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Discussion in 'Archive' started by Chrisbo, Mar 26, 2004.

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  1. Chrisbo

    Chrisbo Administrator

    Just a reminder, now that we have most of the City Championships & Prerelease events out of the way for a while, we will resume Pokemon League at the Black Lion Comics store in Costa Mesa CA on Saturday afternoons beginning at approx. 2:30pm.

    Co-Leader Mark is sick & unable to attend this week, and I might not be able to make it either. So if one of the older players would be so kind as to take attendance for me I would really appreciate it.

    We won't have a "Deck Challenge" this week, but we will resume our monthly "First Saturday of the Month" tournaments on April 3rd. Details and format will be discussed on Saturday, and will be announced later on in the week here at the PokeGym.

    Thanks, and hope to see ya there,
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  2. cattdreams

    cattdreams New Member

    Ok people, this is the deal, this next black lion session (april 3rd)will be a trade and tune session instead of a tournament. That is, bring in your cards to trade to maybe get what you need to fine tune your state deck, then next week (april 10th) we'll have a last chance tournament to test out state decks.

    So Bring in your trades and whatever deck you're working on for state and hopefully come out with a winning deck.

  3. Dude! *shakes fist* Our tournament!

    I'll be happy to take roll. What should we do to keep track of points and all that?

    Also keep in mind that Kym is running a Rochester on the same day that you just rescheduled the tournament to.
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  4. Chrisbo

    Chrisbo Administrator

    Ack! Good point about the 10th; too much good stuff going on...

    The bottom line is I cannot make it to League on the 3rd, so I won't be able to run the "first of the month" tourney until the 10th. But with Kim's Rochester Draft and the NV State Championships on that very same day (I think I know where Jesse & crew are gonna be), we can either have a "free" (as in no-charge) practice tourney or just final tune-up sessions for CA States the following week.

    OR... If I can get a qualified volunteer to be Head Judge and run the tourney for me on the 3rd during my absence, I'll be happy to get the sanctioning stuff taken care of for y'all. I'll make sure James (Black Lion store owner) gets some promos or boosters for prize support too.

    Any volunteers???

  5. cattdreams

    cattdreams New Member

    a bit late, but if we want a tournament this week, I can run it, I will be there on both dates.

  6. Chrisbo

    Chrisbo Administrator

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