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    Author note “If you’re a boy around 13 to 16 this is a story for u
    Bang I jump so high of my bed I hit my fan
    My ear was cut very bad
    It was flowing with blood
    My vision was fading away
    I put my hand up to my ear trying to hold pressure to stop the blood from flowing
    Want happening to me lighting from outside was flowing faster and faster by the seconds that went by
    Than my vision went
    Character 1 where am I
    What where am I
    I open my eyes to see the sea in my face right in my face
    Not joking I could smell the salt from the sea I had to move before I format
    My eyes adjusted to the light from the shy I notice hills that I neither seen before
    Where am I
    I stood up in the sand
    What! Did I just see what I fought I saw
    I saw red feet
    I look down again
    Boom! My feet were on fire
    Then I smelled fire that wasn’t from my feet I look around just in case someone was behind me there was no one there but I could smell fire than I saw my tail on fire I jumped like 8 m of the ground what was I thinking my body was fire not just my feet and tail than I notice someone in the bush it’s like I could feel their coldness what was I talking about coldness fire feelings that’s not me
    Slap right across the face
    What was that?
    When I took the time to look who did it
    I froze of fear
    It’s a pokemon
    Standing right in front of me just looking at me
    Why did you do that for I said to the pokemon right in front of me?
    Then I notice who it was
    It was a lighter pokemon a water type
    I saw one of them in the TV show I watch when I was a kid
    Lighter just look at me like want the
    Fight lighter said to me
    Where am I
    Lighter just stood there
    You’re a human you won’t last here long
    Lighter run off in a hurry towards the bush
    Left there with so many problems to work out
    Like am I a pokemon
    What do I look like?
    Am I in pokemon world or just a dream?
    Or is this want death is
    Is this haven
    Stop worrying I told my self
    I need to find someone to talk to
    So I walk along the sand about 10 m from the water I didn’t feel safe when I was so close to the water but I was most likely a fire type pokemon with a tail and red feet what was I saying to my self
    I needed to find someone
    I needed to find what’s going on here
    Or just wake up form this dream
    I wanted to get home to my mum
    To school
    O my god did I just say school
    I hate school but when I fought abut it school’s not that bad when you are not human anymore
    Friend’s that I never see again
    Mum dad
    When I finally fought about it I miss my old life
    Hey you!
    Where did that sound came from
    Then I saw a pokemon coming my way
    Hey do you know where I am
    Yes you’re a human
    I know
    I ask you where am I
    You know where you are
    You think your funny do you I ask
    Now you’re in pokemon world like you already know

    Well what’s your name?
    I’m blue
    Character 2 pokemon world part one
    So blue can you take me to the city
    I can’t you humans have been coming up everywhere and destroying everything in their eyesight
    Ok blue do you know want pokemon I am
    You’re the only one like that every human has a new pokemon that where neither seen before and super strong and super-fast
    You’re not breaking my face in so that’s good
    I would not do that
    Not all humans are like that
    I believe you
    So want’s your name on earth
    Well that’s it then that’s your name
    Follow me tony and I take you to my home
    I feel you in on everything on the way
    I thought I wasn’t aloud near your home
    Its ok I trust you tony

    Character 3 pokemon world part two
    56 the first number I saw
    So this is your town
    Yep said blue
    57 58 59 then I saw 60 wow who owns this house 3 stories’ high low cut money tree’s with ribbons layering the bottom sides the even the mailbox was fancy with blue with white stripes even the god dam number was fancy
    Then I saw the door the door was like medieval black with eye’s looking out of then
    Next was 61 this house was about 2 stories high with a swingset out the front holyshit the swingset was made of gold even this house had money tree’s
    The mailbox was just white with blue numbers
    The door was again a medieval with eyes looking out at you
    As I was walking to the next house I notice the street sigh
    Medieval rd. south of gold city
    Blue where’s gold city
    There’s none left
    I knew what blue meant by that we human have destroyed it
    Strap something had hold of my right leg it was a green plant with bright white teeth blue I scream out blue turned around and bang!
    Blue flashed pas me hit the plant the plant exploded on impact
    Watch out tony that were a plantaform a plant type pokemon
    They can kill you
    Thank you blue
    You watch my back I watch yours
    I nodded my head at him
    Yes tony
    What did you do to back there?
    That was quickattack
    So I started to think to myself do I trust this blue
    What of cause I do
    He just saved my life
    He did but this could be a set up but blue’s all I got
    I got to trust him I owe him
    He saved my life
    So this is it my home
    I look at the number 115
    The house was a lot different than the other one’s there was no medieval door just a single wood door a couple of money tree’s even the mailbox was simple all white with black number’s
    The lawn was higher than the other house’s the driveway was hard stone old stone not like the new stone’s driveways in front of everyone else’s driveway
    So this is your house I said
    Yep you like it said blue
    It’s ok different from the other’s
    It needs a little work to it
    A lot of work I fought
    Come in
    So I walk throw the front door and look around and this is what I saw
    Character 4 pokemon world part three
    The inside was I lot better
    No dishes spot less room after room bed’s made
    Cloths hung up neatly
    Nice I said to blue
    It’s very neat in here
    I try my best said blue
    Knock, knock at the door
    Blue and I look
    Who’s there blue said
    It’s me wave
    I coming
    Blue walks to the door and open’s it
    Come in
    The pokemon that walk in was jet black with claw’s and was floating in air
    Wave this is tony
    Wave walks over to me and gave me a claw shake
    You’re a human
    How did you know?
    Humans have their owe pokemon type
    That’s how I know
    Ok and you’re a what
    I’m a mountain type pokemon
    Blue here is a urban type pokemon
    You’re most likely to be a fire type pokemon
    I work that one out
    Now let’s talk about same thing else
    Well because you’re a human pokemon you need to be taking to the police so they can adjust you here
    We could do that right now if you want
    Blue want do you think
    Let’s get going
    Character 5 the claw gang
    As we were walking down the long walk way to the police station
    You there human you’re going to die
    I look at who would say that
    We claw gang will kill you
    Wave jumped in front of me say back I got this
    Rocckkk slam
    Claw one jumped to the side missed me
    Claw one hit wave right in the face with quickattack
    Wave fell to the ground
    Blue run at claw one but claw two and three used cut
    Blue fell to the ground
    Now your turn to die
    With that word
    Me die
    No you’s will die
    I exploded in fire
    You piss of the rough human
    DDDDIIIIIEEEEE! I exploded in flames
    Fire of death
    Flame’s come out of my mouth and turned into a dragon
    Blue stranded up some as wave they both back off a bit
    The dragon roared out loud
    Then huge flame’s come out of its mouth
    Pokemon/ police were standing around watching the show with fear
    The flame hit claw one and turned the pokemon to dust
    Ok claw two said were won’t come back ever I promise
    Claw two and three lagged it out of there
    Everyone just looked at me
    Blue wave you all right
    Yes tony
    Do you know what you just did?
    You’re have god power’s
    Tony do you understand
    100’s of pokemon started to yell out tony the saver
    Tony the saver
    Again and again
    Tony the saver
    Police were everywhere holding the pokemon back form me
    Two police officer’s came to me and told me and wave and blue to go with then
    We hop into the police car
    The two police officers took us to the police station
    We hop out of the car and walked into the police station
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