Pokemon: Mewtwo vs. Deoxys

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    I like to write stories, no telling whether this will be a good story or not though.

    This is about an ancient Mewtwo and Deoxys that were summoned by the the chaotic battles of Palkia and Dialga. They are super Pokemon and if you rated all their stats out of 10, they would surpass it. Now, Mewtwo and Deoxys have trapped Palkia and Dialga into the ancient structures that held them. Without the balance of Time and Space, the world is now in ruins to the powers of the two great psychic masters that battle to claim dominance over the new world they intend to create. To make things worse, in the four regions (Kanto, Jhoto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh) five teams wreak havok and control cities and towns with an iron fist. Teams Terra, Nova/Magma, Aqua, Rocket and Gallactic. But one boy holds the powers of the universe to stop Mewtwo and Deoxys, free Palkia and Dialga, stop the five teams and restore the world to peace. I'm not telling you who it is though. Also the time is a little after Cyrus summoned P & D.
    Chapter One: Into Mt. Coronet​

    It was a pitch black night with crackling lightning, booming thunder and feirce rain. The two Psy Masters were battling it out over Mt. Coronet's summit and all the surrounding towns were watching in horror as anything in their way would be destroyed. Each attack would shake the earth with the force of a god.

    "Your power is weak, I am the only one who deserves to rule the universe!" Mewtwo shot its Shadow Ball. Deoxys went into defense form and blocked the devastating attack into the mountain, "No! You cannot rule the world as long as I am here. Once I eliminate you, I shall take my rightful place as ruler of Time and Space!" Deoxys shot Psycho Boost. Mewtwo was unphased from its now impecable defenses. They kept firing attacks but to no avail.

    Down below at Eterna City, everyone had evacuated in Eterna Forest. One boy forgot his Pokemon though and came back. It took him a few minutes to navigate out through Eterna Forest but he finally got out. At his home, he went to his desk and let his Duskull out of the Pokeball. "Come on, we gotta hit the road." the boy said. As the two walked outside, a black blast zoomed infront of him and collided with the nearby bike shop. It set flame to it with a massive explosion. The boy ran and was stopped by Duskull. It was telling him to go the other way, "Duskull! Duuuuskuuuull!!!" so he did. At that moment, Mewtwo landed where the boy would've gone and fired multiple attacks.

    Out of the blue, Deoxys crashed into a house from a strong attack and made a large hole through all five stories. "You're a fool to oppose me Deoxys!" the two were fighting in Eterna now. The boy was watching and running away from the fight. Duskull was infront and urging him to run faster. He wasn't watching where he was going and tripped on a vine. Deoxys was close behind fending off attacks. He got up and started to run again.

    In the forest, the boy's mother was worrying. She was looking for him, "Oh Kyle, where have you run off to this time?"

    Kyle and Duskull were finally as the steep hilled Cycling Road. He pulled out his green bike and began to drive away down very fast. The other cyclists saw what was happening and sped past Kyle. Halfway down, a blue Aura Sphere was speeding towards Kyle. It didn't hit him though, it hit the road ahead making a large gap in the road. He fell through and landed in the stream of water below. Above, he could see the more attacks fly. He could hear more explosions and crashes. Duskull had come down to Kyle and got him out of the freezing cold water. They hid in the trees and waited untill the Sun rose and the Moon fell.

    The fighting had stopped. It had resulted in Mewtwo being the winner over Deoxys. The two seperated as Deoxys flew into space and Mewtwo went to Spear Pillar to recover from their horrendous fight. Everything was calm now as all the people returned to their once beautiful city. It was now in Shambles, buildings were on fire, debris all over, holes in the pavement. Kyle had returned to his mother, "How can we stop them?" he asked. She shook her head, "I don't know dear..."

    The following day, everyone started to rebuild their town. Kyle and Duskull went to the statue of Dialga and Palkia. It was now cracked and chipped in many places. Some of the parts were broken off and he could not read the words on it. "If only we could read this. It might give us a clue to how to free them... The two great dietys who kept balance to time and space..."

    A little while later at nightfall, everyone was tired and went to bed either in their half destroyed house or under the stars with no home to go to. Kyle had decided he would embark on his Pokemon journey tommorow. "Mom, I am going to find a way to stop those two. I will search everything about Sinnoh and find a way to save the world!" Kyle shouted into the air. His mom shook her head yes, "I understand. I know you can do it. Go out there and make me proud!"

    After a good nights rest, Kyle awoke to see sunlight from a hole in the roof the Mewtwo made. He got out of his soft bed and started to pack food into his backpack for the journey. His mom came up the stairs, "Why dear, you can't JUST pack food. You'll need clothes and potions. Here, have some potions I just bought for you. Oh, and some shirts and pants for you, and a Reaper Cloth for Duskull. Almost forgot, some Pokeballs and some money." she had stuffed all the items into the backpack. Kyle was overwhelmed by all the stuff he would need.

