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Discussion in 'Pokemon Fan Fiction' started by chandude, Oct 16, 2011.

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  1. chandude

    chandude New Member

    Attention Readers (again):
    Recently, I have decided that I would like to have had a written copy of my fanfiction first. If I write it down, I can make changes more easily and improve it over time. I find it hard to write a written version and this online version at the same time. I have decided to take the time to work on the written copy first, an when I finish that version, I will convert it to here so you can read it. For now, the story has come to a brief close until I can get the other version written.
    Again, sorry for the delay, and I will post the final copy when its avaliable.
    Oh! And the revised edition will probably be published in a different thread.
  2. Marril

    Marril New Member

    As far as keeping track of master copies goes, you might want to look into using Dropbox or a similar service (it's free) so you can write/edit your story from anywhere without having to worry about losing a USB drive or anything. Just as a suggestion since I find it pretty convenient, so I imagine you might too.

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