Member

    I always saw poffin as a little round cake...
    I wonder how I could get it to take that shape.
    I am gonna go search google now.
  12. Heatherdu

    Heatherdu New Member

    I have made a great big chocolate chip cookie (pizza sized) and frosted it like a Pokeball for a kids' party that was a big hit. Just cut it into slices like a pizza.
  13. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    If you want my honest opinion, hardcore gamers hopefully aren't into crushed up berries. Give them some slimy pizza and some Mountain Dew. Put so much pepperoni on one half of the pizza that it looks like a pokeball, maybe black olives to make the button on the pokeball pizza. There ya go, something that is good but not lame like berry stew in the shape of a block... and it is good food (except for the olives lol)


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    ^^^^^ there you go lol, I threw together a sample image to give you a feel for what the final product would look like. Just buy a few pizzas, dump pepperoni on them, and carefully place something black like olive pieces to define the lines and buttons.
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  14. Bolt

    Bolt New Member

    bring pez candies as poffin
  15. ryanvergel

    ryanvergel New Member

    Use a little bit of batter in cupcake pans, so that they don't rise over the top of the pan to form the familiar muffin "top".

    Cookie cake works real well too, just buy a little bit of red/white/black colored frosting.

    Pokeball cookies+moomoo milk?
  16. Jran Sakarra

    Jran Sakarra Active Member

    Well I am thinking about getting a cooking mold in the shape of a oval.
    That would be perfect.
    (Since I cook ALOT)
  17. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    They have Pokemon-shaped pans on ebay, I remember there was a topic on it not too long ago. Otherwise, it's pretty easy to shape and color cookies into Pokeballs.

    Where is this NAVA meeting btw? Sounds like my sort of thing, I've always been a fan of the classic games.
  18. ok i think the poffin/pokeblock joke is officially dead...

    for like... my 7th birthday or something we had a cake frosted to look like a battle field and put little pokemon on it... but that seems kinda lame seeings as they are not 7

    i kinda like the pizza idea... but that could just be cause i have been really wanting some pizza

    all i can think of is i hear there is this paper like substance you can print on that has no flavor or texture... never seen it but i was told about it, so you could get creative with that assuming it exists.
  19. (TYranitarFReak)

    (TYranitarFReak) New Member

    Make a ditto-shaped jelly
  20. Jran Sakarra

    Jran Sakarra Active Member

    Well, I made Poffin for the pre-release.
    I am still tweaking how to make them.
    They don't have the Muffin tops! YAY!
    Thos things went fast too.!

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