    After Kyle had eaten breakfast he hugged his mom goodbye, "Well, I am going to Celestic Town to study the caves and its myths." Kyle was on his way to Mt. Coronet. As he was almost out of town his best friend, Joe, tapped his shoulder, "So you're leaving just like that huh?" "Well, I don't have time to waste. A second I wait could be a second that those two terrorizes the nearby towns! You saw what it did to Eterna!" Kyle explained as he kept walking. Joe looked peeved, "I know that! I meant we should have a freakin' goodbye battle!" Kyle turned around and had a small grin on his face, "You're on! But I have to make this quick."

    They decided to have the battle in the Eterna Gym. Walking inside, the two trainers were greeted bye the current Gym Leader. It is still a grass type trainer whos name is Vixen. "What are you two doing here? You two greenhorns can't possibly think of challenging me." he said as he turned away. Joe looked steamed, "We aint' that new of trainers! We've had a few battles! And we are here to battle each other." Vixen nodded to the suggestion, "Sure. See if I care."

    In the beautiful grass arena, Joe and Kyle were pumped to battle. The reforee shouted, "The battle between Joeseph Atkinson and Kyle Heckler will now comence!" "IT'S JOE!!! NOW GO DODUO!!!" he had sent out the twin headed bird Doduo. "Let's roll! Go Duskull!"

    The battle begun. "Quick Attack!" Doduo raced towards Duskull in a streak of white light. Duskull was waiting. When he had hit him, Doduo passed through Duskull's ghostly grey body. He quickly turned, "Imprison!" Duskull trapped the struggling bird in a blood red energy cage. "Get outta there Doduo! Please! We can NOT lose this battle!" Doduo was now pecking at each others head in frustration. "Duskull, use Faint Attack!" he had dropped the Imprison and went in for the attack. Doduo was still occupied with pecking each others brains out that it didn't see Duskull coming. He hit Doduo and knocked it out with a dark punch. "Winner, Kyle!" the ref shouted.

    The two were back out at the edge of Eterna. They were content with the battle. "So, how did Doduo not hit Duskull with Quick Attack?" Joe asked. "Simple, it was a normal move which means it has no effect on a ghost." Kyle replied. "WHAT!!! THAT'S A RIPOFF!!! I CALL A REMATCH!!!" Joe shouted into the sky. "No Joe, I have to get going. I've lost enough time as it is. I'll be seeing you." Kyle waved goodbye as he entered the mountain.

    Inside, Duskull appeared in the dark and dripping wet caves. He doesn't like going into a Pokeball (much like Ash's Pikachu) and disappears in sun. Kyle looked at what he thought to be a few men in space outfits. One of them whispered into a phone, "Yeah boss. We have dug up more than enough stones for our Pokemon to evolve. We are packing up and headin' out." The one that was talking appeared to be the leader of the others. He turned around and started walking towards the exit. That was when Kyle saw the logo "G" on his back. He knew who they were in an instant, "Team Gallactic..."

    Before Team Gallactic could get to the exit Kyle popped out, "Hold it right there Team Gallactic! There is no way you're going to leave with all those Evolution Stones!" They turned around in shock. "Oh no! He knows of our plans! What should we do Commander Neptune?" "Isn't it obvious? You grunts shut him up while I take the stones and bring them to the boss!" Neptune said as he ran out with all the stones. The grunts saw no choice but to fight, "Go Murkrow and Misdreavus!" they both yelled. Kyle sent out Duskull.

    "Duskull, use Faint Attack!" Duskull tried to hit but was way too slow for them. Murkrow flew in off quickly and perched itself on a high rock and Misdreavus disappeared into the shadows. "Murkrow, use your Faint Attack!" "Misdreavus, use Psywave!" the two got back in the game and hit Duskull head on. He was down in a second and was knocked out by two Super Effective hits. Suddenly, a voice appeared, "Use Dragonbreath, Sceptile." a paralyzing purple burst shot and hit Murkrow and Misdreavus. They were knocked out. Vixen had walked beside Kyle, "Looks like you were too weak to defend yourself. Keep this up and you will never be good enough to fight me." Vixen said. The grunts were chased off by his Sceptile.

    Outside, on the path to Celestic Town, Neptune was waiting with his airship as the two grunts rushed out of Mt. Coronet with a raging gecko behind. Sceptile had chased them far enough and stopped. "Did you beat the kid?" "Well yes, but then the Gym Leader came and beat us..." the grunts ran in the airship. Neptune understood of the loss and took flight. Vixen and Kyle walked out into the fog of Celestic Town. "Well, I have to return to the Gym and help out with rebuilding Eterna. I want you to get stronger so we can have a decent fight someday." Vixen left back into the mountain with Sceptile. Kyle decided to venture through the thick fog despite Duskull being unable to fight and protect him.
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    What about Team Magma?
  3. charmander rox

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    A bit short on detail. I'll just let bullados tell you that.

    So, how in the world can Eterna City prosper if Mewtwo and Deoxys randomly battle each other constantly? Seems sort of cliche, really...
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    Well Team Magma is now Nova. Magma had a new leader and he decided to rename it. He will be in later. Oh, and I know it is kinda cliche... I just hope I can make it better once the story progresses.
    Chapter Two: Prophecy​

    In the dark fog, Kyle was aimlessly wandering around. He was bumping into many objects from trees to rocks and was stumbling in the grass. Duskull was hiding in his backpack and was too weak to go on. The only visible thing to Kyle's eyes were his own two hands. How am I gonna save the world if I can't even overcome this obstacle, he thought to himself. He was crawling in the grass as he heard a strange noise, "Hoot, hoot, hoot..."

    As he started to inch a bit further through the grass, the sound got louder. He was thinking it to be a wild Pokemon. He later heard the flapping of wings. Kyle went towards the sound and as he got closer the fog would get lighter. He finally got nearly out of the fog and could feel a gust skim his face. He then saw a big owl looking creature blowing the fog away. "Hoot, hoot, hoot..." it continued to make the odd sound. "I could use this Pokemon on my journey. But Duskull can't fight. I guess I'll have to get lucky with my Pokeballs."

    Kyle threw the Pokeball. It simply bounced right off its beak and back into Kyle's hands. Darn, I will have to weaken it somehow... But if I leave to heal Duskull, that Noctowl might fly off... he thought. He then remembered the food he had packed and pulled out a Poketreat. He set it to the ground and backed off. The Noctowl noticed it and flew right up to it. It started munching away when Kyle threw another Pokeball. This time, it managed to trap the Pokemon inside. Kyle's glory then faded in an instant as the bird freed itself from the red and white ball. Kyle let Noctowl eat as he started thinking again.

    With the fog gone, he could see his surroundings clearly now. He saw a sign that read,
    " *arrow pointing left* Mt. Coronet and *pointing right* Route 211" Maybe I can whack the Noctowl out and catch him with the sign, he thought and the shook his head no. It was nearly done eating and Kyle remembered finally, "The potions!!!" he pulled Duskull and a Potion out. He healed Duskull and prepared for battle.

    "Duskull, you need to win this one! We need to catch that Noctowl." "Duuu, duuskull!" The Noctowl was alert and that he sensed an enemy. He ate the last bits of the treat as flew up high into the afternoon's sky. "Hoot, hoot, hoot..." it said as it dove down for a feirce pecking. "Imprison!" Duskull tried to trap Noctowl but failed at every attempt. It was too fast much like the grunt's Pokemon. Finally it did a screaming dive and Pecked Duskull out of the way. "Duuuuu..." he was damaged slightly but continued on with the battle. "Are you alright? Okay then, use Foresight!" Duskull was scanning Noctowl with its one red eye. "Now use Faint Attack!" The Noctowl dove in for another Peck. Duskull managed to move out of the way slightly and at that moment hit him with Faint Attack. Noctowl was on the ground and was lying face down and wings spread out. Kyle seized the oppurtunity to catch it, "Pokeball go!" it trapped the owl. Kyle waited for a few seconds while the Pokeball shook around and finally the yellow light appeared. Kyle had caught his second Pokemon. With the amazing milestone (to him) he marched proudly into Celestic Town to heal his Pokemon.

    Once he arrived he studied the town. It looked fairly simple to him, small houses, a Pokecenter and a small pond. He surely didn't think that this was where Pokemon Master Cynthia originated from. He double checked around to see if he missed anything important. He didn't see anything out of the ordinary. He entered the Pokecenter and saw Nurse Joy. "Why hello, you're a new face. What do you need?" Kyle looked at the Pokecenter and saw it of a simple desighn. It was made of wood. "Wow, if Mewtwo and Deoxys fought in this little town, there would be no point in trying to rebuild it. And can you heal my Pokemon?" "Why sure, and it is said that a mystical relic hidden deep within the cave will protect our town. You can take a look if you want." Kyle took his now healed Pokemon outside. He turned to the left and found a small slope. He went down the rough slope and saw an old lady in a rocking chair sitting outside. He crept passed her and saw something he had missed. He saw a small cave opening surrounded by two wall carvings. On one side was Palkia and Dialga was on the other.

    As he entered the spooky looking cave, Duskull had appeared. Out on the wall, he saw a picture. He ran over and studied it. "Looks to be drawn many centuries ago... This may just represent the three Lake Pokemon! In the middle looks to be a red jewel like relic. This is fascinating. If only there was more. Maybe some words or carvings..." Kyle searched the walls for more. In the back he could hear laughing, "Hahaha, I can't beleive that old coot didn't hear us go by!" Kyle turned and hid behind a rock. He saw more people only they had an "A" logo. Kyle had heard of them from Hoenn as Team Aqua. I heard these guys are in love with the sea so what would they be doing here, Kyle thought as he studied the men.

    "Alright, that's enough lollygaging. We have work to do." a woman appeared behind the men. "Right Admin Rita. We shall find the ancient relic if we have to bring in the Aqua Jumbo Drill!" an Aqua Grunt said.
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    Well, the story is still lacking detail. So, Kyle is already thinking of saving the world?
  6. Terraforce01

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    Yeah, he just wants to try and help out. Kyle wants to help D & P and stop Dxs and M2 from killing eveything so I guess that would be thinking to save the world.

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